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  1. Guns on Scadrial are a recent creation, so it would make sense for it to have not spread. Nalthis, Roshar, and Sel also have large amounts of magic technology and rules to research, so it would make sense they wouldn't develop into the mechanical/chemical sciences as much, so they can't make the guns themselves. Taldain is the only other one to develop guns thus far (that we know of), and it's under a blockade, so the tech can't travel out. Also, quite a few world hoppers have access to investiture abilities, so early guns maybe not appear as powerful in comparison.
  2. Warning, beyond here there be spoilers.
  3. I think the issue may be that human's have much deeper and larger emotions, or maybe a larger cognitive/soul aspect. Singer's aren't a single being, look at how much of a change the spren has on them, and even the tones abilities to change their mood. Singers are part singer, part spren, and part Roshar/tones. But spren are bonding to just the singer part, so its bonding to a person vs bonding to 1/3 of a person (probably larger than a third, but a smaller than what a human could offer). And another point to support this theory is that the two singer that attracted spren, Eshonei and Venli, both show a larger degree of personality (maybe 'self' would work better) then the other singers (they are main characters, but still). Eshonei talks about activity challenging the built in impulses of the various forms, and Venli seems pretty much Venli in the three forms we see her in.
  4. Instead of an error, I view this as Vasher changing his thinking over time. His original categories were based solely on awakening standards. Now he's had time to incorporate the greater realmatics into his categories. Also, we see him referring to himself as not a real person. Now, he may have believed this back in Warbreaker and never said it, but working on the assumption that this is a new idea for him (as in came about after Warbreaker). This would make him more inline with a spren than a person with a real soul, which would lead to pulling all forms of investiture life forms into this categorization efforts.
  5. I'd also point out that death by shardblade is probably not healthy for the soul or mind. Part of the maddness is probably due to strength of self, but other factors like number and methods of death could have an impact as well.
  6. I suspect the thunderclast are a different type of entity from the rest of the fused. They too different, both in that they're animating stone instead of possessing a singer, and that they didn't seem to be actively using a surge when fighting, instead relying on raw power. It's possible that a surge is involved in operating their bodies, but even then that's a different method of wielding a surge than the usual fused.
  7. I would also point out not just Rock using a shardbow, but Dalinar also lifted a very large rock at the cathedral he was repairing. I think Brandon's comment about stormlight not "normally" increasing strength was in reference to general stormlight channeling. It would seem at least one of, if not multiple surges, are capable of enhancing strength. That, or something else is at work in those scenes.
  8. theory

    I think the surprise was that he could bond void spren to humans, it was just achieved by using Nergaoul.
  9. It's been hinted that an active Urithiru would provide enormous benefits, food in particular who knows what else. Even if it's the most fortified position right now, striking before it could be activated may be a tactically sound idea.
  10. As others have said, information on shards is kept under lock and key by Brandon for now. That said, I would recommend reading the first Mistborn Trilogy, followed by Secret History and the Arcanum, then Stormlight, then coppermind and wobs. That'll probably give you the best information available on shards, whilst avoiding spoilers.
  11. Even if the Pewter could restore some of the physical damage, I don't think it could do anything to the spiritual damage done by the shardblade, which is the big problem.
  12. Could you take away the Herald's gift (I'm not sure if it's a bond, I think it's innate power) using Hemalurgy? At this point I'm certain that's quite possible. Could you grant it to someone else? That I'm not so sure about whether that part is feasible. Hemalurgy on a god on the other hand wouldn't work. They don't have a physical body to spike, and even if they did, the metals have a limit to how much investiture you can store in them, I don't think they'd hold the connection properly.
  13. I think the reasons for this would be three fold; 1. They're expensive, so not many would be able to get their hands on two to even try. 2. Creating/Maintaining compatibility with both birds would be difficult 3. It's not widely known, so unless some stumbles across it, which is unlikely due to reason's 1 and 2, then people won't know to even try. In Dusk's case, it seems to be a combination of Sak is almost entirely dependent on him, and Kokerlii is just friendly as all get out, so neither bird minds the shared attention.
  14. Brandon is still holding some secrets on cognitive shadows, but the way I think of it is an impression left after a stamp or a pen/pencil. For most, the impression is faint and last for seconds, maybe a minute. For those with a bit more weight so to speak, for example invested people like mistings and mistborn, the impression last longer, but still fades. However when you're a deity, even your impression can do some pretty impressive things and can continue to operate long as the stamp has been removed (died). Hence even though Tanavast died, the impression he left didn't fade and was absorbed into the Stormfather. But the cognitive shadow isn't actually Tanavast, just a memory, the real one is gone.
  15. They're referring to the damage a spike causes to the soul. Hemalurgy causes some rather severe damage to the soul when used. But Hemalurgy is described as causing cracks to the soul, while shard blades just lop pieces clean off. I'm not sure if they would leave the soul vulnerable to entry or not.