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  1. Kaladin for sure. I mean, I love nearly every character in this series, but reading about Kaladin and his story is what helped me to realize that I have (seasonal) depression and lead to me seeking treatment, so he'll always be incredibly important to me.
  2. That Oathbringer would utterly destroy me emotionally In all seriousness, the only things I remember getting right were 1. that Kaladin's parents would be alive, and 2. that we would see another awakened sword (possibly made to combat Nightblood), but that was more of a general series prediction rather then specifically Oathbringer so I'm not sure if it counts.
  3. I would definitely agree with this. Just throwing in my two cents here, but my general experience with other forums is that having character and shipping threads split up so that there are two for any given subject works really well. ie; 1. [Ship/Character Name] Discussion Thread. For analysis, debate, pros/cons, etc. 2. [Ship/Character Name] Appreciation Thread. For the fans. A more lighthearted sharing of favorite moments, headcanons, fic, fanart, etc. This allows for both in depth (hopefully balanced) discussion and a place for people to just enjoy their favorite things without having to worry about being "right," or having to defend their enjoyment.
  4. I would say that this Secret Project is likely either something new or something he hasn't talked about in a long time, as was the case with Skyward. However, if it is something we already know about, I'm placing my bet on Alcatraz #6 since it matches up with his projected timeline from last year's State of the Sanderson: But let's be real, I am so hoping it's something Cosmere because I'm going through serious post-Oathbringer withdrawls. This would be hilarious and absolutely something I can see him doing.
  5. My favorite romantic relationship has to be Vin & Elend. I loved watching their relationship grow throughout the Mistborn trilogy, plus Final Empire was my first Sanderson book so they have a really special place in my heart. My favorite non-romantic relationship has to be Lightsong and Llarimar and boy oh boy does their last scene in Warbreaker make me cry. Every time.
  6. You know you're a Sanderfan when you get a notification of an event happening close by and even though you've been super sick and in bed all day you legitimately consider going and it pains you when you can't Also whenever you go to a bookstore the first thing you look for is the Sanderson books, even though you already own all of them...
  7. It's a theory that's been going around. Here are a couple of threads on it:
  8. So I looked for another topic discussing this and I couldn't find one, at least not one on the OB board. Now I know I'm not the first person to notice that a lot of our main Radiants have lost siblings, and with WoR it was only three (Tien, Gavilar, and Helaran), and OB brings that number to five (with Eshonai and Elhokar), which is a heck of "coincidence" on its own, but when I started really thinking about it I noticed something else: Elhokar: proto-Lightweaver Eshonai: proto-Willshaper Helaran: proto-Skybreaker Gavilar: proto-Bondsmith (or at least on the same path that Dalinar was with the visions) Tien: possible proto-Lightweaver All of their deaths are (as far as we know) unconnected, but still, Brandon doesn't tend to work in coincidences. Thoughts? Am I reading too much into this? Does this pattern have anything to do with The Sibling?
  9. Oh boy the last couple of days have been so incredibly busy so sorry I'm only now reporting back. I did make it, it was a grand time. Got some books signed for myself plus a gift for a friend (a copy of Edgedancer. It was so funny when she opened it, looked inside and was just like "When the heck did you get this signed?" because she didn't know I was going to this signing), and asked some questions. @JoyBlu I am kinda bummed I didn't see you. I kept my eyes peeled but I don't think we even passed by each other. Okay, questions: Me: When a shard vessel dies after holding the shard for thousands of years, how much do they remember about holding it? Brandon: Depends on the shard. Usually everything, or most everything. It is not impossible that there are shards that don't want to remember certain things... they have a large and vast mental capacity for remembering things. Me: Okay, would Ruin be one who would be more likely to want to forget? Brandon: I think all of them would have things they might want to forget, it depends on whose personality would be more likely to actually make that happen. ---- Minor Oathbringer Spoilers: ---- Me: Does the physical proximity of two planets have an effect on how difficult or easy it is to worldhop between them? Brandon: Yes ---- Me: If given the opportunity which shard would Kelsier most want to punch next? Brandon: Who would he want to punch next, ooooh. He would find it really fun to punch Honor. Really fun.
  10. Okay, it's looking like I'll make it! I can't wait for this one. If you see a blonde girl in a Mistborn shirt and a big gray poncho, that's me! Please say hi/chat. I am very lonely. Also, if anyone's curious, I called the store and they said they'll probably be handing out wristbands until it starts, so there is still time.
  11. I am trying my hardest to be there. I'm on my way up to Orem right now to pick up a wristband but I'm stuck in Filmore with car trouble right now so who knows.
  12. 2 things! 1. One of my best friends comes home off of her mission in exactly one week! 2. I just applied for graduation in the spring. I'm getting my Bachelor's people! I'm so close to being out of here.
  13. @A Budgie, @Ookla the Maccabee, and @Sunbird, thank you all so much. I am feeling considerably better now, and I think part of that is knowing even people who barely know me care. You're all so kind.
  14. When your only condition for giving your sister a ride across town is that she has to listen to you talk about the Cosmere the whole time (and specifically Oathbringer, because at that time no one I knew in real life had read it) When you watch a lot of bookshelf tours on youtube (it's relaxing okay) and the first thing you look for is if they have Sanderson books and then you proceed to judge them, like, super harshly if they don't.
  15. I've just been having a rough couple of weeks mentally and emotionally. A lot of family drama's being going down, school is stressful, some money issues/worries, I won't bore with details. Also yay seasonal depression which is just ruining what has always been my favorite time of year. I just feel really sad and lonely and empty and I have no idea who to turn to since all of my friends are busy and having their own issues and comparatively maybe mine really aren't that bad, but I still feel awful all the time, and I know it's not super healthy to rely on distractions to make me feel better but I do and now those are failing me too so I've got nothing right now (except relaying all of this to strangers on the internet in the hopes that actually putting it into words might help, so sorry for all this, you guys don't even know me, but I just had to tell someone).