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  1. And also for Kaladin
  2. I can see why it'd be imprecise for them. They know not every singer is pro-Odium so calling them all voidbringers doesn't exactly work, not to mention it's a term that encompasses more than just singers.
  3. Szeth may simply think Death Rattles are a Shin thing.
  4. Incoming possessed santhids.
  5. While it is very likely related to her family I don't think it'll be that she's not related to them. We have: So even if Lin had an affair she's still a half sister to them.
  6. Just to nitpick, the Sleepless call Shallan "the Liar, one who wears the mantle of a scholar over the heart of a thief." She's "the Lightweaver" for WoR. While it's possible she's the one that will destroy the Sleepless/Roshar, it's certainly not guaranteed.
  7. I mean he can still die... and then get flooded with Investiture and become a shadow! Zahel would need to speak his native language (Nalthian or one of their languages) to Awaken unless he's reached the 10th Heightening to be able to use mental Commands.
  8. Perhaps that's how the singers did things in the past. Using the pure tones of Roshar rather than the prisons of spren.
  9. I assume if Rlain says some are showing promising signs then they might actually be sensing something. Kaladin could feel something in the distance, certainly.
  10. Not to derail the current excitement over everyone's favourite grumpy ardent but humans are growing closer to the Rhythms. Rlain says some are close to knowing/hearing the pure tones and Kaladin almost senses something when Rlain attunes. This is pretty big.
  11. Probably Cohesion to alter the buildings.
  12. I'm loving Venli's chapters. RIP her dream but hey at least she might get a teacher? No new spren this chapter but a new brand and a name for one we met before. Plus Odium's forces have access to soulcasting but no indication of whether it's by fabrial or Fused.
  13. I would really like to see Shallan soulcast Mraize. "only deals with the ephemeral" indeed.
  14. Why can't Taln have a spren? There's nothing (in theory) stopping him from bonding one.
  15. I'd find that quite hard to believe. Not only did Adolin specifically refuse to name his Shardblade like others do out of respect for it, Dalinar's Shardwielding skills were among the best on Roshar and yet he was able to attain Radiancy and bond the Stormfather.