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  1. I'm not sure there is an official answer, but I believe it is because the use of Fortune includes not only the ability to grasp potential futures, but an instinctive(read not controllable) ability to find relevant information. The future in the cosmere is near infinite, and the mind can only grasp so much. So even if you're lucky and find relevant information, its still not perfect, and usually is a gamble.
  2. Adonalsium's Shattering was 10,000, Tanavast's death/Honor's splintering was 1500-2500 ish as far as I know. Shard Vessels can apparently have children (no idea how that works), but that's at minimum 1500 years worth of generations, with thousands and thousands of descendants, and at that point any bloodline would be largely irrelevant. Vessel Children WoB
  3. There's like 10,000 years between the shattering and Kaladins birth, so very unlikely. More likely is him being a Windrunner, or something else like that.
  4. Two reasons come to mind. Although I'd bet on the Herald winning, especially one that can shoot lighting at his enemies, maybe Nale is paranoid about facing any threat that could potentially kill him. Or, more likely, the Sleepless as a race could pose a substantial threat to Nale's organization, or at least their goals. Basically, avoid annoying the group that is really hard to kill, can easily disguise themselves, runs a rather good intelligence operation, and who knows what else. Oh, and they also might be working for Culti, who Nale would also probably avoid messing with.
  5. All investiture, and all matter/energy by extension, is assigned to one of the 16 shards. But that doesn't mean they control all of it, there's a great deal of ambient investiture that is technically speaking part of/assigned to the shards, but practically its just wild investiture. So the perpendicularity on First of the Sun is made from this ambient investiture. So it is influenced by one of the shards, via Patji, but would have existed without said influence to begin with. As for Nightblood vs perpendicularity, this is just my interpretation, but I assume when Brandon said things he meant singular objects/entities. Perpendicularities on the other hand are more like weather phenomena, so he may not have been counting that. Also, most perpenduclarities belong to a shard, and he may have not been thinking about the one on First of the Sun.
  6. No, I was more picturing observing the person or a spike for a change. But as @RShara pointed out, I don't think there's anyway to actually be aware of a change in the spike from the shadows. Karger might be onto something with the duraluminum boosted Atium, but probably still wouldn't work.
  7. So the shadow shows the result of your attack as well right? I'm picturing focusing on the spike, and how well you can feel the spike with steel. If your ability to the steel line to the spike fades, that means the spike successfully tore off some investiture. But I'm not sure if you can sense the change in a shadow spike, plus atium seems to attack instinctively, so I don't know if you mentally choose a bunch of different attacks to see what happens to the shadow.
  8. Cosmere magic systems sometimes include various concepts/motifs as part of the rules. I'm not sure if there's really a reason, or it is just how the cosmere works. One example is the numbers, with different planets sometimes having a certain number motif. Scadrial has 16, while the Roshar system has 10, except for Braize which is 9 for some reason. Another is color. Some of the gems in Stormlight have near identical chemical compositions with the exception of very minor contaminants, but have wildly different effects. This is due to the color of the gem instead of its composition.
  9. Can atium future-sight be used to determine Hemalurgic bind points? The atium can be used to determine the effects of future actions in a very short window, so could you use this to find bind points, even if you didn't know what it would end up doing?
  10. Plus the fullborn can cancel investiture. While I can't be sure its possible, it maybe be that the fullborn can mess with the investiture in the Herald, disrupting his ability to be reborn. And barring that, if we assume that our fullborn is familiar with all the metallic arts including hemalurgy, he can start spiking away. Depends on whether he knows of any bind points, but potentially still dangerous.
  11. Look at it from the users perspective Allomancy preserves the users power, gaining extra power from Preservation instead. Feruchemy uses power at a normal efficiency, savings it for later, but nothing is actually gained or lost in the process. And hemalurgy loses power in the process, so less efficiency.
  12. Two reasons occur to me. First, something about the war may be capable of breaking Odium's bindings. Maybe Honor challenged Odium to an official duel of some kind, and Odium has specific goals he needs to accomplish to escape. Or maybe he can wield the parshmen, as opposed to his own power, to attack sources of Honor and Cultivation's investiture in the physical realm. Dunno if this is possible, but perhaps he can use them to hurt the other shards in some fashion. The second reason is that they may be something to fill his time while he's bound. There is a quote that says Odium has a secondary interest in mortals, although his primary focus is on the shards. He is still a shard and is bound to his nature, so without any means of pursuing his primary goal, maybe he is compelled to drive the humans and parshmen to hatred. Or maybe not even compelled, might just be something to do for enjoyment. WOB:
  13. Zinc compounding does give some extra mental strength boost in addition to the speed. So you could use it to make some pretty good predictions. That said, its not on par with atium, and is only limited to things you're aware of.
  14. Different magic systems like to be attached to certain concepts, although we don't know all the rules. One of those rules are numbers, another example being color. The magic system on Roshar for instance likes to repeat the number 10 alot. Braize is 9 centric. And all the powers on Scadrial are 16 based. So different planets, or maybe just different areas, of the cosmere will sometimes have a certain number built into the magic systems, don't know why. That's why there are 16 metals that interact with the magic systems. Another example was the ratio of people that got sick with the mist, although that also seemed to be something Preservation put in place, or at least encouraged, in order to show that there was something supernatural going on. As for Wayne and the coach, that'd just be a coincidence.
  15. Yes, depending on a few factors, such as what oath they're at, and whether they regard TLR as a legitimate source of authority. With Szeth's most recent oath he is under no obligation to acknowledge TLR's authority. Other Skybreakers may take moral issue with it though.