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  1. I would be very very surprised if Hoid has never killed anyone at some point or another.
  2. Listen guys, we can't hold the artist responsible for the brutalization of some of the artwork(so long as said artwork is not alive, or at least not aware/sentient) in the scheme of the greater art! Their sacrifice is necessary for the story to succeed, as light is defined by darkness, so too does their pain give way to beauty.... *reads what the sentence for the crime is........* Mr. Sanderson must be held fully accountable for his crimes, and his sentence carried out post haste!!
  3. The spren were still aware of the greater conflict with Odium, and understood that the war would, or at least might, resume eventually. They noticed signs that the next desolation was approaching, as various void spren were becoming active in both the physical world and shadesmar, and potentially even other signs that readers are unaware of. So even with the memories of what happened, desperation drove at least some of the spren to resume the bonding process. Of course, others rejected that idea and pursued other options, like the listener's.
  4. @supersmith I was assuming this theft went down after the recreance. For it to happen before that would be very unlikely as the radiants would have an interest in keeping the oathgates spread out.
  5. I like it. I do not think it is right, as I lean more towards Cusicesh being either unique or related to the sibling, not an unmade or anything. But its not impossible, and would definately make for an interesting story. You wouldn't have to attract the oath gate spren. When Odium tried to steal the Oathgate in OB, he targeted the gemstones, which the spren reside in. So while difficult to steal the entire gate, you could steal the gemstones and rebuild the gate. That said, I very much doubt the people at the time would have the knowledge to know to tear the gate apart for the gemstones, or the knowledge of how to rebuild the gate, in which case why bother?
  6. An atium spike for only four hundred boxing? I'll take 20. Do you also sell bindpoint manuals?
  7. Very little unfortunately.. We know he is trying to collect types of magic from all over, although we don't know if this is a side hobby, a step towards a goal, or the goal itself. He might be trying to reform Adonalisum some how, although that seems a little cliche to me. The other possible mission we know about is the one RShara pointed out. Hoid may be trying to reform/revive someone from his past. But its really just a big mystery at this point.
  8. It doesn't even need the shards. Roshar naturally has a massive amount of investiture moving through its system, even before the shards arrived as you pointed out. The highstorm has been in place since old Adon built the place. There is a question of how much the shards meddles. Obviously Honor claimed the highstorm as his own, but we don't know if he amped it up or not. I think its less the realms as a whole are closer, and more that the large amounts of investiture piece the borders, making it easier to view and move between them when large amounts of investiture are present (see the highstorms, Honor perp, probably Culti's as well) @ShardShaper Investiture pierces the three realms, so it makes sense that large amounts will make viewing shadesmar, and spren by extension, easier. And good point about Shinovar. Although that might be because spren don't live over there since they feed on the highstorm. Also, please avoid double posting, just edit the previous post. And in the editior, on the top bar, there is a symbol with an eye, use that for spoilers, like so;
  9. There's also a possibility that one or more of the shards was a dragon at first. There were three races on Yolen, and we know at least one of the shards is non human(Ambition was a Sho Del, with a possibility of there being more. Also, as Calderis pointed out, Dragons can take a human form, so we could have seen a whole bunch by now and not realized it. That, or they're on just chilling on Yolen.
  10. I would guess no. But there are far larger amounts of investiture moving through Roshar's system than the other cosmere planets, possibly making it much easier to transition across the realms. That, or the spren are unique in their greater ability to transition between the realms. We'd have to put them on other planets to find out though. Also, I'm not sure if its truly confirmed that Honor's perpendicularity is inside the highstorm or not.
  11. I think there are two possible solutions to this issue. The first is that Kaladin had recently been there, and Lopen's squire powers hadn't quite faded. I can't recall if the powers are lost instantly or if there's a time of decline off the top of my head though. Perhaps Kaladin's recent Ideal created some temporary power boost beyond the normal effects, allowing the squires to last longer and farther then expected. The second is that Lopen may have already attracted the attentions of an honorspren by that point, gaining some minor powers independent of Kaladin, although I don't think there's evidence to support this later when he's separated again. Unless he assumed he needed Kaladin and never bothered to try when he was gone, doubtful for the Lopen. And of course, the third option, it was a mistake..
  12. Easy to misunderstand, cause that part is a little confusing. He says "Apparently you already being dead means I can hurt you." which is what surprised him (I think anyways). But after that, he does explain that the pain from the simple beating was caused by Kelsier's mind and not real. Hoid follows that up with "I don't have the inclination to actually injure your soul", so it can be done, even to a CR, just takes a different approach, whatever that is.
  13. Where did you get that from? Cognitive shadows can definitely feel pain. Are you talking about when Hoid was hurting Kelsier? Hoid experiences extreme nausea when trying to hurt others, he was just surprised when he didn't feel that while beating Kelsier.
  14. I'd say there are tree approaches to taking down a radiant with firepower. The aluminium shatter bullet, the highstorm (will the auto language change thing catch that? Edit: no it does not, I'll fix that..) of machine-gun fire, and explosives method. The aluminium shatter bullet would involve single fire rifle shots of aluminium bullets. The bullet would be designed to shatter upon impact, causing as much damage as possible and covering as much area as possible. The aluminium fragments would seriously disrupt the radiant's ability to heal, potentially fatal depending on where it hit. The second method and third method are more mundane, and just involving outpacing the radiant's stormlight healing, either via completely overloading the healing factor, or via massive draining of stormlight reserves. Of note, this method will likely be less effective against the tension and progression surges(depending on stormlight usage rates). The machinegun fire in particular may also be countered by the abrasion surge(I'm not sure what the abrasion surge would do against an explosion, may still work). Although I do not think it is possible, perhaps absolutely god-tier use of the gravitation, division, and transportation surges may also counter the bulletstorm. All three methods can potentially be somewhat countered by any order with the cohesion surge or transformation surge, as they may be capable of creating barriers. Sneak/ambush attacks recommended, and fast retreat options be on standby in case of failure/angry radiant. Quote on healing and aluminium. Bonus: Ranette's general lack of concern for anything but her work makes me think she'd be a willshaper, or maybe a elsecaller, although I don't think she'd be chosen in the first place.
  15. I think little Shallan only got to the second, maybe third oath. She had at least one oath, and maybe two by acknowledging that she killed her father and mother.