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  1. Ok so I was reading @Pagerunner compilation of all the Reddit WoB when I came across this WoB: So the actual three laws of thermodynamics are 1. Energy/matter cannot be created or destroyed. 2. Entropy will always increase in a closed system. 3. As entropy decreases, it approaches a fixed temperature (absolute zero). In the cosmere, they go like this: 1. Energy, investiture and matter cannot be created or destroyed. (Something like E=mc^2=I, where I equals some unit of investiture) 2. Entropy will either remain the same or increase over time. (Brandon has talked about this; there are some situations where it seems that entropy would remain the same with some feruchemical setups. It isn't always increasing, but over time it will always increase.) 3. As entropy decreases, it approaches a temperature of absolute zero. 4. Now this is the law that is interesting. He says there is a fourth one regarding Adonalsium. I have no idea what this could be; it might be a quantification of investiture in a soul, or something like that. But he doesn't say it is about investiture, it's about adonalsium in particular. So what about thermodynamics would adonalsium tie into? Please any physicists, take a stab at this. Oh and this WoB might be related as well.
  2. Ok. Now that Elandera posted these are my thoughts. I trust Araris. I mostly trust Orlok, there's always that little bit of me that wonders if he is playing me for a fool, but I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt here. I do not trust Rathmaskal or Ark. If the coinshot would be willing to kill one of those tonight, that would be nice. I'll probably vote on Ark tomorrow, all things considered.
  3. Hah my gut was right all along. I'll never doubt you again gut... AG4 flashback intensifies... ok I'll trust you occasionally. Ok, I have some time for the next 2 hours, so I'm going to take some time to look over Meta's posts to see if there's anything else I can pull out of this.
  4. I don’t have a ton of time right now; but yeah this isn’t great. We need greater activity if we are going to win. We lost a Lynch and a coinshot attack. That’s basically a giant waste of a cycle for us. I’m going to go with metaterminal Araris . We need to be decisive this round, and the coinshot needs to be active. Idc if you have no suspicions, hit someone tonight!!!! It’ll give us some sort of information.
  5. Really guys? A tie lynch? That’s a waste of a day. We get no information at all. Although at a glance there was some vote manip, honestly I don’t know what to make of it.
  6. Finally. Work done for today. Ok, so let's see. I'm going to continue to follow my gut and say meta elandera. Seems like the safest option to me, and I'm still suspicious of Meta's wording of things. I'll be around tonight until I go to bed, but tomorrow I have yet another midterm and yet another concert, so yeah that's a thing. Feel free to actually, you know, PM me during the night, I didn't get any PMs and I always feel lonely when I don't get any (especially when I really don't have the time to make them myself). I might change my vote on Meta once I give it a bit more thought, but for now I think that's where I'm going to leave my vote.
  7. That was good. I didn’t put two and two together until the very end when . I do love M-Bot. And while I expected the ending more or less, but it’s execution still surprised me and made me very satisfied. It’s not cosmere, but I enjoyed it.
  8. Huh I thought I posted something earlier about the coinshot probably being the one to not put in a kill, but apparently it didn't show up. Ah well, I don't really have the time at the moment (I have yet another midterm today), but I should be a bit less insanely busy tomorrow, so I'll post some thoughts then.
  9. Doomslug is adorable and I want one.
  10. My questions were as such: what does copper flaring do? RAFO until mistborn era 3 ( I think he interpreted that as copper compounding) could vin burn a feruchemical metalmind for allomantic power? I think I’ve answered this before (the only WoB that fits this implies that the answer would be no, you cannot until you’ve burnt away the feruchemical charge). what realm does storing in a metalmind go into? In cosmere terms, mostly in the spiritual realm, a little bit in the physical realm, but it does not change the molecular structure of the metal.
  11. Where'd my vote go?
  12. I know, I agree with your opinion, but something about the wording... Idk. Something about just feels off. Like, it's fake analysis. I can't quite put my finger on it. But this is my first real gut read, so I'm going to follow it and see what happens.
  13. Hm. Rathmaskal, my vote on you was a bit of a place holder. Your actions are not really all that suspicious in terms of things. I could- and have- seen elims focus on the day one lynch, but I've also seen the village overly focus on it. Frankly, I'm suspicious of Metaterminal after that last post. Young Bard Young bard. Idk, that post just sets me off.
  14. I'll be there about 9ish tomorrow morning, and I'll ride my bike back that evening at about 6. Should be fun.
  15. Ok. Homework done for today. This situation will likely continue for the rest of the week, that I won't have a ton of time for SE, but I'll try to pop in when I finish my workload. Ok, gimme a few minutes to read over the thread. So, while CadCom was legitimately being suspicious, I feel there was definitively some elim shenanigans. Probably nothing unusual, even if there was an elim up for lynch, they would just kind of divert things towards someone else pretty easily on day one. We evidently have an active coinshot, which is good, but I won't clear them until an elim dies during a night. Ok. We got some playing off of each other with Orlok and Fifth. Tbh, I can read this as being elim elim, village elim, or village village. You just never know with Orlok, and fifth hasn't been elim often enough for me to really read into any of his posts. I've been involved in my fair share of head butting early on in a game, and I can't think that it necessarily indicates my alignment, so I'm not sure if that helps at all. I'm going to take a few more minutes to read through, then see if I can come up with a person I feel good about voting on. Ok, nobody's saying anything and I'm not going to double post, so I'll just edit in my analyticish thoughts. Hm. I feel like Orlok is being fairly honest meta wise, which makes me want to trust him, but taking a closer look, it's not necessarily alignment indicative. I could totally see elim-orlok hopping on a legitimate reason to lynch a villager. I can also see village-orlok doing that, so not helpful. Orlok finds Fifth vaguely suspicious, which honestly.... I'm not feeling any gut suspicions yet, and I don't know. So yeah. While on one hand I do kind of want one of them dead, I kind of also don't want to focus my attention on them? This happens way too much, villagers- with the occasional elim- but (is it butt, or but? Idk anymore) heads, and the village ends up ripping them apart, leaving the quieter elims safe in their beds or whatever they're safe in. So, I'm tempted to not want to lynch either of them, and either let elims kill them or a coinshot go vigilante on them. I'd rather focus my attention on the much more difficult thing- the quieter elims. I know my behavior as of right now has been circumstantially suspicious, but my lack of a vote day one and lack of attention has really been due to real life issues. Plus, I know I'm a villager, so I know I can trust me. But let's see. Shqueeves being kind of quiet is, iirc, kind of typical for him? Araris is being a bit more... idk aggressive than normal? I don't even know if that's necessarily alignment indicative either though, because he's usually quiet as a villager and as an elim. Fur, is new, and so I'm still going to give her the benefit of the doubt. Ok. Fifth. Did you just refer to us as villagers? Excluding yourself from the whole of the village? That's not suspicious at all... anyway, Rathmaskals vote is the most random I see in the thread right now, although it might just be functioning as a poke vote. I feel it might be a better idea to kill less actives (not inactives, less actives) rather than ultra actives, worries of Orlokian destruction aside. And I appreciate the poke vote from Young Bard.
  16. This was a bad idea for me. School just ramped up 100% this week. I'll try to find time to get on here and actually read what all of you are saying once (if) I finish all my homework, but I've got to focus on that and testing so that I can go to a signing tomorrow. I apologize.
  17. I apologize for not voting I'm busy frantically last minute studying for a Stats test that I am going to go take right now. I'll give my thoughts after I get back from my exam, once I have a minute to evaluate what happened to CadCom and see if there's anything relevant to be extracted from it.
  18. I love how we were all accusing people of being evil when it was quite obviously the parshendi the entire time. I mean, seriously. It was super obvious. Sometimes we make ourselves super confused.
  19. nohadon/aonar. I'm feeling pretty sick today, so that either means I'll have too much time to talk, or I'll end up sleeping through the rest of the cycle.
  20. I do love being neutral. I was a complete troll with you guys and that was fun. Besides when Fur really ticked me off, but apparently they didn’t lie to me? Well anyway I booped then with a rock so all is even. Some of that RP for Wit was really hard to do. Especially that story about the chull and the whitespine, I was working on that for like a day to get it right. But i feel it was worth it, because your reactions brought me great joy.
  21. Is it a coincidence that the first person who died was Straw? again?
  22. As the only person who managed to both survive and complete all my win conditions, I would like to take a moment to bow. Feel free to throw as much rotten fruit at me as you think I deserve.
  23. um. Why is everyone jumping on the idea of giving orlok extra power? You do realize how terrifying he is when he's an eliminator, right? He's an awesome player to have on your side when you're a villager, but personally I'm not a fan of taking a chance on that day one. Nor am I a fan of ever fully clearing Orlok, as that has also come back to bite me in the back before. I'm paranoid, but Orlok makes me extra paranoid, because things tend to end particularly spectacularly badly when I'm wrong about him. For now I'm going to vote on Nohadon. It's far better to speak up early on when you're a new player. If you get involved, you'll learn more quickly than if you say nothing and don't get involved. Aonar I'll praise you for hopefully showing up and saying something helpful. @Nohadon
  24. What vote are you talking about? You’re the first person to have mentioned Devotary so far.
  25. I’m going to be a bit busy testing for the rest of today, but I should be on tomorrow all properly like. Oh, and for goodness sake can we not empower Orlok? I’d rather not gamble on his alignment the very first turn.