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    What is this a dating site? Jk jk okay well lets see. Marvel Movies, most games, a bunch of other nerdy stuff, Sanderson (evidently), and my church.

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  1. *strolls into town from long and dangerous exile and begins RPing like nothing happened* The pineapples were still salty about the whole pizza incident.
  2. The third was Shriek, the result when a Shiekah warrior lives in a swamp with a nice boulder. A very rare and impressive dialect indeed.
  3. There was much confusion between him and Colonel O’NeiII, with three i’s. The fact that Colonel O’Neill was a war hero and Colonel O’NeiII was a serial killer was a topic of much confusion in the federal government.
  4. By the Mustard Confederacy’s secret weapon; pest-control salesman.
  5. But then the Mustard wars ravaged the galaxy.
  6. Narrator Tech realized that his characters were totally interrupting a meaningful RP, so he shoved them back behind the Unreasonably Tall Curtain, apologized to his comrades, and went back to attempting to glue the Fourth Wall together with silly string.
  7. Yasnee, the Roaharan shoemaker, (no relation to the dead proto-Radiant) suggested that Star think about bees dipped in jalapeño sauce instead. Becuase that was much more pleasant.
  8. But really who cares about what flavor the boiling ocean is when it’s boiling and they’re swimming in it? Not Dev, the deceased Scadrian lawyer.
  9. Dev the Scadrian lawyer jumped off a dock into a boiling ocean.
  10. Dev the Scadrian lawyer banged his head against the wall in frustration, for reasons no one but him truly understood.
  11. Disclaimer: Narrator Tech sadly does somewhat represent myself. (My poor friends putting up with my shipping over the years... *stares into the distance*)
  12. And it had only one goal. To give the world more ‘kisses’ than it had ever seen before. And Honor help anyone who dared stand in its way.
  13. Granted, your teeth now have the consistently and texture of burnt toast. I wish for a really fun bane.
  14. Somewhere distant, on a vast ocean surrounded by nothing, a lone ship comes into contact with a pirate vessel.
  15. Ovinch gasped at Thoughts immunity to the horror of a boulder of dirt and oil being extracted from a human epidermis. He switched tactics and began goading Thought, thinking about AJ in giraffe onsies, drinking out of a sippy cup with tomato sauce all over his face.