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  1. Praise Jaddeth, I've got some sick armor

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    2. Darkness Ascendant

      Darkness Ascendant

      No like, what's under it How is it wearing it?

      But the real question we must be asking is.

      What's under a diglet?

    3. dead-moth
    4. Darkness Ascendant
  2. From the album crab land

  3. I was thinkin of doing for myself a new profile photo every time I leveled up but things are happening Too Fast

    Is there a rank list somewhere ???? 

    1. Darkness Ascendant

      Darkness Ascendant

      Mhm. They *do* go fast


  4. @Figberts Yikes. Glad I could help haha ! Here's a new lovely face to add to your nightmares @Darkness Ascendant Thank you!
  5. @Datan Nomlibash Thanks! That's pretty neat actually. It's cool to think that my scary lovely crab people might inhabit more heads than just mine. @Hemalurgic_Headshot oohoo boy here she comes, watch out
  6. @bleeder thank you!!!
  7. From the album crab land

    here are some more crab ladies. I still love Eshonai so much
  8. I appreciate the compliment but you are just Too Storming Fast. Hook me up with your steel refiner, good heavens
  9. good heavens I put this up 0.5 seconds ago what sort of steel are you on
  10. From the album crab land

    Here she is, the important crab lady I love Eshonai
  11. @Hemalurgic_Headshot, @Darkness Ascendant thanks yall! Sorry for falling off the planet. I've got some cool stuff I'm working on, though.
  12. From the album crab land

    working on pinning down what the roshar races look like. lots of neat eyes!!
  13. Hello --- good points all. Mostly I just want people to know that healthy doesn't mean skinny. Our fat=bad/skinny=good social structure is really destructive and hurtful, and it's important to know that. Human bodies are complicated, and things interact with each other in ways we don't quite understand, and in ways we have a handle on. You make good points!! It's important to recognize unhealth and take steps to change it, but part of that is being able to accurately recognize health and unhealth without confusing them with weird social constructs. Thanks!!
  14. @Oversleep, @Orlion Determined -- sorry for any confusion. I don't mean foreign things or complicated names for water -- I mean non-food additives (things like preservatives, some colorings, conditioners, emulsifiers, things like that) that are added to change the chemical makeup of the food or make it keep longer. Things that fall into this category are usually not dangerous or anything, but their presence does mean that whatever you're eating has been heavily processed. (Also --- food labeling regulations, at least in the US, require that long latin or chemical names for ordinary things written on the tin are followed by the common name in parentheses! If it doesn't have the common name displayed, that almost invariably means the ingredient in question doesn't have a common name, just a scientific one.)