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  1. Just to be clear, I'm not saying Odium turned Devotion against Dominion. I'm saying he turned Devotion against Devotion. In that specific case, I'd argue that he mixed the two and turned them against their Shards. As in, there were three "entities" - Devotion and Dominion as individuals on one side and on the other side Odium influenced Devotion + Dominion fighting against Devotion and Dominion. In case of Ambition, it was Ambition on one side, and then Ambition's invested sources corrupted by Odium fighting against Ambition on the other. In fact, you can still see this corruption on Threnody. (We don't know the exact nature, but it is safe to say that the red eyes imply some kind of corruption)
  2. Seconded. Even if he may not directly play a role, the mechanics he works on are crucial.
  3. Lots of former addicts here it seems. It's Teft for me too.
  4. Foreshadowing and Chekhov's gun are not the same thing. Foreshadowing is an indication of what some future event might be, and how it may go, or what it's consequences may be. It is backward storytelling of sorts, where context for something may come after the thing itself. Foreshadowing is about tempering surprise or creating new expectation, about taking a big turn and making it believable by making it feasible before it happens. It is a promise of things to come. It is quite literally, a shadow cast by something before it actually arrives. Vin's earring, and it being a Hemalurgic Spike is foreshadowing. We see hints of it scattered throughout the Era 1 trilogy, and that means a big reveal doesn't come out of the blue. We saw it's shadow before, and we knew it was there. The Lord Ruler's dying words are foreshadowing, as they give us a hint as to what is about to happen, and so in the second book, Ruin can enter the stage. A Chekhov's Gun is about known expectation and payoff. An unfired gun is useless - the metaphorical gun in a story is only exciting if you see it in action. Ergo if you show a gun that is only hanging on a belt, be sure to also show it firing. In the Hero of Ages, Sazed's Feruchemy is a Chekhov's gun. We learn about it very early on in the story, and we see a pretty mundane (mundane here as in the opposite of spectacle causing) use of it then, and we get to know that it can do more. We then actually see it in action later. The Lord Ruler himself is a Chekhov's Gun, we know he is powerful, and later we get to see him in action.. The difference is that Foreshadowing does not have to make sense by itself, when it first happens. It should make sense in the context of whatever is being Foreshadowed. A Chekhov's Gun on the other hand is known. You know what a gun does when you see it on the belt. Now you want to see it in action.
  5. There is definitely evidence to believe Yelig-nar consumes you. Even Nohadon mentions it, iirc. Whether giving someone some surge is any kind of a security threat, I seriously doubt. But to each his own.
  6. ... but then why leave out just one Surge? Besides Yelig-nar seems to be granting all 10 at once.
  7. Cryptics seem to be all about truth, and creative interpretation of truth. If Pattern was to somehow get to Arelon, would his "pattern" be cycling through the Aons? Do the Honorblades have names? Honor describes the future as a glass window, that shatters into smaller and smaller pieces the further you go. There are similar visual descriptors for how Renarin sees the future. And the Voidbinding Chart is supposed to be colored glass. Is there a correlation there? Were the Ire impressed by Raoden and what he was able to achieve? When a gem is attached to shardblade, the gem disappears and re-appears with the Shardblade. Living spren can take any shape, and are not restricted to any one shape. It is said a shardblade is made of Godmetal. Fabriels require forming physical structures around gems, and then trapping spren in those gems to channel the power. So, could a Radiant attach a gem to their living shardblade, and then summon it in the shape of a Fabriel? Can you have pre-trapped spren in separate gems, and then summon your spren around different ones in different shapes to quickly switch between several fabriels? Is Aluminium Spiritually neutral, and is Silver Cognitive neutral? Potential spoilers for future books:
  8. You say this, but then Stoneward surges essentially mean they have an at-will stoneshape, except it works on everything. Elsecallers can make matter out of thin air, and just convert people into... not people. Jasnah literally just goes around calling #realityhax wherever she goes. Oh you think there's a supporting beam here? Nope, its now empty air. Oh I want to get up there? "Let there be Stairs!", and air became a stair. Oh you think you had a living breathing body? Nope it's just fire now. Lol no, I'm not saying you'll burn, I'm saying your body will literally transmute itself into fire and just puff out. Bubbye! Not to mention they can star-trek beam themselves from one place to another. Lightweavers should, in theory, be able to make lasers that burn holes into things. Potentially plasma too, since they do have Transformation. Skybreakers should be able to split the air as they fly to create thunderous sonic booms. And you know, they can divide other things too. I shudder to think what Releasers will bring to the table, with Abrasion and Division.
  9. That would be weird, because then it means there are 11 Surges in total and that's just heresy. @cometaryorbit There is something interesting with atleast one Unmade - specifically Re-Shephir and Lightweavers. Lightweavers make Illusions with stormlight, where as the midnight mother weaves entities of pure the essence of midnight. Lightweavers need to understand or atleast somewhat connect with what they are copying, whereas the Midnight Mother seems fundamentally incapable of doing so.
  10. But do they have to... ? The Fused orders are said to have only one Surge each, so I don't think there'll be 1-1 correlation. The KR orders and their Surge-pairs are all divided on concepts. Windrunners are all about leadership and protection of others. So naturally their Surges are Gravitation and Adhesion. (People gravitate to them and form strong bonds) The Skybreakers hunt the guilty and bring justice to them, so they have Gravitation and Division (they gravitate towards the guilty and punish them). The Lightweavers are all about creatively showing the truth (true art transforms and illuminates), etc. Could the Fused orders be divided not by concepts like these, but by cultural lines? Or maybe they could have to do with how much Odium has invested in them. The only reason I'm questioning this is this - Odium not utilising every resource that he can for aesthetic reasons doesn't sound right to me. There are 10 surges, so if he can grant them, why would he leave one out? If it has to do with Honor, than shouldn't he leave two out? One for Honor and one for Cultivation?
  11. you can check out the Arcanum for all the things people have asked, and Brandon's replies to them.
  12. That is the thing, isn't it? I've been wondering if the Radiantspren were originally Idealspren. So like, Syl and her kind could be leadershipspren, or the "urge to protect"-spren. And just as a firespren is attracted to fire, or a painspren to pain, a Leadershipspren would be attracted to good examples of leadership. The Singers need specific forms to be able to perceive and be good forms of leadership, before they can attract Honorspren like Syl. Similarly, Warform combined with Eshonai's own default personality and what she was accomplishing at the Shattered Plains was why she began attracting lightspren.
  13. That is my suspicion - that to attract and bond radiantspren singers need to be in some form beforehand. So, for example, Timbre was first attracted to Eshonai when she was in Warform (or maybe it goes even further back), but was stuck in the physical and went to Venli later.
  14. In one of the interludes, it is mentioned that the Songs list hundreds of Forms. I think they can bond any spren, (attracting said spren to bond woith is a different matter) so long as the spren isn't too sentient. It's... like their version of the bond can only support bonding to spren of up to a certain level of complexity. Beyond that, you need a Nahel Bond to bond with the spren, but this requires higher cognitive capabilities on both ends.
  15. Coming from me, this might be a bit much, but mate, seriously. You might want to slow down a little bit. Or atleast give reasons for assertions.