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  1. When was it said Sazed experimented with it as Harmony? From what I understood he attempted to store in it offscreen in Era 1 but didn't get very far with it.
  2. The Oathgates work via Transportation so teleportation through some mechanic or another is definitely possible. No idea if it'd work by flitting about the Cognitive Realm as has been suggested though, I'd say no though,
  3. They can "travel" but not really go anywhere. Eventually they'd have to return to their body as opposed to actually entering Shadesmar and walking about. I'd say Transformation allows you to explore whereas Transportation lets you travel.
  4. An Elantrian would need to make/draw the Aon. Without that it would have no special properties beyond confusing people who don't know what it means.
  5. It's worth noting that the AA entries are done by Khriss and aren't always 100% correct. Being lucky or unlucky might just be what it looks like vs the actual effect of manipulating Fortune. Hoid's use of Fortune is what lets him know where to be and atium was Brandon's way of introducing Fortune to readers.
  6. That chart is missing chicken.
  7. *wins Shardblade* no!
  8. I put darkeyed but if I'm in light then my eyes aren't all that dark. They stay brown but I've heard them described as almost amber and in a certain light they've looked orange, I guess I'm on the lighter side of darkeye society (having lighteyed family members probably helps with that). I'm definitely not the "needs light to show the colour" kind of dark like on Roshar.
  9. That theory's come up before. As for breeding in different forms you're correct in that it can happen outside of mateform as the forms are specialisations, not the only form in which something can be done.
  10. The Rosharan portion of said WoB: Full one has information regarding events and things outside of the Stormlight Archive.
  11. Their spirits dwell within the storm (presumably) and find a body to hijack when it passes.
  12. The parshmen are pure singer, just lobotomised and enslaved. The listeners also don't have human ancestry. We're not aware if being a mix affects the Nahel bond but both Lopen and Rock seem to have fairly normal situations (besides the grandbow moment). It'll be worth watching them and Venli to see if singer physiology or ancestry provides anything different.
  13. But not all Horneaters can see as Rock do.
  14. He's a well put together mixture, that's for certain. You're quite skilled at weaving headcanon in with canon in your writing.