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  1. Thanks ! I'll probably spend my christmas break on that website now that I know of it! Also, the old Austre religion actually didn't condemn Awakening so I feel like they wouldn't disown her or anything like that, but I think @Yata is right about the Royal family running away at the beginning of the Manywar Thanks for the clarification! Great question! I really hope they don't tho. Like I hope each returned who has had a baby have a different trait like one returned has kids that make their limbs bigger or smaller, or another that has kids with nails that change colour because of their moods, or some other wild things like that, lol
  2. But if the reason why it changes based on his mood is because he's Returned, why didn't Lightsong & Co. have the same ability? Also, thanks for the welcome! Super new Cosmere fan here, so what is "Theoryland"? I googled it and a lot of Wheel of Time things popped up. Also, do you think that the reason why the Royals ran away is because Vasher/Kalad/Pacemaker/Warbreaker betrayed them by killing one of them (Shashara)? Also, were they know as the Five Scholars post- or pre- becoming Returned?
  3. SO my question is, Why does Denth's hair change colour? Is it the Royal locks?