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  1. blegiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaiinnsssss ppphleeeeesshhhhhhhh feeeeeaaaadddddd
  2. zombie noises continue incessantly
  3. Cool. *glances at signature*
  4. huh. BLEGHHHHG *makes zombie noises*
  5. ah, you see, you didn't specify plausible You said anything I can think of. Also, not zombie bunnies, live bunnies that eat dead flesh. like vultures. But bunnies. The flu in WWZ allowed you to be immune to getting infected. I said a BIG BOOT. Like, skyscraper sized. How to move it? no clue whatsoever. Also, if chloro trifluoride is possible... has anyone ever heard of azizo azide? It's VERY explosive. And very touchy. Don't blow yourself up with the stuff. You can roll to safety in the hamster ball! The point isn't to avoid them forever, just to survive until day 8! So much depends on the Zombie's weaknesses. Is it fire? Beheading? Are they slow? Do they smell well? Oooo I have another idea. Plot Armor. Invent yourself into a plausible leadership role, then take the action plot armor
  6. Hey, players, since I'm getting eaten, I have some great ideas for actions. Summon Flesh eating bunny horde (to eat the zombies) Giant boot to kick zombies Lightsaber Superglue to glue their mouths shut Acquire the flu (to not be infected) Portal gun shenanigans (use is obvious) Chloro trifluoride on zombies(look it up, it's fun stuff) Ritual of the Gods of Luck and Chance, to take a random chance to win the game. What could go wrong with that? Giant hamster ball. They cant get you in one of those! I hope that these suggestions will help combat the Zombies.
  7. I would like to take the action of being eaten in the first writeup.
  8. @Fifth Scholar Fifth, look at this color. Isn’t it glorious? It’s readable, it’s an IM color, and most importantly, I don’t have to highlight it to read it. I just had to make me feelings known on this very important issue. Carry on.
  9. So, part of the reason I didn't want to join another game was because I wanted to reflect a bit on my play before I leave. On a rough count, I think I've played... 40 games since I joined just over 2 years ago? It's been a long journey, in which I've built up what I would like to think of as a bit of a reputation. I've also run 4 games now, but I'll talk more about that in my MR35 aftermath thread. It's been so long playing SE I can't really remember what it was like before SE. But I was first brought in by @Hemalurgic Headshot who invited me to the subforum, and from there I stalked LG33. I still remember vividly watching the drama unfold as I was out on the track during gym in high school lol. I had an unusually good first game, the my little perfidy game, after which I became absolute trash and had several horrible games in a row lol. I'm looking back, and I remember some games, and don't remember others. I'm not even sure what I really wanted to say now, I'm just kind of at a loss. How am I supposed to talk about all those wonderful moments in eliminator docs where we just talked about life? Or all those tense moments where I tried to pull a gambit that came to absolutely nothing at all? What I do notice about my playstyle is a secret that may backfire on me in the future: I tend to be the most invested in games when I get a powerful, or fun role of some sort. LG49 comes to mind, where I was Hoid and had an absolute BLAST. Meanwhile, games with nonrelevant roles are more likely to be put on the back burner for me, especially when I get busy. This isn't always true, though, I guess it's just a question of priorities, and not so much a choice to be like "Oh, I didn't get a good role, so I'm not going to pay attention to this game." And now here I am 2 years later. I've played some really fun games, had close calls, and brutal losses (ahem that last cosmere one). I'd still say LG41 was one of my favorites, although the Forum one and the Hoid one were close as well. I really, really enjoyed playing those. I'd really like to play a body hopping game... which... I might be working on another one to run when I get back... So I guess instead of rambling I should say something relevant or useful. Um, don't lynch the wrong people I guess? Git gud if you're not lynching the right people. I feel like, I'm not as good as sometimes I pretend to be. I do sometimes just get lucky with events, rather than just figuring everything out through pure skill with absolutely no luck involved. My greatest flaw is definitely over-confidence, which can lead me to some odd playstyles (like in this game), play my hand too early, and in general mess me up. But, I feel like my playstyle definitely reflects my personality. I'm DRAMATIC. Very dramatic. Drama and over-exaggeration are just normal for me, and that comes through in my playstyle. And that drama extends to my reputation as a player. I feel comfortable talking about this because in two years, who knows what my playstyle will be like after my mission! (probably not all that different. This isn't going to drastically change my dramatic personality. Or my mild case of ADD and OCD, which also definitely come through my playstyle). So what do I hope you remember me for? Hopefully the good times, and not my various screw-ups. I've made a lot of friends here, and I really hope this community doesn't die (or at least the games, I doubt the community itself will die) while I'm gone. I have plans. Big plans. I'll miss killing you guys. This community has helped me through some rough times, and has always given me an outlet for social gaming in a really constructive way. And every time you burn steel to kill someone, I hope you remember me, and tap some speed as well. I think I'll say some more stuff in my MR thread, but right now I'm just kind of rambling so I'll call this good. (yeah, if you didn't catch the hint I'm working on a game to run when I get back. I've been poking at it for the last couple of days. Should be a good one. Especially after SA4 comes out.)
  10. Alright, I'm home. So, Doomslug was the first, most obvious secret. The second secret, and probably the most essential secret, was Joe being a pilot. An elim pilot was absolutely essential to the balance of this game. I figured that an elim pilot would allow the entire team to get hard cleared if they were clever. Even more trolly, I made Joe a Wingmate with Snipexe. I did not predict that all the wingmates would go down in a single turn. That was kind of unexpected. The third secret was Fura. Fura was the Secret Mechanic. Because I'm hilarious. All there was to it was when Fura first attempted to fix a ship, they would discover that they were a mechanic. But a secret So, what went well this game? I felt there was a good chance for each team to win this game. The elims would have had a guaranteed victory if the second lifebuster hadn't shown up. Instead, there would have been 4 normal Krell, meaning Ark's kill would have been guaranteed to hit, pretty much. That or someone would take some serious damage from the Krell. If Elandera had been lynched, she would have had the perfect opportunity to end the game when the first lifebuster showed up. And the village did a great job of analysis, as I deliberately did not have any scanning roles, and tried to make it as hard as possible for any roles to truly hard clear a player. (ex. see elim Squadron Leader and Wingmate). So that had to be analysis, and nothing else. I liked seeing how the village was forced to strategize during this game, to deal with the Krell. IMPs were definitely underused in this game, and a lot more krell would have died if more people had risked using IMPs, especially the less risky IMP missiles. I also enjoyed watching people react to Doomslug sort of showing up. I allowed actions interacting with Doomslug to go through, but basically just gave flavor in return, nothing useful I REALLY liked the OoA mechanic in this game. It could have used a bit of fine tuning in regards to where the elim kill occured (I probably should have all elim actions go where the elim kill was in the OoA, so that they couldn't accidentally kill a Krell that would otherwise have knocked out the shields of the person they were targeting). I liked how there was a risk to each ship, where Fresa's lightlances were powerful but had light health, the IMPs of the tanky Largos were powerful but everything else they did would occur after everyone else in the OoA, and Pocos were sort of a balance between them. So, what went wrong? I think the health was funky for this game. The Base probably had too much health, I was expecting it to take a lot more damage than it did. That also plays into the Krell mechanic, which worked, but at the same time... I think it should have been more swarmy. Perhaps it should have had just a health bank. I'm not entirely sure. The single greatest problem was the elim kill. I expected Joe to be hard cleared and survive, and then be able to guarantee those kills a lot longer than he ended up doing so. The shields were weird in this game, and that kind of messed people up. Especially the elims. It was an interesting mechanic, but I just don't think it worked. The wingmates were super OP, as I accidentally realized mid-game. If one wingmate IMPd, any ships that attacked that wingmate would be doomed as they got shredded by the revenge attack by the other wingmate. So that was a fun realization. I liked the vote mechanic for inactivity, but at the same time... it did give a lot of information. It was an interesting idea, but I'm not sure I would try anything like that again. Furthermore, the gunners were an interesting role, but I don't think it worked totally. It might have been better for all the elims to be pilots. However, the idea that the gunners were important to the defense while not counting towards the number of krell showing up was an interesting one. I might have more to say later, but I got extremely distracted in the middle of making this post by Hollow Knight Silksong stuff from E3, so maybe once I've had time to think I'll remember some more stuff. And maybe I'll actually say the things I meant to say in the LG55 aftermath thread.
  11. I have a few minutes during my break, so I’ll explain doomslug. Doomslug was primarily just a red herring, meant to cause confusion. It just RNG chose a new person each turn to be with. Other than that, it wasn’t really supposed to do much. However, from the very beginning of the game, Elandera received the PM “you do not know where doomslug is,” and after she received doomslug, she was told who doomslug was with. On that last turn, Elandera happened to have doomslug and M-Bot, and the lifebuster was dropping the bomb. I decided I didn’t want the game to end like that after all the effort poured into that. So I made an executive decision and reintroduced the cut spoiler mechanic, making it so then Elandera would lose M-Bot and doomslug in sacrifice for that. As I had originally been considering that mechanic in the first place, and given the circumstances I decided that was a fair decision to make. Plus it made for a great writeup. Also looks like I totally forgot about Furas role. That has been added in.
  12. Aftermath- I Will Return Bastard had long been frustrated. He had been the leader of this rebellion. He had personally shot down many pilots. But ironically, his guns just weren't strong enough. He had failed too many times to shoot down a ship, simply because they hadn't been damaged beforehand. But now, he was caught. They had finally kicked him out, depriving him of any way of overthrowing their tyranny. He sighed, and looked behind him. And there, also waiting to get on the elevator to go down into the caverns, was Steel. Except, well, he wasn't wearing handcuffs, and wasn't surrounded by guards. Steel was alone. He had no way to talk to the man, only a few feet away. But he did look at him. And met his eyes briefly. They were both from the same cavern. Bastard knew that Steel had kept his conflicts out of the situation. But he was still from Bountiful cavern, and had felt guilty fighting against the rebellion that originated from where his family lived. Steel broke the eye contact, passing where Bastard was being held. He would be taken down separately under armed guard, to be put in prison along with the rest of the dissidents. More evidence of the tyranny of Ironsides. But still, despite Steel's betrayal, Bastard respected the man. He nodded in his direction, even though he was no longer looking. Bad Wolf sat on the roof of the hangar. The krell weren't coming back. The lifebuster wasn't coming back. It was probably just a brief respite. And she missed M-Bot. Where had he gone with Doomslug? What had happened? She had been waiting there for a while, when someone else climbed up to join her. Junior. Junior didn't say anything, but also looked over the surface. It was dreadfully boring, pocketed with blast holes and rocks. "Are you going to choose a new ship?" Junior finally asked. "I don't know. I don't know that I want to. We have no leader, I lost my friend, and what for?" Bad Wolf replied despondently. "I don't know either. We'll probably be folded into a new Flight, I guess." Junior shrugged. Bad Wolf just shook her head. Junior left the roof, and Bad Wolf continued to watch. And was watching as M-Bot appeared out of nowhere just outside of the base. The ship appeared midair, and bounced on the ground several times. She gasped in shock, and then jumped off the roof. It was a long jump, but she stuck the landing well, then took off running. M-Bot was not looking good. But Bad Wolf was more than willing to fix him again. And Doomslug was inside, fluting exultantly next to a pile of blue and yellow mushrooms. Mushrooms colored like her? What in the world? But Bad Wolf didn't question it as she embraced Doomslug. Doomslug fluted awkwardly in return. Steel descended into the caverns, as Alta base disappeared above him. It would be a long while before he saw it again. But he promised himself he would return. Even if his medical procedure left him without being able to fly, he could at least be on the ground directing ships. Continuing to resist the Krell. In the crowded elevator, he held up what he had been given by Ironsides. A gold DDF pin. To remember. He smiled, and put it in his pocket. Indeed. He would be back. ___________________ The Pilots have won the game! (barely) Master Sheet Dead Doc Rebel Doc 1. Snipexe, "Scissors" Pilot, Wingmate to Joe2. Xinoehp512, "Llerk" Pilot3. Elandera "Bad Wolf" Brenna Defected/proto-Traitor4. Mailliw73, Millis “Storm” Stromberg Rebel Gunner5. Devotary, “Yaw(n)” Yafrion Pilot6. Ark1002, Bard "Bastard" Dominion Squadron Leader Rebel Gunner7. Furamirionind, Julis "Junior" Elliot Pilot, Secret Mechanic8. Lumgol "Preciousss" Pilot9. StrikerEZ, Seth "Striker" Johnson Ace Pilot10. Young Bard, Rivelda "Topsy-Turvy" Kline Pilot11. Sart, Sarah "Seraph" Potts Pilot12. Darkness Ascendent, Noel "Skinny Ship" Miller Pilot, Wingmate to Walin13. Walin, Ildem "Isekai Inbred" Pilot, Wingmate to DA14. XXGaea, Iradesca "Paradise Song" Aleh Rebel Gunner15. A Joe in the Bush, Knowstoo "Number 4" Much Rebel Pilot, Snipexe's Wingmate16. _Stick_, Stick "somethingcool" stick Pilot17. Drake "" Marshall Sniper Pilot I'll get my GM thoughts up soon, but I want to give a shout out to Ark. He probably should have won this game, if the elim kill had been guaranteed. I'll reveal all the secrets then too. Till then, congrats to the village who barely pulled off a win there.
  13. And the game is (finally) OVER. I’ll get the results up soon.
  14. Day 8- No Matter Where My Journey Goes "So, you've been the one flying this weird ship. Why won't you show it to us?" Steel asked Bad Wolf. Bad Wolf looked nervous. "Uh, he does- I don't think it will allow anyone but me to touch it. It might well self destruct if you try and mess around with it." Steel frowned. He? Well, he didn't have the time to question it. Another lifebuster had showed up, and he needed all the resources he could get. A few minutes later, his tiny flight faced down the lifebuster. Each of them shot at it, trying to drive it off, including Bad Wolf in her incredibly fast ship. But it wasn't going to be enough. "Junior, I need you to shoot it down! I need you to shoot it down now!" But Juniors ship was unresponsive. She likely was having a panic attack. Steel watched as the lifebuster, barely holding itself together, began to drop its deadly cargo. And then Bad Wolf was there. "Bad Wolf, you need to activate my hyperdrive systems." M-Bot said. "I know, I know! But I don't know how!" she yelled. "You need to do it! I can't do it by myself." M-Bot said, a quaver in his voice. He would die too, after all. Bad Wolf said nothing, but clutched Doomslug to her. "Doomslug, I'm so sorry you never found your mushrooms." Doomslug fluted. Bad Wolf closed her eyes. But... what was that yellow light? Was it the lifebuster bomb? She opened her eyes again, and found doomslug glowing. What in the world? And then- she was falling. M-Bot was gone, as was doomslug. Where had they gone? Steel watched as suddenly the lifebuster and M-Bot disappeared. He reacted instantly, diving at the falling person coming from where M-Bot had been only moments before. Where had her ship gone? What had just happened? His little flight landed back in the hangar, supremely confused about what had just happened. Bad Wolf seemed just as confused, if not more so. But she was also in shock. Steel put a blanket around her, and sat down. "Guess you'll have to use a normal ship now, huh." Bad Wolf trembled. "After all that work fixing him... what happened? Why did doomslug glow like that?" For once, Doomslug and M-Bot had been in total agreement. For mushrooms, for Bad Wolf, they had chosen to whisk death away. Whether they would survive, they did not know. But at least they would give her a fighting chance. _____________ The lifebuster was not destroyed, but disappeared mysteriously! M-Bot has been removed from the game, as has Doomslug. No one was shot down. Poco-10 and Largo 2 both have their shields down. The lynch is open now. The turn will end at 8:00 AM EDT, 6/11/19. Fura (1)