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  1. Is this a separate question from the "destroy yourself" thing? If the awakened object is tied down or otherwise held in place, it will still try to fulfill its command. Awakened objects can be pretty strong, so it might just tear itself out of whatever's holding it down. Or it will just sit there, straining against its bonds, nothing too exciting.
  2. The command must be accompanied by a mental visual of what is desired, so the awakener will decide how the object will try and destroy itself. Barring Nightblood and the Returned, I'm not recalling any commands that did not perform physical actions. So unless you have a couple thousand breaths to spare, imploding or exploding is unlikely. A more likely method is that the object would attempt to tear itself into pieces, or jumping might work too.
  3. Compounding massive amounts of an attribute and then storing for later use is the typical way compounding is used. Compounding creates massive amounts of the attribute in question, far more than would be needed in the moment. This is why the Lord Ruler for instance would go to his hut every three days. He would spend some time in meditation, storing youth, burning the atium with the youth, producing large amounts of youth, store that in his atium(or else he'd become a child or even younger), and then repeating till he has a nice store. He's then continuously tapping his atiumminds till his next recharge. Miles had a large number of gold minds on him at all times. I don't recall if we ever saw him actually compound, but we did see him tapping them. All the time. He actually mentions that tapping his gold minds is addictive, he can't stop. That's why when he is injured, the books don't mention him actively starting to tap his minds to heal, because he never stopped tapping in the first place. Also, burning duralumin while compounding would actually make the effect weaker. Compounding works by storing, burning for x10, storing that, burning for x10, storing that, burning for times x10 again(effectively x1000 by this point). Duralumin would just burn the entire metal for x10, and potentially leave you without a metal mind to store the attribute in.
  4. I think in one of the vision's he noted they used wood as their primary building material. But keep in mind that Alethkar receives the Highstorm at its most potent, so they are less inclined to use wood as a building material. The people in the vision may have had access to more wood, or they just lived farther west and didn't need stone buildings. As for where the shards of Honor are, I have a few ideas. The first is that large portions of the power were assigned task, and continue to do those task regardless of whether Honor is still around. Portions of Honor are invested in the Highstorm, parts are scattered through the various spren, and Odium is still bound by the powers of Cultivation and Honor, so I would imagine large parts of Honor are still chained to Odium. Mistborn Secret History Spoiler: Another idea is that the pieces are just lying around in the spiritual realm. Unlike on Sel or wherever Ambition died, there is still a living shard opposed to Odium hanging around, aka Cultivation. So after killing Honor, Odium might not have had a chance to do anything with the pieces.
  5. @Ripheus23 Khriss and Silverlight are aware of the five scholars, but there is a possibility that Khriss is unaware of what heightening the five had managed to reach, or of some of the abilities of the greater heightenings. Actually, considering Khriss mentions rumors of other abilities of the greater heightenings, I think it likely that she was kept unaware of the Five's exact abilities or heightenings, or that she started her notetaking crusade after the Five were gone.
  6. I thought at one point the 17th shard was handling out both Aether and White Sand prose versions. I know Aether for sure at least. Edit: read some other post, it appears the 17th shard does not hand out prose for White Sand and it is only available from the newsletter. The current version of the newsletter does not include it, but that was a mistake and should be fixed. Or you may have to ask through an email, that's how I got mine.
  7. The abilities of Elantrian magic are massively amplified by the city of Elantris, which is also why the dropoff effect is so severe. Normal, non-Elantris powered, Aon Dor would likely be able to function some distance from Arelon, similar to Dakor monks. The fight in Teod may be an example of that, although I'm not sure if they're still getting amplified by Elantris or not at that range.
  8. True, but Eshonai did attract one of the willshaper's spren, even if she never became one truly. Its possible the willshaper book could follow Eshonai's viewpoint during the flashback parts while focusing on Venli in the present part.
  9. Pretty well put together. The only things I would add is that a lot of the times you'll see the Willshaper counted as Eshonai/Venli, since they're both going down similar paths. Also, a further explanation on Taln and Ash is that Taln will almost certainly still have a stoneward's personality. Ash on the other hand no longer creates art but destroys it. So I doubt she could attract a Cryptic, but an Ashspren(releaser/dustbringer spren) might be interested.
  10. Scion of the Mists has it right of it. But short summary, they're a group of pre-reod Elantrians that are very cosmere aware that we know almost nothing about.
  11. Hard to say. We don't know the full extent of the shard's abilities. I'd agree with I think I am Here, that Harmony and Odium are tied for most powerful, one having superior strength and the other having greater skill. But at the same time, Endowment's letter sounded pretty confident that Rayse could be dealt with. That might have just been bravado, but it might not have been, we just don't know enough about the shards to be sure. As for the most powerful non-shardic entity, that belongs to Hoid. I don't know if it was recorded or not, but I once asked Brandon during a live stream he did what the most powerful non-shardic entity was and that was his answer, without hesitation.
  12. 1: The carapace is available to more than just warform. 2: The patterning can be red, black, or white, although rarely all three at once. 3: The gemhearts are white in color and are used to facilitate the spren bond... and that's about all we know. How the creatures of Roshar develop gemhearts at all is currently unknown. 4: Parshendi are typically malen and femalen, except when in mating form in which case they are considered female and male. Slave form can still have children, so presumably so can any form, they just feel no desire to do so unless in mating form. Not much is known about the child's development, how long they take to age or what their default form is, or if they even have a spren bond or not.
  13. Vin came in contact with the power of Preservation at the Well of Ascension, but did not use the power, just released it. So no warping effects, not a sliver. Later Vin did ascend to the shard of Preservation, making her a Vessel. After killing Ruin and herself, Vin descended from the shard of Preservation. Her time holding Preservation, however short, was enough to permanently warp her soul, making her a sliver. Mistborn Secret History spoiler:
  14. Another attempt at puzzling out which shared universe Skywards belongs to. First off, all of Brandon's non-cosmere stories. And now all the possible candidates. They have to be capable of reasonably supporting a space opera. Taking out Perfect State, as I don't feel like a simulation would make for an interesting story in this context. Taking out Centrifugal, as I don't feel like there is any reason to create a shared universe from it, as there isn't anything that I felt needed further exploration or could set the grounds for another story. So we're left with Firstborn, Defending Elysium, and HARRE. I'll run through some reasons for and against each one, along with a guess about what the Krell are. Firstborn: Defending Elysium HARRE: With all of this in mind... I rank the likelihood of these stories sharing a universe with Skyward in order of: HARRE, Firstborn, and then Defending Elysium. HARRE's tech and AI would fit the best, and DE's cyto I think would be a distraction, with Firstborn sitting in the middle. But ultimately, I don't have enough info to make a final decision. Hopefully that ch. 17 will enlighten us. What do you think? Did I miss any candidates, any of my reasoning off?