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  1. Why thank you! You certainly live up to yours.
  2. Seconded! Potluck was a lot of fun, and I'm sure this next one will be as well.
  3. I wouldn't mind a break either, I'm feeling a bit burned out.
  4. I don't have any problems with where I ended up. Go Team 3!
  5. He's in MtG:Arena now, too, and his dialogue snippets are pretty much exactly on point. (A random phrase will trigger whenever his passive ability deals damage or you use his -1.) The one thing I haven't heard him mention (not yet, anyway) is how much he really doesn't want to be here. Edit: So I was reading through the War of the Spark story recap and found this: Could the Wanderer be Tacenda? Protecting her people does seem to be her MO, and her spark is slightly defective. Though she does use a sword, and I'm not sure we ever saw Tacenda do that effectively.
  6. I'd prefer the second option, personally--I'd love to have see a Sanderson puzzlehunt in that vein, especially if the two rounds are thematically linked (though if they are thematically linked, those of us trying to figure out the planet are going to have some very pointed guesses). So I don't mind waiting if it means you're happier with what you can release after the wait.
  7. It was a lot of fun! Puzzles that I personally liked: Line Plots (Obviously) The Artifact 50/50 Puzzles that caused me anguish: Research Center Image Search
  8. I'm back for more. Go Team 5! (Or whatever the name was that we decided on!) Also, does midnight Sunday mean we'll have all of Sunday to solve puzzles, or is it Monday onward?
  9. Nice job to you too! We really thought you were going to win for most of it.
  10. It's an excellent book (written by Neil Gaiman, so that's to be expected), and the movie does a fairly good job of following the majority of the plot points to adapt it. There are a few changes here and there, though.
  11. Late to the party, but it was a book first! And a really good one at that, which I recommend to anyone who hasn't read it yet (especially you all who have seen the movie).
  12. If he had enough water to command, then I'd agree. But since this is the Shattered Plains and there's no water to be found, I would give the fight to Kaladin--he managed to take down a full Shardbearer even before he had access to his Surges.
  13. So what we're really saying here is that tapping Fortune is like having an on-demand supply of Felix Felicis?