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  1. Adonalsium's Shattering had an effect on magic. Futhermore it's said that at the time of WoK Hoid's magic wasn't fully functional so perhaps Rosharan Lightweaving could make up for that. (spoilered for length)
  2. The easiest way to revive a deadeye is for their Radiant to speak the oaths again like how Kaladin revived Syl. With that in mind I don't think you can revive a deadeye without being the type of person that would be a part of their Order already.
  3. The whole "no hands" thing makes that tricky. I'd be interested to see if they have, or had in Brandon's notes, any particular powers. At one point Seons could activate the Aon at their core.
  4. The potions Forton makes and sends to Hrathen. Examples include an antidote for an incurable poison and the fake-Shaod aesthetic.
  5. Comforter, brass twinborn
  6. I'd like to apologise for starting the tangent that derailed this thread. It's worth noting that Aon Shao creating illusions happens when it's used with extensive modification, to the extent that the base Aon is no longer visible. If Aon Sheo can do something like reanimation then I imagine it would be a similar thing, within the domain of the Aon but not the base effect.
  7. I've pictured a savant in soulcasting flesh/meat as losing things like bone and hair. So they'd eventually die but wind up as a blob of flesh. Any of the liquid Essences would probably melt into whatever substance they've been casting.
  8. Not the topic of this thread but skeletals aren't made with Forgery. Walking skeletons without flesh or muscle around them are too implausible for a stamp to stick around for any length of time. They're made with bloodsealing which is a completely separate strain of Selish magic.
  9. We saw 7? I can only count 6
  10. A theory is that Adhesion has a role in Windrunner flight due to its pressure manipulation in addition to Gravitation. Windrunners and Skybreakers fly slightly differently.
  11. Not to derail the topic of murder and corpses in hell but as a potential reason for Silence serving venison it could be because it's dangerous. She wants her guests to feel secure and safe and serving something that can only be prepared if you have the best security would contribute to that.
  12. Transformation would work in the Cognitive it would just have the result in the Physical. I think any would work with the caveat that some cause things only in the Physical.
  13. When was it said Sazed experimented with it as Harmony? From what I understood he attempted to store in it offscreen in Era 1 but didn't get very far with it.
  14. The Oathgates work via Transportation so teleportation through some mechanic or another is definitely possible. No idea if it'd work by flitting about the Cognitive Realm as has been suggested though, I'd say no though,