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  1. I have always belived that Cusicesh is the third bondsmith spren. I never thought about Cusicesh as a spren of Odium but it makes sense. Perhaps that's why he still sleeps, hiding from Odium by sacrificeing sention until the time is right to bond a human again. Spren seem to gain some protection from Odium with the bond making them stronger.
  2. MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS FOR EDGEDANCER AND WORDS OF RADIANCE ! So. About Renaren's healed eyes and epilepsy. In words of radiance Renaren tells Kaladin that his episodes started in childhood. I imagine that his eyesight's also been poor since then. Then he can surgebind. Behold; he is healed! Still slightly autistic though. In edgedancer the orphanage only keep disabled children, since the stump can't heal them and there is nothing wrong with them! They are born blind or with downs, that's the way they are made. =Nothing to heal. So Renaren's autism is not healed since it's not a wound or a fault with the body. That's the way he is. How come then that Renaren's other preexisting conditions are healed by his stormlight? Kaladins scar did not heal, and that's way newer than Renaren's eyes and epilepsy, and a prime example of a wound that should be healed by stormlight. Hmmmmm......
  3. Ok. Thanks alot! Let's hope for some short storys while we wait for Nightblood!
  4. Aloha! Does anyone know if Brandon have any plans on writing more books about Nalthis? I can't seem to find any topics on this here, or anything on But I have a vague memory of reading something about it... I so want to know more about Vasher and Nightblood! Thanks!
  5. Oathbringer is an amazing book and i gobbled it up in 3 days, and are now reading it through again in a more normal pace to savor it. But one thing is bugging me when it comes to some caracters reactions: why is it that none of the Kholins seem woried over Gavinor!? The spanreeds Kholinar goes quiet after scary reports of riots and utter chaos, but all that is mentioned is the worry of the city at large and the strategic advantage of the oathgate (and sometimes the queen)... A normal reaction, in a otherwise loving family, should be to be woried sick over the unprotected child and the heir stuck in this sinkhole. Ehlokar seems somewhat woried about his family, but not as woried as a father and husband should be. Imagine not knowing if your wife and son is safe or not. Are they prisoners? Are they hurt? Are they even alive!? I whould be going crazy! Neather Navani, Jasnah or the other Kholins seems very bothered by this. Since Sanderson's caracters often are filled with doubt and wory this seems like a huge oversite. Thoughts? (English is not my first language)
  6. I was looking for a topic like this! In my opinion Ym is a truthwatcher... but opinions can change. I'm more interested in the fact that Wyndles people considered him as a match for Wyndle. Why was'nt Wyndle paired with Ym? I have some theories... 1. "Mother" (The nightwatcher or Cultivation) orders the Ring to choose Lift for Wyndle. 2. Cultivationspren has low political influence in the Cognetive Realm and "lost" the battle for Ym too the unknown spren of the truthwatchers. 3. Lift was not an option until she went to see the nightwatcher. When she did visit she became the ultimate candidate for Wyndle to bond. Therefor the Ring choose her over Ym. 4. I might be wrong.
  7. Thanks for the replies everybody! Now I can sleep again.
  8. So... I was wondering why Dalinar hears att scream when summoning the blade he took from Taln in order to pin Amaram down as a liar. When the Stormfather accepts his oath on top of Urithiru he (like Kaladin and Renaren) hears the scream of the dead spren of which it is "made" from (lacking a better word). But if it realy was a honorblade Dalinar was holding it should not have that effect on him. Kaladin, after picking up Szeth's honorblade, notes that he does not hear anything and remaks on it. Is the blade Taln carried att fake, did someone swap it- if so when, and who?