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  1. Sorry for not updating anything, new arknights update got me good everyone should be added now, and rules are fixed. We've got 10 players so far, so I'm feeling pretty good about our chances at 15 players.
  2. Wow, I swear that made sense when I rewrote it a bit last night. Apparently not though. I'll fix that. You're taking an action that informs you of what abilities were used that turn. Revolutionaries and Foreign infiltrators have to outnumber them individually. So if there are 3 revolutionaries and 2 in all hostile factions, that completes that half of their win condition.
  3. LG87: CHOOSE YOUR OWN MANYWAR The time was that of the Manywar. Hallendren was still under the control of the Royal Family. However, times were changing. With the outbreak of conflict between the major nations of Nalthis, some saw it as a chance for change in Hallendren. Some desired peace, while some desired to conquer. Others saw this as a chance to finally remove the royal family from power. However, this was also a time of great scientific achievement. The legendary 5 Scholars roam abroad on the land, discovering the secrets of awakening. Following in their footsteps, others seek these secrets as well, hoping that it will shift the war in their favor. This leads us to today, where people gather in secret groups, deciding amongst themselves where their loyalties will lie. Their choices will determine the future of Hallendren, and possibly even the future of Nalthis itself... ----- Welcome to what's essentially the choose your own adventure game! This will be a faction game themed around the idea of everyone choosing their own alignments. The public rules are HERE Be aware. I'm going to need at least 12 players to make minimal player counts for all 7 factions, and even then, it'll take away a lot of the choice that I wanted to build this game around. If necessary, I could cut a faction or two, but I'd rather not. I built the game for the factions to interact in certain ways, and I'd like it to stay that way. If we can hit at least 15 players, we should be good from what I can tell. My IM is yet to be determined, but I'll put it here for future reference. As per usual, you've got a week for signups. Signups will end at 7:00 PM, MST, July 6th. Player List Quick Links
  4. Maybe they recognized I WAS TRYING TO PROTECT YOU DANGIT NOBODY BELIEVED IN ME. I'm also, really quick on my feet. Can't kill me if you can't catch me It's ok, I forgive you Alvron. I always enjoy playing with you. Wait, what's the third? Obviously, the Link incident, but... I don't remember a third time. This game was insane. It was a lot of fun. I would like to apologize to Archer, I was very tempted to take my vote off near the end. But killing you allowed a lot of things then to get cleared up.
  5. Remind me where the committee is again...
  6. Unfortunately I'm not next in line... But nobody was jumping up at the last LG...
  7. Wow! The LG is over! That was quick. I have a game set (kind of) on hand and ready (it desperately needs to be looked at to make sure it's not horrendously broken) so I mean. If no one else wants to I can and have time to run the next LG. No biggie if someone else wants to.
  8. Alvron I was counting on you! I didn't even take an action lol. Ashbringer lol And let's go ahead and shorten this turn (and end the dang game)
  9. IF SHE WEIGHS MORE THAN A DUCK SHES A WITCH If only my kills on Ashbringer had worked I really could have clutched the game dangit.
  10. I... Now that Elandera claimed it throws me completely off, because hypothetically it totally makes sense for her to be an elim, after all it would make sense for at least one person in the synod to be an elim but what if there wasn't? Is that really enough to sus on? You know what I'm going to go to bed and think about this more. For now I'm leaving my vote on Ashbringer, but I'm more than open to shifting votes if a better target is presented. Ashbringer, as was mentioned before, was mainly arbitrary between them and Xino.
  11. Seems like there's lots of potential information there. If I weren't one of the main exe targets, I'd advise exe one, have alvron vote another, and then have matrim target another, for pretty much a complete information dump there. I figure, the elims see me as an easy exe target. This actually increases my suspicion on Araris, as of everybody, he seems to be pushing the hardest on me. ALSO DANGIT WHERE ARE THE DOC CLAIMS. It makes me EXTREMELY suspicious that everyone has commented on thread, but the other surviving synod member hasn't said anything. Not even sure which one it is, because no one has said anything since archer died in there, and illwei dying too. Still, at least one more person who is in the document is alive, and they have not claimed. I find it suspicious, and also... well I'm pretty sure whoever is the last one is the elim. edit: now that I think about it, that's probably why they haven't claimed. edit 2: alright, rereading the doc, I'm pretty sure the maskless one was Illwei. Reads like Illwei, and illwei is dead. By process of elimination, that leaves the individual known as the Half-Masked one. Half Masked one has said like 3 things in the whole doc, and implies that they were doing something that prevented them from using the doc for a turn. That's all I've got. Illwei seemed to think Half-masked one was Elandera, but she was wrong about pretty much every single identity in the document, so I'm not sure how reliable that is.
  12. I disagree with this opinion. While perhaps over the course of a game it might not be much, having 5 actions at one time is a massive advantage with the competitive nature of action submissions. They wouldn't be able to block out village submissions all the time, obviously, but on a key turn? With 2 sentries? That's ridiculously good. Heck, even just screwing up the protects would be enough to make sure the elim kill would get through. Now, to be fair, the point where it would be most powerful - when there are the fewest players- the rules nerf the crap out of having multiple actions. But if you're telling yourself that if I were JNVs teammate, that I wouldn't have come up with some way to abuse 10 actions on the same turn, then you're kidding yourself.
  13. Can't full feruchemists only have 2 charges? I couldn't have done what I did last night if I were a full feruchemists. Also, @Elandera what do you mean by performative? I told Archer last night in the Synod doc that I'd claim if he flipped village. I fail to see why keeping my word on that would at all be "performative". I'm just laying all cards on the table, because keeping information at this point is going to hurt us more than sharing it. If you guys want to exe me, it's fine. Just, be aware that won't end the game. I'm still pretty sure we'll win, but I was kind of hoping to clutch the game here and close it out. That can't happen if I'm the exe. Also I'd appreciate if we could get claims from the remaining doc members. I shared my info, time for you guys to fess up as well. edit: also, from a distribution perspective, I honestly think it would make no sense for me to be a sentry or a full feruchemist if I were an elim,based on the roles revealed so far. Fifth mentioned to me in my PM that he didn't want any one side to have too much power over actions, which is why the rules are written the way they are. It makes no sense for the elims to have THAT many actions at their disposal, especially in such a small playgroup. It'd essentially allow for them to block out village action submissions. Just putting it out there