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  1. Which, I mean, hey at least you got a decent meal. (You storming animal.)
  2. Which contains everything inside it, not including itself.
  3. It’s why he was a ghost.
  4. era 3

    Johnny stared after the man as he disappeared behind the elevator doors. He looked between Dwig and the elevator for a long moment before suppressing a sigh and, resolutely, turning to follow. “Where are we walking to, Mr. President?”
  5. era 3

    Johnny nodded vapidly. His mind whirled with questions, dozens upon dozens of them. Underneath the whirling torrent of thoughts, there was a vague sense of danger. Dwig had been friendly so far, warm sure. But now Johnny was in his office, in his tower, alone, and there was a mostly-assembled gun on Dwig’s desk. Taser’s aren’t going to help me if he turns out to be sinister after all. Despite the terror gripping him, Johnny managed a semblance of a smile. “Are you... the boss here?”
  6. Unfortunately this tanked the economy and utterly ruined the beer industry because it couldn’t keep up with the hopeless demand, especially since they weren’t being paid for it. This of course shocked Hoid, who had not expected any consequences to come of this whatsoever.
  7. era 3

    Johnny slowly opened the imposing doors at the bottom of the tower. It had taken hours of wandering through the alleys, stumbling into rooms he didn’t belong in, and being spared by unexpectedly friendly people before he’d finally made it to the bottom of the tower. He’d eaten the sandwich a dozen alleys back, but if anything it only increased his hunger. Before him stood a shining lobby, imperiously decoracted with the finest luxuries. Some of these metals look like nothing I’ve seen on earth! Are those glowing lines... metal? The receptionist smiled at him and wordlessly pointed toward the elevator. Johnny thanked him—stumbling over his words a bit—and entered. The elevator closed and began moving up on its own accord Ooh, automatic elevator. Nifty. Wow. This place is insane! Kidnapp—I mean—Dwig works here? This is a seriously awesome tower! Johnny only had a few seconds for his tumult of thoughts to cycle before the elevator dinged and the doors slid open again.
  8. ... okay looks like I’m having foot for lunch and dinner today! Rusting wonderful. ;P
  9. Wow what a genius creature thank you for that mental image. It was proven to be an extremely effective method. (Because the Ghanderflaffle Empire was rising)
  10. ...I’m not super established here yet but I’m pretty sure I remember somewhere Voidus is confirmed a guy... if I’m super wrong then I guess I’ll just have to enjoy the taste of my own foot
  11. A fact at all the other dentists were extremely jealous of. In fact, they formed a coalition with the express purpose of...
  12. Johnny watched the mime repair the fourth wall. This utterly destroyed his poor psyche and he went into a coma on the spot. ”Oh... thanks for those completely helpful directions. I now understand exactly where I’m supposed to go,” Johnny said. It felt robotic and scripted coming out of his mouth, but he waved those thoughts off. Those thoughts were dangerous. Man, even the terrifying people covered in blood that work in horrifying offices are super nice. Or maybe I got lucky and found the one single nice guy here. Good thing too, I definitely don’t want to be involved in... whatever kind of thing goes on here. Johnny edged by the man and scooted out the door. “Thanks! Sorry if I interrupted anything!” He threw behind him as he scrambled away.
  13. “Uh... I don’t think I’m supposed to be here...” Johnny backed away slowly, pale-faced. The door is so close, it’s just behind this terrifying looking guy. Johnny slipped his hand into his pocket, gripping his taser.
  14. Blunt
  15. Johnny Nolastname stumbled through the door and tumbled into the office. “Ow! Specking clumsy feet.... Specking confusing city....” True to Malu’s word, you couldn’t miss the giant glowing tower he needed to get to. What Malu didn’t mention was that the city was made of alleys. Dark alleys, well-lit alleys, dirty alleys, clean alleys, but all alleys. Turned out navigating the city was easier said than done when you’re a kid with a taser and a backpack and nothing else. He looked up, and chills ran down his spine. This was no doubt the most horrifying office he’d ever seen in his life. He didn’t even want to take the time to properly look at it before he turned around and bolted for the door.