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  1. I was counting the thousand years the Lord Ruler was around, but actually you're right about the 300, so that'd be 1300 years advantage. And sure the airship would be disabled, but if they did have 1300 years advantage on guns, handguns would go a long way.
  2. As Karger pointed out, it would have been very difficult for the Scholars to access southern Scadrial when they were adventuring. No local perpendicularities to cross, so they'd have to cross the oceans, which boiled at the equator. I'm not aware of any specific WoBs about the tech level, but I could guess. They wouldn't have had any of the medallions or ettmetal at the time. One of their stories believed that their kings had offended god in order to cause the Ice Death, so they had kings. I would guess around medieval tech, very similar to final empire minus the metalborn. Nothern Scadrial actually had gun technology at firest, but the Lord Ruler stamped down on that till it disappeared. I'm going to guess they didn't have gun technology, otherwise they'd have a thousand years progress on gun tech and the Set capturing them would have gone very differently. Harmony implies that the Southerns were more innovative then those that lived in the Elendel basin, although I'm not sure if that was just about the technology they produced from the medallions, or if they have more in store.
  3. I believe that would be Hoid.
  4. I'm aware of some of the fused claiming their most powerful warriors haven't awoken yet, but that doesn't indicate that most, or even any, are still on Braize. Are you getting that from somewhere else?
  5. What @Dancer said is correct. Taln breaking allowed the Fused to leave Braize/Damnation. The Everstorm facilitates their rebirth. I assume it catches their souls instead of returning to Braize, reducing the resurrection time. And if the Everstorm does function like this, it would effectively counter the Oathpact even if the Heralds resume their duties, since they no longer return to Braize at all.
  6. @king of nowhere While I'm not 100% sure, I believe it is due to the extra bit of Preservation that makes up the souls of humans on Sel. Due to this extra bit of power, there's also an extra bit of connection. That, or listening to thoughts is easier than invading a mind. This would also make sense, as the mind would naturally attempt to reject foreign thoughts, but might have no ability to hide thoughts.
  7. You're right, should have read better. That said, I think it was the double whammy of we might be the original aggressors, plus the threat of destroying the world, that caused the Recreance.
  8. My best guess is that the perfect gems are actually the dawnshards, and after a long time of storing up energy, someone used one of them to do some crazy stuff. Several of the surges could destroy a planet's surface if you gave them some stupid crazy level of juice. Although technically I don't think it was surgebinding, that particular form of magic didn't come till later. He's discussing Ashyn, not the Recreance which occured on Roshar.
  9. True, but its still an example that it is possible. Maybe hard to replicate to that degree, but the principle exist.
  10. Not only Feruchemy, but Dalinar also had his memory wiped. In a universe with a dedicated cognitive realm, its probably not that hard to attack memories in other ways as well.
  11. Gotta agree with @Karger, you might need to rephrase this... theory? I think its a theory. Also, you seem to have confused Shards(shardplate and shardblade) with Shards(Shards of Adonalsium). Also, why would the Dor suck up other dead shards? The other dead shards are presumably far away, and even then the Dor is filled to the bursting. Stuffing more investiture in the region would take a titanic amount of effort, and I'm not even sure if its possible. And even if it were, it might be dangerous to Sel, but the rest of the cosmere would be fine.
  12. It could be argued that this was more changing than ruining. Definitely toeing the line, but by that point he was more skilled in the power, and there was less of it. Also, I'm unaware of any evidence of Kwaan not becoming a mistwraith, where did you read this? Never mind, I found it, not sure how I didn't know that.
  13. I'm not sure there is an official answer, but I believe it is because the use of Fortune includes not only the ability to grasp potential futures, but an instinctive(read not controllable) ability to find relevant information. The future in the cosmere is near infinite, and the mind can only grasp so much. So even if you're lucky and find relevant information, its still not perfect, and usually is a gamble.
  14. Adonalsium's Shattering was 10,000, Tanavast's death/Honor's splintering was 1500-2500 ish as far as I know. Shard Vessels can apparently have children (no idea how that works), but that's at minimum 1500 years worth of generations, with thousands and thousands of descendants, and at that point any bloodline would be largely irrelevant. Vessel Children WoB
  15. There's like 10,000 years between the shattering and Kaladins birth, so very unlikely. More likely is him being a Windrunner, or something else like that.