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  1. My guess as to why the Envisagers put themselves in danger was misinterpretation. They likely heard that spren came to those who needed it (those who were broken). They took that to mean that if their lives were in danger, a spren would come save them. It's a very simple but drastic misinterpretation.
  2. I'm not by my boon so I can't remember exactly how it goes but I do remember what you are talking about. My best guess is that Syl was having a moment of clarity. We see that through the books her form becomes more and more refined. So in this moment (which is still fairly early on) she could just be having a moment where she remembers more, causing her appearance to change. If I remember correctly, they were having a discussion of some importance right?
  3. While it's probably true that this related to Kaladin, I interpreted the WOB a little differently. I took it to mean that not all the orders have flashy oath moments, not that not every surgebinder has a flashy oath moment. I think that windrunners have flashy moments more than lightweavers or bondsmiths. As windrunners have leadership as part of their divine attribute I see the flashy moment as a way to inspire those around you. It may also relate to the fact that windrunner squires are more numerous and powerful so the flashy moment may occur to signify to the squires that they are also receiving a power boost. This means that a few of the other orders would have these flashy moments as well. We just don't know which other orders had squires. I would guess that stonewards do.
  4. I don't really know how to look up WoB but there is one where he said that Elsecalling is not precise even if you are practiced at it. I imagine this is because distances and locations in the cognitive realm are not identical to the physical realm counterparts. So you can elsecall to a specific street intersection but you may not end up on the corner you want because maybe the famous gas station there is bigger in the cognitive realm and throws off where you appear. Also I feel like people think of it like anime teleporting while I think it's more like the mass teleport in warcraft 3 where it is a slow obvious build up. It's not something you use quickly as a surprise.
  5. I have no evidence for this idea but it's how I think it probably works. I think of it that both spren and honorblades form a tunnel of sorts for surgebinding. These tunnels that channel stormlight into the various surges are not perfect however and have leaks in them. Spren can be there to stop the leaks (or at least the worst of them) and thus increase the efficiency of the surgebinding. Since honorblades don't have a spren as part of the surgebinding power they just have to deal with this imperfect tunnel. So I think of it less as honorblades are inefficient and more as spren are more efficient. Again just the conclusion I came to with no real evidence so feel free to point out anything that doesn't make sense.
  6. Sorry I'm on mobile and can't go find the book, but when kaladin goes to help Adolin in his duel he uses a shard helmet at point as a weapon. If I remember right, he gets depleted of his stormlight and realizes that the helmet had been feeding off of his stormlight. That puts me more in the camp that plates were powered by radiants and not gemstones, unless of course I remember wrong. Also, while I have no proof for it I'm convinced that gems were added to plate so that could keep functioning when damaged, not because they drain power while in use.
  7. I think that an oath of giving your life for a wind runner fits well. I know the biggest counter argument is life before death aspect of the first oath, but I read it as life BEFORE death. Not life over death. I interpret that as living comes before dying but not that death is never a possibility. A wind runner choosing to put the lives of those he is protecting before his own death makes sense to me. Not that all wind runners have to die to reach their last oath, but that they have to be willing to. Just my two cents Edit: I don't actually think that will be the last oath or the fourth oath of a windrunner, I just think it is a valid theory.
  8. I don't know if this has ever come up, but is the reason her request (one I'm sure lots of people have had at one point) is odd because she is asking a spren of Cultivation? She is asking for one of the most Preservation things you could ask for, but to a shard that is in opposition to that kind of intent.
  9. I don't think silver light would suffer from that problem since it exists in the cognitive realm. While I have no idea if sicknesses can exist there I get the feeling that they don't. Otherwise you are right that silverlight would either be very dangerous or they have some kind of inoculation ready for first time visitors.
  10. Honor is fulfilling an obligation or agreement. Unless he made an oath to not betray (and what constitutes betrayal is also up to interpretation) his allies, then he absolutely could should the agreement he made require it of him. As a small example, when Kaladin lost Syl, its not because he agreed to let people the kill the king, its because that agreement made him break his oath to protect the king. While I don't think Syl would have been ok with Kaladin attempting to kill the king, saying "I vow to kill the king no matter the cost!" and then letting those who are helping you do that die is honorable so long as you kill the king. The king could be a good person and it still doesn't mean you aren't honorable. You may disagree with me, but your statement implies to me that Honor is good by default and I am arguing the opposite. Also, the Honor sacrificing Cultivation was an example. I know Honor is dead and Cultivation is not (and I know there are theories Honor used Cultivation somehow to trap Odium), I don't believe he tried to use her as a sacrifice at all. I was just trying to show that Honor could be honorable and sacrifice his lover Cultivation if an oath or agreement he made required it of him.
  11. Something that I'd like to add is about Honor. I've seen several that imply that he is basically a good guy. They use the connotation of Honor which implies goodness. But Honor can be had amongst bad guys as well. If we wanted to break it down into a more D&D view, I see Honor as Lawful. Not good or neutral or bad but just lawful. He makes promises and keeps them. Like I imagine if he made a promise to fight against Odium or something similar, and if he has to sacrifice Cultivation to do so, that could very easily align with his Intent. Even though we would likely view that as evil. Sorry I have just continually seen Honor described as incapable of an action like that and I find that wrong.
  12. I totally agree that is more likely about a cognitive embracing of the ideal but just to throw out the thought, did Lift not have to say it out loud because of her weird cognitive status?
  13. It could also be that the heralds are just kept indoors on Braize where they are burned alive. I never assumed that the torture they endured was because of the climate. I also feel like burning someone would be a more painful torture then just throwing them out in the cold and letting them freeze.