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  1. I received mine today, I went for the lettered edition and got 'A' so pretty happy right now!
  2. Hey all, as the title says I was wondering if anybody has received their physical copies yet? Im still waiting on my lettered edition over here in the U.K., but no book or info other than the short message on Vault nearly 2 weeks back. incredibly frustrating, I still haven't been able to read snapshot (I'm not reading it for the first time as an ebook when I've spent so much on a special edition).
  3. Cool, I'll probably use that option next year, looking forward already!
  4. Congrats! Mine arrived on Monday this week. Really happy with it, although my deliberations over which shipping to choose meant I only got #1038... that extra 3-4 minutes makes a lot of difference! Last years Elantris I got #98.. so can't complain really. If you don't mind me asking, which shipping option did you go for? I feel I wasted a lot of £ with FedEx.
  5. Has anybody heard any updates about this? I ordered the lettered edition back in July, looking forward to Feb, hopefully get it just in time for my birthday!
  6. Yeah I wasn't sure on using USPS so went for the courier, I was pretty spaced after waking up at 04:45 to order it ha. Good to see the order numbers aren't sequential, really hoping for a reasonably low numbered book.
  7. $223.29 for shipping to the uk.. ouch. Totally worth it though! Seems like a lot shifted, saw people on Reddit stating they ordered 4 mins after opening and had order numbers ~21000... I was 6-7 mins and #~21800..
  8. Thanks all, I'd completely forgotten about that Hoid reference. Seems like I definitely need to re-read WoK and WoR before next year!
  9. Hey folks, I had to register and join you guys as this has been driving me crazy the last for the last few days. Being in the UK I was lucky enough to pick my copy up last week, so have already read Edgedancer. not sure on the exact spoiler policy so won't say any name yet, but does anybody have any insight on who the new character introduced near the end is? WeeDunadan