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  1. Why can't Taln have a spren? There's nothing (in theory) stopping him from bonding one.
  2. I'd find that quite hard to believe. Not only did Adolin specifically refuse to name his Shardblade like others do out of respect for it, Dalinar's Shardwielding skills were among the best on Roshar and yet he was able to attain Radiancy and bond the Stormfather.
  3. So in other words you think he's not hurt enough, nice.
  4. That doesn't mean he hasn't suffered, or if we're being direct on what this is about, that he doesn't have cracks in his spiritweb. But to backtrack on my own argument, one way he responded to loss was to kill someone. Admittedly it was the one responsible but still.
  5. Is losing your mother (and also the main parent in your life) at a young age not painful? We've been in his head and he's not perfectly happy, he feels anguish. He's seen the men he cared for, to the point of knowing their names and families, slaughtered around him. He's suffered, "not hurt enough" is, in my opinion, ridiculous.
  6. "To Evi, I swear to never forget you again."
  7. Even if Shallan integrates and loses her alters she won't become neurotypical. Rock has met him, when he came through the perp some time ago.
  8. Oh so I wasn't the only one to tear up about the ending, yay. Nice to see Adolin in the spotlight and signs pointing to Edgedancing, interesting about Radiant going blonde.
  9. The man's fashionable incarnate. Oh and also he duels well.
  10. Someone on Discord suggested that perhaps it's related to Moash/Vyre and what happened to him. Renarin's situation could have gotten out.
  11. The plan is likely Odium's since this all came about because of Leshwi's comment and as for the deviation if I knew I wouldn't be discussing like this if it's the Sibling, as some have theorised, maybe they were suppose to stay asleep. Probably the Lightweaving Fused. Progression isn't really suited for shapeshifting.
  12. Any deviation to a plan can be cause for worry.
  13. Perhaps Navani's penpal is an unexpected third party to this conflict.
  14. Not to mention treating his brother like a person.
  15. Unfortunately people have a tendency to put a "crazy" sticker on someone and henceforth doubt anything they say.