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  1. My thought was similar to a bunch stated, that the people of the planets think of it as flat. Or at least, they think of their part of the world as flat. The continent of Roshar, for example, doesn't wrap around on itself, so it makes sense that it would be represented as a flat space in Shadesmar. Similarly for other worlds. Though they may very well know that their planets are round, they have no actual experience with them being round, because that would require the ability to travel really far in one direction and end up in the same place again. Which is laughable. At the current technological level. As a result, their perception is of it as a map, so that's how it shows up in Shadesmar. But Scadrial has already developed, if I remember correctly, several different methods of flight. Any time now, they will begin being a more "global society" (for lack of a better term) like our current world. Then, it will be much more immediately in people's minds that the world is, in fact, a globe. Since perceptions, particularly large-scale perceptions, mean so much in Shadesmar... what will happen to Scadrial there?
  2. Context like... only hating people that were dishonorable? I really like this theory. I could absolutely, 100% see Dalinar ascending to both Honor and Odium, giving Odium context... if Harmony had not already done the same thing. Because Brandon has already done that once, it seems highly unlikely he'd do it again here. But Odum/Honor would work so, so much better than Ruin/Preservation. Ruin and Preservation are diametrically opposed: Honor and Odium do not need to be. But Brandon already wrote that. But, that letter would be such good foreshadowing.
  3. So, I recently got into MTG through a friend at school, and have started looking into getting sleeves. But then I realized that what I really wanted were sleeves with bridge four glyphs on the back. Brandon likes Magic. Why on earth do these not exist yet?
  4. One of my friends has been re-reading the Wheel of Time, and came across a WoB that surprised him -- that Asmodean is dead. The reason this surprised him so much is that up until this point, including reading the entire series once before, he'd thought it very clear that Osan-Gar was Asmodean. So... who is Osan-Gar? Is it possible that Asmodean was killed, but then was brought back as Osan-Gar?
  5. I voted Taravangian. That may make it seem that I dislike Taravangian... I don't. He's probably my favourite character on that list. I just happen to believe he's the most evil on that list.
  6. I'm afraid that that is not the case. As to the first, I kinda get the impression that the order had already been established, insomuch as various spren were imitating the Heralds honorblades. They didn't have Oaths or a structure yet, however. Sure, making things stiff could work... I guess. It seems much more like dancing on the edge, however. That is actually a really interesting idea. This WoB I came across makes it seem more plausible.
  7. I've been reading Oathbringer over the past week, and I just got to Dalinar's Nohadon vision. Unless I'm very much mistaken, that seems like a very Edgedancer-y thing to do. Edgedancer also fits his other things rather well; he remembers the small. He walked from Abamabar to Urithiru, finding people along the way and watching them. But at the same time, I got the impression from the first book that he was a Bondsmith, what with founding the Knights Radiant and all. I looked it up in Arcanum, and sure enough, someone has asked. So, which do you think it is?
  8. game

    Can I join? @Herowannabe
  9. I don't know how common this theory is, but it seems incredibly clear to me. How Lift defines herself is by needing to steal food, which is partly why she left Azir. Everyone was just giving her food. The Nightwatcher(Or Cultivation, in all likelihood) recognized that. Her take on "Never change" is "Always have what Lift defines herself by, the search for food, be essential to her."
  10. But I'd argue that Yolen is not a Shardworld, seeing as no shards reside there. An Adonalsiumworld, perhaps, but not a Shardworld.
  11. You are. That was someone's (Gavilar's?) observation about the Listeners, who they had just met.
  12. Since this thread HAS been revived... I think it's worth noting that the Alethi are very likely to be descended from the Knights Radiant, what with Light Eyes being both a ubiquitous Radiant trait and a Vorin mark of prestige and divine right. The Knights Radiant, or at the very least the Windrunners, are (separately from the Alethi) also referred to as "Of Honor." That said, I do love this whole theory, it is quite intriguing.
  13. @Ashspren Since pinch hitters are a thing I think I shall join. Not as a pinch hitter, I mean, as a normal contestant. I'll have to join one of the later rounds, as I'll be camping all next week. If that's alright, I would like to join as Nale.
  14. These are all amazing! I only just saw any of this; sorry people later on in the thread, I used all my upvotes up before I got to you.... @Ashspren, this was such a cool idea, thanks for setting it up. @Zath, I expect and fully intend to vote for you. If yours is better, that is. @AonEne and everyone else, yours have all been really awesome as well!
  15. Swords are almost always made of one long piece. The handle will have a tang, which is just an extension of the blade, inside it. Of course, that's wrapped with wood or leather or cord or something of the sort, to make the handle. However, the important part of the handle is the same piece as the blade.