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  1. theory

    I don't think you can revive a spren without bonding them so unless his bond to Maya (or her bond to Adolin) is broken as soon as she's revived we'll have another Edgedancer. Having Radiants in the same family or group tends to happen because a bonded individual attracts the attention of spren to those around them. The First Ideal isn't defined by what Teft told Kaladin either, that's just one interpretation. A couple of Radiant Orders would actually approve of Adolin's killing of Sadeas. Given how fabrials tie into Roshar's third system I could see it being something that only requires knowledge and materials rather than an Initiation: (Mistborn details in the spoiler box)
  2. The more powerful of their number have not yet woken up. I assume without the Oathpact Odium will have more room to move, so to speak.
  3. To free his forces. The Heralds keep the Fused and voidspren bound.
  4. (I'm sorry I couldn't resist) For the topic of the thread I agree on not every planet having Cognitive Shadows hanging around, as well as common elements of the Cosmere occurring on every world. Scadrial also doesn't have any Splinters floating around in any form.
  5. That's one potential application, assuming you have enough mental speed stored up. Wax taps it in Bands of Mourning when facing his uncle on the ship, he goes through all (I think) options in the time it takes Edwarn to finish a syllable.
  6. You can't store what you don't have. A nicrosil compounder would only be able to work with allomantic and feruchemical nicrosil so they could become a super powerful nicroburst but that's about it.
  7. So how does it work?
  8. They place great value in the law and external codes. Justice is very important.
  9. Assuming I had to go into rithmatics in some way I'd likely be a scholar (as I'd be hopeless in a duel, my hands shake when I get nervous) looking into the origins and roots of rithmatics, researching new lines etc. Any chalklings I draw would probably be fairly basic, mostly dogs. Maybe I'd find a way for things like swords to function as chalklings or other inanimate objects. Chances are I'd be like Melody in my attitude towards it but with a little more interest. At the risk of sounding like a child I didn't ask to be a rithmatist yet everyone things they know how my life should be just because I am.
  10. Adonalsium's Shattering had an effect on magic. Futhermore it's said that at the time of WoK Hoid's magic wasn't fully functional so perhaps Rosharan Lightweaving could make up for that. (spoilered for length)
  11. The easiest way to revive a deadeye is for their Radiant to speak the oaths again like how Kaladin revived Syl. With that in mind I don't think you can revive a deadeye without being the type of person that would be a part of their Order already.
  12. The whole "no hands" thing makes that tricky. I'd be interested to see if they have, or had in Brandon's notes, any particular powers. At one point Seons could activate the Aon at their core.
  13. The potions Forton makes and sends to Hrathen. Examples include an antidote for an incurable poison and the fake-Shaod aesthetic.
  14. Comforter, brass twinborn
  15. I'd like to apologise for starting the tangent that derailed this thread. It's worth noting that Aon Shao creating illusions happens when it's used with extensive modification, to the extent that the base Aon is no longer visible. If Aon Sheo can do something like reanimation then I imagine it would be a similar thing, within the domain of the Aon but not the base effect.