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  1. Personal theory is Adonalsium was the original mega spren. As in, a big bunch of investiture that gained sentience - possibly coming together in accordance with life on Yolen. Kinda like symbiosis, where as life evolved, it pulled more and more investiture towards Yolen making Adonalsium more and more sentient and powerful, and as that happened it gave life more agency to change and grow. By the time Humans and Sho Del showed up, Adonalsium had become basically God - an independent entity that was intertwined with life itself, but at a much higher level and bigger scale.
  2. I know, the point I was trying to make there was that the Human population on Scadrial has an independent origin - they have this unique genetic thing (that was deliberately put there) but they are still Humans. Could the Singers and Sho-Del have a similarly independent but connected origin? You make the same point as I was trying to - just because the singers developed independently on Roshar doesn't mean they have to be different from the Sho-Del. Granted, I haven't read Dragonsteel, which is why I'm speculating based on the Human example alone. Again, I'm not saying they are the same, just advocating for not discounting that idea. In the second paragraph, I was trying to highlight a different case - that when a Human population goes to a shardworld and starts internalising investiture there, then they start changing. We have a WoB that if a bunch of Rosharrans or Scadrians went and settled on Nalthis, then several generations down the line they would start being born with Breath. This is because investiture on Nalthis behaves that way. Something similar wouldn't happen on Scadrial unless they started breeding with people there. Similarly, natural violet eyes would not have been present in the original refugees from Ashyn - but now that genetic marker exists in the population because some individuals internalised Roshar's Honor based magic system and became Radiants. Again, even if they now move out, this marker has now been introduced into the population. Sure, it will eventually dilute and fade away - but for now, the specific changes that the Rosharran investiture ecosystem brings have been diffused among the population. The point is, whenever we see a species being specifically created an a planet (Scadrians, Singers, and presumably Sho-Del, Dragons, Yolish Humans), they follow the first case. When we have a species that comes to a place from outside, we have the second. So presumably, if Adonalsium created several different Humans independently, then they should have Scadrian-esque unique genetic markers that allow them to fully internalise the investiture cycle of their shardworld. However, by observation, we have a lot more examples of the second kind. It seems it is safer to assume that there only two independent origins of Humans - Yolish and Scadrian. Which then leads to the question - when did people move out from Yolen? If it was post shattering, then why has EVERYONE forgotten that origin, and have no recollection of the shattering or exodus? It seems more prudent to assume that pre shattering, Humans could make interplanetary travel, whether through the physical or cognitive, and get to all the different "Greater Roshar"-esque playgrounds of Adonalsium. Well, I'm not saying it became desolate or anything. And when I said Ecosystem, I meant the investiture cycle, not biological ecosystems. Just this, combined with Hoid's metaphor:
  3. Yeah, but then take the Humans on Scadrial. They were made by just Preservation and Ruin, are basically the same as other Humans, and yet have completely internalized the metallic arts. Theoretically, if the Sho-Del are more investiture dependent than regular Humans, then they would adapt to a different ecology much more drastically - fain Sho-Del and Rosharran Singers could be the same species, they just fit into two very different ecosystems, and as such, have two very different but common biologies. Like two different kinds of Spiders - the daddy longlegs spider is very different from the tarantula spider, but they both belong to the same species. If Adonalsium made Humans on multiple planets independently, then that is a BIG deal. See, whenever we've seen a species deliberately built on a planet, the investiture cycle usually becomes inherent to it - for any Humans on a planet with a Resident Shard, the investiture eco-system has a tendency to seep in. For example, the origin of violet as an eye color on Roshar for lighteyes, or Breath on Nalthis. If this is true, and Adonalsium was Resident on Yolen, then any Humans he made on Yolen would be different from Humans he made elsewhere, and that has... implications. We know that the Shattering destroyed the investiture ecosystem (or investiture-cycle) on Yolen, and that it had a huge impact on the species on the planet (source: Hoid's comment on him being the bones of a species lying in a desert that was once a Sea). I haven't been a part of the community for too long. Have there been discussions on this before? If so, do you know how I could look them up? P.S. I know we've had "Yolish" as an adjective, but me personal headcanon word is Yolenite.
  4. I've always wondered... since Greater Roshar was one of Adonalsium's playgrounds, are the Singers an equivalently independent race, like Human's, Sho Del, or the Dragons? Or are they related to the relatively unknown Sho-Del or Dragons? I don't really have time to dig it up right now, but there's a WoB that there were two conflicting ecologies on Yolen. Also, do we have a word on if Yolish life had colonies or outposts off-world, pre-shattering? The humans on Ashyn, Threnody, First of the Sun, etc. have to have come from somewhere. If so, are there any Sho-Del colonies/refugees?
  5. I mean, that's a church with a literal Holy See. And the Bishops are all Paladins. Sign me the HIFL up.
  6. Not saying it's a good idea. The bad idea was mostly just sending in the same people, essentially putting all the burden on a select few. But we know it still exists. If someone does end up with Honor, they could theoretically expand it, so that the title of Herald could be passed on. Or change its very nature. There's lots of different solutions there, if someone was only there to iterate on the idea.
  7. Was just going through the coppermind recently, and something struck me regarding the names of the books for the Stormlight Archives. I know they are all in-world books, but what if there's more going on in there? Let's take a look at The Words of Radiance. It's the Lightweaver book (Light - Radiance), and the in-world WoR is an informational book containing lots of half-information on the KR, written 200 years after the Recreance. What do they end up doing? Mistaking the Parsh as Voidbringers because of incomplete information, remapping the Shattered plains to figure out where the Oathgate is without knowing all its purpose, and so on. Perhaps most importantly, it is also the book where we find out the truth about Oaths (the words of radiance) and what they are and how they fit into the magic system, through Shallan and Kaladin. And Dalinar formally swears in. The title then perfectly describes the book, and how it connects with the focus character. Take Oathbringer, for example. It's the Bondsmith book, and its Dalinar's book, and it's the story of why and how he became a Bondsmith, or a bringer of Oaths, so it fits that way. Symbolically, Dalinar has always been an Oathbringer. Under Gavilar, wherever he went, he brought the Oaths as an opposite of freedom. If Dalinar was coming for you, you either swore to be Highprince under Gavilar or ended up dying. By the time of the main story, he is Oathbringer because he brings widespread awareness and the knowledge of Oaths, and provides an open platform for people willing to swear the Oath of a Knight Radiant. Again, the title of the book directly describes the theme of the book, and how it connects with the focus character. What does this tell us about the Way of Kings being Kaladin's book? It's the Windrunner book, the Order associated with Jezrein, the King. It's named the Way of Kings. The context of the in-world Way of Kings is how Nohadon learnt to be a better king by taking the hard road and walking to Uruthiru. He argues he got to see the world in first person, and got to experience what it's like to actually be there, right alongside his people, on an equal footing with them. Kaladin has been through the bottom-most dregs of Alethi society, and still carries the brands on his forehead. He was born a dark eyes, who fought and earned his place as a light eyes, had this taken from him, and earned a real shardblade. One could argue he is going through that same ordeal, just a lot less literally and more symbolically. It is the Way of Kings to walk where those that follow them would walk, and understand what that walking is all about. And then there's this Death Rattle that's been bugging me for ages: "He must pick it up, the fallen title! The tower, the crown, and the spear!" Since there's only really one "spear" in SA so far, that's pretty much Kaladin. The Tower and The Crown is definitely Kholin. And last of all - Elhokar Kholin died right in front of him, and that's a major event in his journey. Technically, this could also refer to Kaladin saving Dalinar at the Battle of the Tower. But my suspicion is this foreshadows a moment when Kaladin picks up the Kholin banner in one hand, and Sylspear in another - it foreshadows the moment he chooses to accept the fallen title of a Kholin king and becomes King in his own right. Notice, Jasnah is a queen, so she can just be put in a position where she can't do that anymore. Or maybe they end up together. I don't know. Maybe the fallen title is Jezrien's. And maybe the spear doesn't refer to Kaladin at all, but to Oroden, or to someone else entirely. Again, I don't know, I'm just speculating. Kaladin doesn't have a last name, only Stormblessed - indicating he may be able to pick up the Kholin name. Kaladin Kholin does have a nice ring to it. The Stormblessed title itself could be foreshadowing - the current head of the Kholin branch is bonded to the Stormfather. Jezrien, the Windrunner patron's spot on the Heralds just opened up. My point being, what if Sanderson's pulling a Mistborn on us? What if Kaladin's end goal is to either take up the Kholin Banner and become king, or take up Jezrein's spot as a Herald? Maybe both? Maybe none. There's two more books to go... and he has two more Oaths to take. All I'm sure of is that big things are in store for him. P.S. - what did you guys think about that death rattle? Edit: reformatting and rewriting a bit.
  8. You also assume that the original 16 didn't once have the gravitas that most main characters do right now. It's centuries, nay millenia, of being godly powerful and yet unable to be all powerful, of knowing some of the deepest secrets of the cosmere, of shepharding investiture in their respective domains. Of being lonely as heck, holding power that constantly erodes your consciousness, pushing you towards enforcing a concept with a singlemindedness that would make fanatics and zealots go "damnation son!" Yeah, they're gods. But they're only human.
  9. I'm not a 100% sure, but this is how I had it. Metal glows to Kelsier because he's an allowmancer. For him, metal is the lens through which Preservation's power shines. It is available to him. Any metal in the physical that he could have ingested and burned - and that has a reflection in the cognitive - would glow to Kelsier's eyes.
  10. In WoKs, Moash gets introduced before anyone else in Bridge 4. Even before Rock.
  11. Rayse - Never Gonna Give You Up Odium - Never Enough by Jenny Lind, You'll be Back from Hamilton Rashek - In the End by Linkin Park Sazed - Castle of Glass by Linkin Park Eshonai - Battle Symphony by Linkin Park Hoid - Take On Me, Life's for the Living by Passenger, Piano Man Wayne - What does the Fox Say Vyre - that censored version of the Gangsta Rap Dalinar - From Now On from The Greatest Showman The Knights Radiant - Holes by Passenger Raoden - The Spark by Spree Wilson and Afrojack Ruin - Give it Up by KC & the Sunshine Band Preservation - Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars And last but not the least, Brandon Sanderson and maybe Adonalsium - The Greatest Show from the Greatest Showman
  12. I know about that, it's just... for some reason, I assumed that is NOT Autonomy's doing. Or maybe not all of Autonomy, at least.
  13. Ooooh. I like this. It would explain so much. The bands were basically Kelsier's version of a fixed deposit, to be opened on a rainy day.
  14. I was just reading the Bands of Mourning Epilogue, and I came across this: I've been convinced for a while now that Autonomy's intention is to make things as "independent" as possible, taken to an extreme. As such, it is the exact opposite of Unification. If Trell here is indeed Autonomy, then its primary reason behind isolating Taldain would be to stop it from interacting with other planets - making life on Taldain stand on its own, independent of anything else. Because if you're capable of interacting with someone else, then pesky stuff like trade comes into play - which could be seen as a form of co-dependence. This is what it tried to do on Scadrial. But it realized that Scadrial is moving too fast, and with the guidance and protection of Harmony, would have space travel soon, way before Trell had any chance of taking control and isolating it/putting it in technological stasis. Maybe this is why it is helping Odium at all - from its perspective, Odium is taking out shards that are not "Independent", so of course it would lend a hand. Besides, shardless planets are prime targets for it to start making its own pantheons on (because all that investiture is just sitting around with no owner, allowing Autonomy to come in and start making mega-spren like separate and independent "avatars", like Patji on First of the Sun), allowing it to control advancement on the planet - exactly like it did on Taldain. That is, of course, assuming Taldain's isolation is Autonomy's doing. Speculation on the plot of the Lost Metal:
  15. Wasn't he a full mistborn? Also, he - even if only momentarily and imperfectly on the greater cosmere scale - actually held a Shard. That's more than Elend or even Rashek got. I'd imagine he's pretty buff on his own. And since Allomancy is all about Spiritwebs, I doubt his skill would change depending on body. In fact, his natural propensity towards Ruin would probably make him amazing at figuring out Hemalurgy too. Yeah... Kelsier OP. Can't wait to see him in action now. He could probably teach the Knights Radiant about what being truly skilled with power means.