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  1. Even if the Pewter could restore some of the physical damage, I don't think it could do anything to the spiritual damage done by the shardblade, which is the big problem.
  2. Could you take away the Herald's gift (I'm not sure if it's a bond, I think it's innate power) using Hemalurgy? At this point I'm certain that's quite possible. Could you grant it to someone else? That I'm not so sure about whether that part is feasible. Hemalurgy on a god on the other hand wouldn't work. They don't have a physical body to spike, and even if they did, the metals have a limit to how much investiture you can store in them, I don't think they'd hold the connection properly.
  3. I think the reasons for this would be three fold; 1. They're expensive, so not many would be able to get their hands on two to even try. 2. Creating/Maintaining compatibility with both birds would be difficult 3. It's not widely known, so unless some stumbles across it, which is unlikely due to reason's 1 and 2, then people won't know to even try. In Dusk's case, it seems to be a combination of Sak is almost entirely dependent on him, and Kokerlii is just friendly as all get out, so neither bird minds the shared attention.
  4. Brandon is still holding some secrets on cognitive shadows, but the way I think of it is an impression left after a stamp or a pen/pencil. For most, the impression is faint and last for seconds, maybe a minute. For those with a bit more weight so to speak, for example invested people like mistings and mistborn, the impression last longer, but still fades. However when you're a deity, even your impression can do some pretty impressive things and can continue to operate long as the stamp has been removed (died). Hence even though Tanavast died, the impression he left didn't fade and was absorbed into the Stormfather. But the cognitive shadow isn't actually Tanavast, just a memory, the real one is gone.
  5. They're referring to the damage a spike causes to the soul. Hemalurgy causes some rather severe damage to the soul when used. But Hemalurgy is described as causing cracks to the soul, while shard blades just lop pieces clean off. I'm not sure if they would leave the soul vulnerable to entry or not.
  6. While I wouldn't mind seeing him remain unpowered, as it does present different challenges and viewpoints, I'd also like to see him struggle(in a good way) his way through the ranks. He's a good man with flaws, and that leaves room for good character arcs. Plus, he's in a unique position with his current sword. Maybe a partial revival? Not everyone has to be tier 5 radiants after all.
  7. It's also gonna depend on the section of Shadesmar you're in. Sel's desert would just be more fog.
  8. Also keep in mind that part of Harmony is Ruin. He still wants things to come to an end in their own time, and Kelsier's time was past due. Without a particularly good reason, such as Wax being one of his go to tools or Eland and Vin who he was very attached to, I suspect Harmony would be against resurrection in general.
  9. Another interesting thing to keep in mind is the impact of the soul in the cosmere. Even if the Kandra could replicate the biological aspect, what would the soul look like? Human, human with a little extra, unstable, flat out won't work? I would suspect human, or human with a little extra, but something to keep in mind.
  10. Same as what Invocation said, Shadows for Silence doesn't go deep into any lore, so its safe to read wherever.
  11. Silver has no properties in the Metallic arts. I think the issue is that tin was originally silver, which meant you have silvereyes as the nickname, which are already copyrighted. So he changed it to tin, and made silver useless. You'll occasionally find interviews where he accidently uses the word silver instead of tin, #random knowledge of the day.
  12. There are larger gemstones that hold light throughout the weeping. I'm pretty sure there's a wob that confirms that's how Vasher survives them, but I can't find it. Not sure how he gets his hands on those gemstones though.
  13. Actually, spikes don't have to kill, just touch blood in the proper place with the proper intent. I mean, tearing off a chuck of the soul is usually fatal, but not always. But in this case, you are correct, they piece him but are not proper spikes. I did some more digging and found there was some confusion on that subject, but Brandon clarified they were not hemalurgic in nature. But I also found a quote about Ruin having access to LR's soul and thoughts anyways, not sure how though.
  14. Lots of good stuff here, but there is one more thing I want to point out. Rashek had his atium armbands piecing his skin. This enabled Ruin to communicate with him directly, and I don't think Rashek even realized that. So keep in mind that he had a very clever death god whispering into his thoughts for a thousand years. With that in mind, Rashek started out as a good person. Yes, he was ruthless and aggressive, but his original goal was to create a stable society and do the best for his people(not just Terris in this case, but the whole world). Over time Ruin's influence started to corrupt him, so Rashek's society does eventually turn into a brutal bloodbath. But considering he had Ruin whispering straight into his thoughts for a thousand years, he still did pretty good. I mean, check out Vin, Spook, and Quellion and just how much influence Ruin garnered in such a short time.
  15. ruin

    You may have misunderstood what I was getting at. Feruchemy is most definitely tied to the shards of Preservation and Ruin, its just not directly powered by them. There are some magic systems that you could argue are not tied to a shard, such the basic spren of Roshar and the worms from First of the Sun. But that doesn't apply to any of the metallic arts.