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  1. I meant it more as something he'd be able to do, of course Syl's wishes would have to be taken into account. (spoiler box contains information from Elantris)
  2. He could potentially pass his bond to Syl onto someone else such as a child.
  3. No. It's just more difficult to create/transform into a substance that isn't a pure Essence. Like jam.
  4. I don't know of a WoB that specifically says that but Brandon's said that Hoid was human In addition to Considering Frost's a dragon it'd be quite odd for Brandon to point out one non-human and leave the other plus that dragons are one of the sapient species of Yolen and so likely didn't start as human but were rather true breeding. Edit: would you look at that, there is a WoB that says that
  5. Part of that could be from seeing Radiants already on the journey that is the bond while we see Adolin at the unbonded stage.
  6. AonDor, effectively any Selish magic, works by programming reality. This is perhaps a dramatic phrasing but it's more or less how it works. I wouldn't be surprised if flight was possible provided the right Aon was used, with the right modifiers. In addition to what was seen in the book effects such as enhancement of the mind, soothing of emotion and pain inducement are all applications of AonDor.
  7. It could be a Threnody thing. They have something of a Puritan vibe.
  8. Sounds trippy. Wonder what the Cognitive Realm would be like for a planet so mutable in response to the mind.
  9. Both Herdazians and Horneaters have listener/singer ancestry which leads to their extra traits. Not every Horneater can see spren the way Rock can.
  10. Not quite sure what I'd want to have. If it's based on me it'd likely be something like Avoidance.
  11. Aons aren't made or invented, they're discovered. Without humans they'd still exist.
  12. He's likely talking about the Fused individual there.
  13. Mistborn Era 4 will be that time.
  14. We see in Secret History that Kelsier's more Connected to Ruin despite being an allomancer which involves Connection to Preservation. Selish magics may involve different levels of Connection.
  15. We do not. We know what qualities they look for in humans but not what they represent, unfortunately.