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  1. I thought that following a weird man with extraordinary powers would be a good idea. What I didn't think of, was that my idea would lead me into a whole different world. I had been hired by a merchant to protect him on his way to Thaylen City, when we were attacked by a large group of mercenaries. They all seemed like normal people, until one of them suddenly started turning people's limbs into ribbons. No, that wasn't a metaphor, he literally did that. I played dead for about a day, since they decided to set up camp right besides my "body". I must say, it was storming hard, my nose was itching. In nighttime, I stealthily killed everyone but the ribbon man. When he woke up, he acted as if the sudden death of all of his comrades was as normal as the wind blowing, and left the camp. I followed him through the woods for a long time, until we reached a tall building. Inside, I saw doors labeled with strange names and painted with strange colors. I barely remember any of them, but the one I remember was painted with a steel looking color, and, the name "Newcago" was written in the top. So, while I tailed the weird guy, I broke a crystal vase(which was, of course, on purpose) and he turned towards me. I didn't want my arm to become a ribbon, so I threw him a repelling throwing knife and raised my gauntlet to push him away. Once the man was pushed away, I entered one of the doors and lost consciousness.
  2. Or OR OR Man, I love Mistborn
  3. Oh, boy, here we go. I hate Shallan. I HATE HER. She won't stop whining about killing her parents and saying that she wants to be Veil or Radiant because they didn't kill their parents. I actually liked her in WoK, but in WoR and in OB, her chapters were nigh unbearable. I love Moash, he is one of my favorite characters in SA. I liked Elhokar before everyone started to like him because of OB. I hate it when people ship characters. Its stupid. I hate Wayne, he just does stuff without making any sense. I thought Warbreaker was kinda boring, I struggled a lot to finish it. I don't think Kaladin should ever be in a relationship with anyone ever. He's not that kind of guy. Other non Cosmere things: I thought Civil War was boring halfway through, I nearly fell asleep, and I love superhero movies, and I never fall asleep when watching a movie, so that's something. I hate Dragon Ball, its extremely cringy. In a bad way. I hate almost anything YA, they are mostly pretty boring and predictable. I, like a lot of people, also think that the LOTR books are boring, but I still like some parts in them. Sushi is disgusting and should be wiped out of the Earth's surface. EDIT: So, I guess the LOTR thing is basically a popular opinion now, I think everybody agrees that the books are boring.
  4. I’d choose: -Szeth: He’s badass, he’s crazy, he’s AWESOME. -Taravangian: He’s just a guy that wants to do the right thing, no matter the cost. Even though I thought what he did at the end of OB was pretty lame, I still love him and the way he thinks. -TLR: I just love that he was actually a good guy, and also a nice one, from what we saw in his diary. Besides that, he is a BOSS. Who else could destroy the half of someone’s face and snap his neck with one slap, not even a punch, it was a STORMING SLAP. If I could ask Brandon to write one book, it would be a Prequel or Mistborn with Rashek as the main character. -Yelig-nar: He is just so creepy, much like the other Unmade, but, he is also ridiculously powerful, although that comes with a cost. He gives people the TEN STORMING SURGES AT THE SAME TIME! That immediately turns you into the most powerful, non Shard person in the whole Cosmere. I would definitely do that, even if my soul gets destroyed in the process.
  5. Welcome to the Shard, hope you like it here as much as I do! First, if you want to theorize and make topics about certain things, I’d first read some articles in, the Brandon Sanderson wiki.
  6. Alright, I’ll do a character, I guess. Name: Kralvkiss Torvkl Natonality: Rosharan, Thaylen What’s his thing?: He has a Shardblade, a fabrial that augments pain, and another one that augments his resistance. He also has gauntlets each with one half of different Amethysts, then, in his belt, he has two throwing knives with the other halves of the gemstone, so, whenever he hits someone with the knives, he can push them backwards with his gauntlets. He has two hand axes on his belt too. He is basically like a Viking Berserker. But cooler, and with Fabrials. Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Dark Green Age: 29(Rosharan) Height: 6’ 4” Distinguishing Features: His long beard. Personality: He is very funny and friendly, often making jokes, but whenever he is feeling the thrill of a battle, he is extremely brutal, and his sanity almost disappears. He is a sadist and a masochist, that’s why he uses a fabrial to augment his pain. How does he fight?: He prefers using his two hand axes, as he likes to feel the blows he lands on his enemies. He is unstoppable in a fight, as he has increased resistance, and whatever pain is inflected on him is regarded with joy. Cosmere Awareness: Low. He has no idea what the Realms are, or the different worlds, though if he found out, he wouldn't care enough to make a big deal out of it. Hope he isn’t too OP. I think this is enough info for my character, tell me if you need more details.
  7. I'd be down, but I haven't read Reckoners or Alcatraz, so I'm not sure if I would be able to play.
  8. @Sahin the Just Awesome! I was thinking if I could help you do Prince Ryker Sinclair, he sounds interesting, and he’s the kind of character I like.
  9. Wow, I really don’t remember with what series I started, but I was about 10. I read WoK when I was 11, and that got me hooked on Fantasy. RN, I basically only read Brandon Sanderson, or some REALLY good books, like The Name of the Wind, I’m pretty selective in my book choices at the moment. I’ve tried to read Eragon, but it’s simply unbearable.
  10. Japanese with English subtitles. I've tried some dubs, but even the ones who are considered the best, like FMA, feel off to me. Idk, I feel that the voices rarely match the characters' personalities or faces. Also, they always use the same 6 people to dub EVERY SINGLE ANIME EVER.
  11. Kaladin: I think he'll stay for the whole series, alongside Bridge Four, just like you said. Or Brandon just kills off all of Bridge Four slowly. Dalinar: There are many things Brandon could do with him. He could turn into Honor, or, maybe he even created his own Shard, Unity. Yes I know that doesn't make any sense at all, but it sounds cool, also, Odium said he "Ascended". He could also be killed off, either in the time gap, for us to have flashbacks of that, or in book 5, I think book 4 is way too early. He could also become a sort of mentor for the Radiants, or just the leader that doesn't really fight, but is pretty smart and handles the political stuff. Shallan: I agree with you, though not with Adolin... Adolin: It could be that what you said is going to happen, but I think Brandon is going to do one of two things. Either he kills him off after having kids with Shallan, or, he becomes the Champion of Odium, as we have seen that Adolin is very prone to sudden acts of "passion" or "hate", though after reading Oathbringer and his reaction to his actions, I'm not so sure about that anymore. Szeth: I think he will stay for the whole series too. We are just going to start to actually know him in a deeper level in book 4(That meaning we are going to have more than 6 chapters with him), so I think it would be pretty lame for him to just become a minor character after such a short time of knowing him. Also, he's the most badass character, so there's that. Rysn: She will absolutely have a major role on the last 5 books. I don't really have a reason for it, its just a feeling I've got. Vyre/Moash: I think he's going to be Kaladin's main antagonist, for them to have an epic duel at the final book, as every other antagonist that Kal's had is gone for some reason or another. Either that, or he ends up having a redemption arc, which I think is not very plausible, since I think what he did in Part 3 of OB was just Brandon telling us, "Hey, he's completely evil now" Vasher and Vivenna: I thin k we won't have to wait long for them to become HUGE characters in the story. I've also thought of Warbreaker as a way to introduce these characters before they are expanded on in SA. Venli: I think she will be a big character for book 4 and 5, but that's that. She will serve as a bridge between humanity and the singers. She'll probably just make a few singers join the KR and then she'll be killed off, or something. The Unmade: The Unmade will be there as long as Odium is there, and I'm really excited to see a full on confrontation between the KR and The Unmade and Odium's Champion. Cultivation: She is going to be extremely important in the story, I'd even dare to say that her influence will start to be more noticeable in book 4, and it will progressively get bigger and bigger. I just think that, at the end, she's going to destroy Odium and say "I had this planned all along" and they they kill him/imprison him/whatever they are going to do to him. I mean, if Preservation could come up with a cool plan to defeat Ruin, imagine Cultivation... Taravangian: He's probably going to be that bad guy that isn't really THE bad guy and gets killed off half way through the story because of that. Or, in one of his smart days, he's going to betray Odium. The Heralds: They are all going to start to be more prominent(except Jezrien, xd), and I think they are going to be hunted down by Vyre with the weird knife thing. They are all probably going to be dead by the end. And if Dalinar does end up being a Shard, I think he'll appoint other characters as Heralds, like making Kal the new Jezrien, or stuff like that. I really cant think of anyone else that might be important in the future, besides the main characters for the last 5 books, Lift, Jasnah, Renarin, Ash, and Taln. If you're wondering why I have the time to write something so long is because I don't have a life. Well, I actually do. Its called Brandon Sanderson.
  12. Maybe he thought that he couldn't get the fight scenes with spaceships right, or something. Or maybe it could actually be about the secret project.
  13. Nah, that's definitely for some Skyward stuff, as its about sentient spaceships and stuff
  14. Yes, Shadesmar is where Worldhoppers go from one World to another. Btw, do you listen to the audiobook?
  15. This is actually the 1st time I’ve played an RPG, so bear with me, please. Full Name: Sallin Zeras Investiture: Edgedancer of the Second Oath, Nicroburst Misting, can alter his spiritweb to be a Soother Nationality of the Cosmere: Rosharan, Alethi Height: 5’7” Age: 27 Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Grey Heroic History: He saved his mother and older brother from the Voidbringers when he swore the Second Ideal. His father taught him how to use swords Personality: Confident, Positive, Charming, Helping, and Forgiving What Brought your Character Here?: He is looking for more information about the Knights Radiant, as he suspects his father, who disappeared long ago, was also a Knight Radiant. His search eventually led him to Shadesmar