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  1. From the album Legion fan art

  2. you know you're a Sanderson fan when you get annoyed when someone hasn't read any Brandon Sanderson books, and you try to have a deep conversation about the origins of the cognitive realm and the place beyond death.
  3. What magic system would you like to have in real life? I would have allomancy because that would just be awesome to burn tin and pewter and feel invincible.
  4. Man, what I would give to spend one day in Scaderial and try their foods.
  5. when you try to get your reputation up to see what you are, I get really excited when I get a new reputation.
  6. When someone says hurricane Florence and you think Highstorm.
  7. What you guys are talking about has no relevance to cosmere food Lord Ruler!! talk about something else LIke how I want to try the different color wines in way of kings. (especially violet)
  8. this is the best idea ever! it would make the whole experience 10 times better if everyone had a herdazian accent.
  9. Maybe I could steal the recipe for the waffles and make a restaurant called the 17th waffle!!!
  10. If you want to joke around with a cryptic just lie to them
  11. no windle would be the chair, a regal beautiful splendid chair. But maybe on some days, he would be a fork
  12. Or your shard spork, Yeah I'm bad at these kinds of jokes
  13. Ohhhh, yeah that one would be tasty!!!!
  14. Was that the one with pieces of meat in it? I can't remember, though lift sounded like she had good pancakes.
  15. Omg, ingenuous and maybe I could show them Chick fil a. Once I actually tried to make the spicy chicken that Dalinar had it turned out pretty good