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  1. ruin

    You may have misunderstood what I was getting at. Feruchemy is most definitely tied to the shards of Preservation and Ruin, its just not directly powered by them. There are some magic systems that you could argue are not tied to a shard, such the basic spren of Roshar and the worms from First of the Sun. But that doesn't apply to any of the metallic arts.
  2. ruin

    Being of Ruin and being powered by Ruin are two different things. The Shards are giant masses of Investiture, sure. But they also represent concepts. Every time some dies on say, Roshar, that's still Ruin. Ruin's presence on Scadrial interacted with the local system, influencing Feruchemy. Hence why part of Feruchemy copies Ruin, the ability to ruin stores of energy. But that is powered by the user, not by Ruin. At least, that's my understanding of it.
  3. autonomy

    I searched a bit for the quote, but couldn't find it. But, I recall reading somewhere that Autonomy may be heavily invested in the clouds that permanently circle Taldain, at least on the dayside. So the sunlight passing through the clouds gets charged, but the sun isn't the source. Not 100% if this is accurate or not though.
  4. Been awhile since I've read the books, but I seem to recall Siri was often (always?) bathed by the Pahn Kahl servants. With them being the only ones there, its not unreasonable for her to get some stuff into the room. That or it was something she scavenged from the room itself.
  5. I assumed that it was just general Alethi aggression, its kinda their thing. But Stormfather visions are not out of the question either.
  6. In Sesebron's case, it might also be that his aura is bringing out the colors of everything around him to a higher extent. So the other gods and people of 3rd heightening might see what he sees if they were near him. That said, I think it does leave some opening that higher heightenings, at least 10th, might experience some other perception change. Nothing confirmable though.
  7. Another way to look at it is that Stormlight healing is not healing, more like reverting back to where the body is suppose to be. So normal wear and tear on the cells caused by aging, that's suppose to be there, so stormlight won't change it. Actually, if you did manage to fix said wear and tear, the stormlight might put it back, causes that's the bodies natural state.
  8. The cognitive shadow of Tanavast, the human(? we think anyways) that possessed the Shard of Honor, aka the Almighty. This fused with the pre-existing Stormfather to form the one we now meet.
  9. I was counting the thousand years the Lord Ruler was around, but actually you're right about the 300, so that'd be 1300 years advantage. And sure the airship would be disabled, but if they did have 1300 years advantage on guns, handguns would go a long way.
  10. As Karger pointed out, it would have been very difficult for the Scholars to access southern Scadrial when they were adventuring. No local perpendicularities to cross, so they'd have to cross the oceans, which boiled at the equator. I'm not aware of any specific WoBs about the tech level, but I could guess. They wouldn't have had any of the medallions or ettmetal at the time. One of their stories believed that their kings had offended god in order to cause the Ice Death, so they had kings. I would guess around medieval tech, very similar to final empire minus the metalborn. Nothern Scadrial actually had gun technology at firest, but the Lord Ruler stamped down on that till it disappeared. I'm going to guess they didn't have gun technology, otherwise they'd have a thousand years progress on gun tech and the Set capturing them would have gone very differently. Harmony implies that the Southerns were more innovative then those that lived in the Elendel basin, although I'm not sure if that was just about the technology they produced from the medallions, or if they have more in store.
  11. I believe that would be Hoid.
  12. I'm aware of some of the fused claiming their most powerful warriors haven't awoken yet, but that doesn't indicate that most, or even any, are still on Braize. Are you getting that from somewhere else?
  13. What @Dancer said is correct. Taln breaking allowed the Fused to leave Braize/Damnation. The Everstorm facilitates their rebirth. I assume it catches their souls instead of returning to Braize, reducing the resurrection time. And if the Everstorm does function like this, it would effectively counter the Oathpact even if the Heralds resume their duties, since they no longer return to Braize at all.
  14. @king of nowhere While I'm not 100% sure, I believe it is due to the extra bit of Preservation that makes up the souls of humans on Sel. Due to this extra bit of power, there's also an extra bit of connection. That, or listening to thoughts is easier than invading a mind. This would also make sense, as the mind would naturally attempt to reject foreign thoughts, but might have no ability to hide thoughts.
  15. You're right, should have read better. That said, I think it was the double whammy of we might be the original aggressors, plus the threat of destroying the world, that caused the Recreance.