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  1. Night 2- An Unhonorable Honorspren Rysca, the lying honorspren, had been a chatty spren of late. Even in the face of death, Rysca would chat until the end of his days. His radiant had disappeared to somewhere, he wasn't sure where. But he had been very busy, learning everything about everyone he possibly could! He had even dressed up as a Stonespren to hide his identity. "You shouldn't lie about your identity, Rysca." boomed the voice of the Stormfather from up above. But Rysca just rolled his eyes. "I'm an Honourspren, not an honorspren." "Oh really. I wasn't aware Honor wasn't a holy word to the Vorins." "My spelling is clearly superior, obviously." "Wait, you lied about who you were?" A cultivationspren had apparently overheard his brief conversation with the Stormfather. Welp, that wasn't going to end well at all. "Clearly you have been enlightened, otherwise you could not lie." "He demanded to know all of our identities! Isn't that suspicious?" "Let's just get him already!" And with that, the crowd jumped on him. He felt a burst of heat, and while it missed him, he heard a scream of pain from a spren as they were burned. He was dragged into a solitary cell deep underneath the city, even as he pleaded that he was still an unenlightened honorspren. And now his Radiant was all alone in Shadesmar, with no clue how to use her abilities, or how to navigate or find food. Suddenly his foolishness and arrogance seemed petty to him. But realization wasn't going to get him out now. ____ Fifth Scholar has been lynched. He was a Windrunner Honorspren. Fifth Scholar (Rysca the Highspren) (6): Dr. Dapper (Ji the crazyspren), Furamirionind (Fyrul), Levitaph (Lyvit), Lumgol (Hjalar, a lightspren), Rathmaskal (DrizzleFather), Sart (Sartras) Lumgol (Hjalar, a lightspren) (2): Ark1002 (Nightshade), Fifth Scholar (Rysca the Highspren) Levitaph (Lyvit) (1): Cadmium Compounder (Cadaci) Rathmaskal (DrizzleFather) (1): Devotary (Meladian the Lightspren) Dr. Dapper has been Burned. PMS ARE CLOSED. DO NOT USE THEM UNLESS THEY REOPEN NEXT TURN. This turn will end on 4/23/19, at 9:00 PM MDT. Be aware, that rollover times are likely to change the following cycle, as I'm heading back home to NY. I'll inform you of when the new rollover will be, and will likely grant an extension to the turn so it doesn't get cut short. Also, here are the rules.
  2. Day 2- The Lies Strike Back Enara the Cryptic was happy in the city of Celebrant. She had just come back from the physical realm, with her brand new Radiant. A Lightweaver! Maybe the Lightweaver could even help! They had disguised themselves with illusions to be able to walk through the streets of Celebrant without getting attacked by anyone, but everyone was still hiding inside, even after the comfort the Stormfather had attempted to give. She did take the time to glare at a few Honorspren she saw cowering in the shadows. Those guys had sworn off bonding, except for one who had run off. Shameful, honestly. When it came to Unmade, sometimes you just had to do unpleasant things. And perhaps Enara would be able to learn something from her human before he eventually killed her. Unfortunately for her, Sja-Anat opened a hole underneath the city, and her Radiant fell into the hole right there and then. She attempted to lift her Radiant out, but he was too heavy. He screamed as he fell into the beads. Her pattern spun as she hoped, hoped that he would use the stormlight to create a platform and live. She felt her bond break, so fresh, but it still hurt. She collapsed to the ground in despair, unable to move. She felt the honorspren she had glared at earlier drag her away to the same place as Coplia, as she babbled about trying to help. Enara wasn't going to be helping anyone anytime soon. Thankfully for our city of Celebrant, Enara was not the only spren to come back to the city with fresh new Radiants that day. But how would Radiants fresh to the Nahel bond fare against the ancient might of Sja-Anat? Only time could tell... ___ Elandera (Enara) died! She was a Lightweaver Cryptic. PM's are still open! Please remember to include Mailliw and me in them. The day will end at 9PM, MDT on 4/22/19. Here are the Rules.
  3. Most people know Roshar for its storms. Perhaps they even know it for its legendary Heralds or Knights Radiant. But those days ended long ago. And on the hidden side of Roshar, in the Cognitive Realm, the spren know all to well the tragedy of their ending. For nearly every thinking spren alive at the time had died, killed by the Knights who broke their oaths. But necessity has overcome the decision to never bond with humans again. Because Taln has, after 4,500 years, broken under torture on Damnation. The True Desolation will shortly begin. The Fused are returning to Roshar, and the Unmade are loose upon the land again. And the spren know well that if Odium succeeds in destroying the humans, they will be gone as well. However, what the spren do not know is that Sja-Anat has learned how to Enlighten true spren. And Odium has directed Sja-Anat to corrupt or destroy all the remaining true spren, to prevent any new Radiants from ever being created. And so it began, that Sja-Anat started her insidious work in the shadesmar city of Celebrant. And the spren had no idea that upon the next few weeks hung the fate of Roshar... ----- Welcome to LG54, Cognitive Diversions! All players will be assigned a type of spren. True Spren want to eliminate all Enlightened spren. Enlightened Spren, along with Sja-anat, will want to outnumber the True Spren. Cycles will be 48h/24h, as per usual. The game will begin on 4/17/19, at 9PM MDT. (Please note rollover times will change if the game lasts until I get back home from college). Mailliw will be my co-GM. The Rules Player List Feel free to ask any questions about the rules. Quicklinks:
  4. And the turn is over, stop PMing and stop posting. The new turn will be up shortly.
  5. your vote change will not be counted unless you green out your previous vote. I need to keep strict policy here or everything becomes a mess. Also, it has come to my attention that there was at least one PM that I was not included in. PLEASE make sure Mailliw and I are in EVERY PM YOU MAKE.
  6. I wonder if at this point I should just give up on demanding vote retractions... nah, please remember to turn all retractions green please.
  7. There are less than 2 hours remaining. Take your actions and place your votes, or forever hold your peace.
  8. 12 hours left, folks, and not many actions have been put in.
  9. You have less than 24 hours left in the cycle. Get your actions in earlier folks, it makes rollover quicker and tomorrow is not going to be an easy day for me. I'm taking 3 exams tomorrow and do not have the time or patience to babysit you. Thanks! Oh, and votes are important too, and hardly anyone has voted. Please do that for maximum chance of being bonded.
  10. Ah right, I meant to make this rule clarification earlier when Mailliw and I talked about it. Sja-Anat may choose to commit suicide to convert another person, however this takes place after any other kills or the lynch or anything else that may stop them. Sja-Anat also may not use temporary lives to convert more players.
  11. Yes. any theoretical eliminator can take an action and submit the group kill.
  12. PSA: the mechanism we're using for stormlight in the spreadsheet has been acting up, and we're working on fixing it. If something is weird, please let us know. It should all be fine, but some things may have gotten through the cracks. Rule of thumb is you shouldn't have less than half of the amount of stormlight you had after whatever you used, not including any stormlight you gained. Thanks for being understanding.
  13. Alrighty then, the cycle is over. Give us a bit to get the next thread up.
  14. mafia championship

    To Furamirionind, I grant the Spren of Frustrated Villagerness. It also functions as an excellent Serial Killer Knife, the perfect knife for stabbing everyone who trusts you directly in the back. Be careful about that function, it hurts in the wrong situation. Oh wait, since I'm leaving, I might as well lend you Vin's daggers I still have. I lent them to Randuir last year, they're one of my most valuable items. But I want them back when I get back in 2 years. Or else.
  15. Less than an hour left to get any actions or posts in.
  16. Seems no one brought a recorder tonight, but I got fantastic WoBs, so I'll paraphrase them as well as I can. Me: According to General Relativity, there should be spatial distortion in speed bubbles. So, why does no one notice it? Brandon, answering my actual question: There is spatial distortion in speed bubbles, that's why bullets are refracted when they enter a bubble. However, I played with it a bit, and ignore the redshift that should happen. The barrier of the bubble absorbs it, otherwise everyone would just be irradiated. Me: Have you heard of the Albecurrie drive? Sanderson: Yes, I know about the Albecurrie drive. Me: So, if we took 2 speed bubbles- mechanized, because allomancers aren't powerful enough to pull it off- could we create a functioning Albecurrie drive? Sanderson: You are theorizing in the right direction. Me, fishing for a RAFO to get the new RAFO card: Are we going to go to the Horneater Peaks in SA4? Sanderson: RAFO. In conclusion, Sanderson more or less just confirmed that Scadrial is likely to use the Albecurrie drive in Mistborn Era 4. Obviously, he's not going to hard, HARD confirm it at this point in time, so this is likely as good as it's going to get. But I'm feeling pretty good, especially as he knew offhand what an albecurrie drive was. That's a VERY good sign. Hey, @ShardGuard you wouldn't happen to be the budding writer I talked with for a while in front of the Dragonsteel stand, would you? I was the indecisive one.
  17. There, I'm back. I think I took care of all the essence item things and whatnot before the signing, but if I didn't do something just PM me now.
  18. Day 1- Celebrantian Celebration It all began on a day where the spren of Celebrant would celebrate the coming of a large shipment from across the Cognitive Realm, one that came from the fabled city of Silverlight. It carried many products the populus craved, from the latest fashion to art and technology. It was the day that spren saved for, to buy something new, that might bring a bit of change into their lives. Little did they know that change was about to begin, more than it had in 4,500 years. The lightspren had brought in the products, and many spren were down by the docks when they saw the sea of beads vibrate. A huge mass, moving underneath. Every spren had been taught enough to know what that meant- it was an unmade. The crowd of spren fled from the docks where they had seen its mass moving underneath the beads. Thankfully, the stormfather was aware of the arrival of the unmade in Celebrant, and he was not going to just let his children be attacked by the forces of Odium. And so the shimmering clouds, indicating the highstorm and the presence of the Stormfather, settled over Celebrant. The spren now only had a single goal- rid the city of the Unmade and of any servants of the Unmade. Meanwhile, Sja-Anat had already begun her work upon the population of Celebrant... ______ The day has begun. It will end on 4/19/19, at 9PM MDT. Remember to submit an action and to vote in order to have a chance of becoming bonded. Role PMs will be out relatively shortly. The Rules PMs are not open.
  19. Remember to submit any actions you want to take if you want to have that chance of earning that sweet, sweet Nahel bond.
  20. If anyone else submits essence combine actions from here on out in the turn, I probably won’t be around to figure out what it makes. Mailliw will simply tell you your essences have been combined, and I’ll let you know what it made once I get back from FanX. Thank you for being understanding.
  21. Oh, by the way, I'm going to be at a sanderson signing tomorrow at rollover.