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    Love Brandon Sandersons books I cant get enough of them.
  1. Well you see if I know the plot of the book I most likely would have read it so you can deduct that I have read it at least once, I am a complete geek so now you can conclude that I have read it twice, and I'm getting pissed at you for no reason so now you should have concluded that I have read it 3 times. SOOOOOOO you can deduct from all this that this conversation is a waste of time Have a lovely day!
  2. Are you doubting me? Do you know how many times I've read that book???
  3. Not a failed attempt an auto correct which my sleepy head didn't notice.
  4. Way of Kings Words of Radiance Oathbringer
  5. And when people ask what you're doing you think whats the best way to help them understand. But the thing is they will never understand... sad days
  6. When you see someone reading a Sanderson book and you get all over them about how cool they are now. (this happen in real life, this kid was reading Mistborn and I basically ran to him to tell him he's on the right path in life ) PS: I added in a few quotes in our conversation which he'll understand later.
  7. SA seems to be more light side, and more colorful with its descriptions of different fauna and cremlings. And Mistborn seems to be more dark and mysterious with its bleak landscape and its descriptions of the abuses and scenery of the slums. At least this was my view on those books; which I've read both over three times. What do you think?
  8. From the album Legion fan art

  9. you know you're a Sanderson fan when you get annoyed when someone hasn't read any Brandon Sanderson books, and you try to have a deep conversation about the origins of the cognitive realm and the place beyond death.
  10. What magic system would you like to have in real life? I would have allomancy because that would just be awesome to burn tin and pewter and feel invincible.
  11. Man, what I would give to spend one day in Scaderial and try their foods.
  12. when you try to get your reputation up to see what you are, I get really excited when I get a new reputation.
  13. When someone says hurricane Florence and you think Highstorm.