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  1. At a certain point things just are the way they are.
  2. Logicspren look like little stormclouds so they weren't that, but that's assuming they were spren. One theory is that she was dismissing her Shardplate. Those spren also show up in the Herald portraits for the matching Heralds.
  3. Timbre is a Reacher, also called lightspren. We meet some in the Cognitive Realm when the gang takes a trip on their ship (they look like metallic bronze people)
  4. Hemalurgy doesn't have to work in ways Ruin would want though.
  5. Just make sure you kill enough of the same hive/swarm, fire's probably a good idea.
  6. Which could result in a Cognitive anomaly
  7. I'm kind of surprised this was only brought up once. Hemalurgy might have wonderful outcomes for society but ultimately you'd be causing a decline in the mental stability of whoever receives a spike even without an eldritch horror invading your mind.
  8. Cracks in the spiritweb don't really require any trauma, it's more about emotional extremes. If you've read Mistborn
  9. I also don't think it will work that way however it is true that a crack is required. The person being "broken" just isn't.
  10. Nergaoul would have to be present for someone to experience the Thrill as that is the AoE ability.
  11. The type of spren that Truthwatchers bond is, sadly, not yet known. At one point lightspren was used as a filler name but since that's another name for Reachers it's not a good choice anymore. We're due to get info on Orders with the next book so hopefully we'll find out then.
  12. That'd be Jezrien. Tanavast is the (former) Vessel of Honor.
  13. Considering soulcasting works by targeting the cognitive aspect of something, typically by finding it within the Cognitive Realm, it seems unlikely that aiming in the Physical Realm would be required.
  14. Unless they're tapping/burning at the time it doesn't really matter. Without using metals an allomancer or feruchemist is about as Invested as a regular person.
  15. Atium only helps you kill if you have a weapon, atium alone simply allows you to survive. As for assassins vs soldiers it likely has something to do with this: There are other WoBs like this such as Vin vs Kaladin or Kelsier vs Kaladin and while Brandon's said it ultimately depends on the situation and Radiant Order (when asked about mistborn v Radiant) it often comes down to "Kaladin has more power on the battlefield, Vin/Kelsier would win if they kill him in his sleep"