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  1. That title's something of a misleading pun. Connection allowing for telepathic communication is certainly interesting, was it inspired by paired fabrials?
  2. But Investing in a planet limits the power a Shard has at their disposal, it's why Odium avoiding doing so until that was no longer possible because he got trapped. It's a natural process that happens when a Shard spends time in a particular location. I know you've said it's not about power, in your view, but that absolutely has an effect on the outcome. There's a reason Odium fears Harmony.
  3. Assuming Sandman is a nickname for Brandon they're saying he's good at these sorts of things. Hidden meanings and the like.
  4. It is. Skybreakers can also fall in a direction of their choice due to binding Gravitation, there is some kind of difference in their "flight" though. (based on a comment by Peter on Discord, he prefers Windrunner style)
  5. Afraid not:
  6. Glad you think so :). Based on waves forming would certainly be interesting but I feel it'd be too mutable compared to other magics. Assuming this line of inquiry holds any weight I'd put my money on the cliffs, hopefully nothing on the coast formed through erosion or else there might be a Reod 2.0 (so to speak). The problem of daily communication still presents itself though and as much as I'd want a second, magical language Intent seems like the divider. The books written in Aons certainly didn't spew fire after all.
  7. Apologies for breaking the current line of discussion but could it be possible, in your opinion, for a speech-based magic to be based on the shape and position of the tongue? (Potentially including the lips as well) It's that which decides what sounds we produce, is it not?
  8. It's the nature of this place
  9. Assuming the property is death inducement then the effects would probably be similar, perhaps in a field rather than for a target. Might even include the caster.
  10. I echo @Winds Alight's words, particularly regarding laziness. Dedicated and hardworking are Hufflepuff traits.
  11. Stormlight info/spoilers
  12. What happens when you eat it? This:
  13. Their spiritweb wouldn't be the same as a human's (I imagine) so bindpoints would probably be different.
  14. More like a cancerous form of Forging.
  15. I meant it more as something he'd be able to do, of course Syl's wishes would have to be taken into account. (spoiler box contains information from Elantris)