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  1. I hate my life, so I'm joining this game. Wheeee what could possibly go wrong.
  2. LG79/AN10 Day 3: Attempted Murder Kethri stood guard during the highstorm, sitting right outside the cave. Looking out, he didn't see the person sneak up behind him until it was too late. BAM, a blow right to the back of the head. He shouted in pain, and tried to twist to see who it had been. Thankfully, the extra armor of Warform had protected him, but it still hurt! The person disappeared back into the cave before he could see which of them it was. He rubbed the back of his head, and stormed inside. Somebody had it out for him, and he would find out who. --- Thane watched Kethri come in. He started shouting about how somebody had tried to kill him while he had been keeping guard. That got people talking real quick. Who had been missing? Who was the attempted murderer? Did that mean all the accidents that had happened so far, hadn't been accidents after all? Moirin called everyone together. "I've known for a while that there are some among us who seek to do us harm. We need to find them, and begone with them. If any of them would like to come forward, we'll deal with you more mercifully than otherwise." Nobody came forward. Everyone looked around at each other, and most hummed the rhythm of Anxiety. But Thane could even hear one or two people singing the rhythm of Betrayal, and that stung. It was not often sung, and when it was it was a cruel thing. Thane quietly hoped they could resolve the situation quickly, and make good on their escape. They still had to cross most of Alethela. --- Ivory Dragonfly was attacked, but survived! Village Stash Player List The day will end in about 47 hours, at 12AM EDT 7/27/21. Additionally, if @Fuchsia Ostrich, @Azure Mouse, and @Melon Dingo do not post today they will either be removed or replaced, depending on how many pinch hitters I have.
  3. And the turn is over, no PMing during rollover please. The day turn will be up as soon as I get to a computer.
  4. You have about 2.5 hours to get any last actions in.
  5. To answer Opal Lions question, stormform's action only is available during the night turn, so by extension no day actions are blockable. You may take your gems and make your PMs in peace during the day.
  6. One additional note. While I did not put an activity filter in this game, instead hoping the rules themselves would encourage activity, I am going to start putting my foot down. From this point forward, unless you talk to me about it beforehand, if you don't post at least once a cycle I will get a pinch hitter for you. That's once every 3 days, that isn't too much to ask. Thank you for your cooperation.
  7. LG79/AN10 Night 2: Into Alethela Things weren't nearly as quiet now, since many of them were no longer in dullform. Thane had found a stick, and was walking towards the back of the group, but he could still hear many people arguing towards the front. One particular argument started to get out of hands, coming to shouts and blows. Others went to go intervene, but Thane, being in workform, didn't really feel like getting involved. It was snowing, and the icy air still bit at Thane's carapace. Thankfully, they weren't too far from getting to the bottom of the pass. Then Thane heard a noise. A low rumble. He turned around, looking for the source of the noise. His eyes widened in fear. "AVALANCHE! AVALANCHE! EVERYBODY RUN!" Thane shouted to the rhythm of the terrors. He himself started sprinting towards higher ground. But the avalanche was coming fast, and there were some stragglers. Thane watched with his own eyes as Alb, one of the singers who had originally formed the group of rebels, tossed another singer out of harm's way, and was then buried in a rush of ice and snow. When the wave passed, Thane ran and started digging to try and get him out. But by the time he managed to do so, he was already dead. Thane sang the rhythm of the Lost, and several others joined in. For Alb, they would have to continue into Alethela. There was no time for extended mourning, as a highstorm was imminent, and they needed to find shelter. Freedom always came at a cost. Sometimes that cost was dear friends. The road to freedom was a difficult one. And he was sure that Alb would not be the last one to die. Not by a faint breeze or a stormwind. ---- Magenta Albatross was exed! They were a Dullform Rebel! Magenta Albatross (3): Rhino, Lion, Dragonfly Chartreuse Penguin (2): Vulture, Flamingo Ivory Dragonfly (1): Scorpion Cream Tuatara (2): Heron, Albatross Oxblood Beagle (1): Beagle The village stash will be available again starting day 3. Player List The night will end in about 23 hours, at 12:00AM 7/25/21. Be aware that day 3 might be a little late in coming, since I'll be coming home from church at that time.
  8. And, the day is over! I'll get the next turn up soonish. Organizing stuff as a gm is a must, and it's also my greatest weakness... Also please don't PM during rollover.
  9. There's about 3 hours left in the turn. Make sure you get your votes and actions in. Additionally I will be keeping a close eye on activity. If you're not able to be active, just, ya know, let me know.
  10. Quick GM comment to follow that up. While I'm not one to impose any form of playstyles on anyone, I will ask, politely, that we keep the anonymous game anonymous. I much prefer to be hands off as possible when GMing and not impose too much on the players, but part of the reason I designed this game as it is, is to escape from traditional playstyles and have it more based on pure in game skill, not meta. It's fine to have guesses as to who people are, but please refrain from identity claiming or anything.
  11. A bunch of people have been asking me this, so here's an official clarification: gems are consumed when putting on a form. I thought that was implicit in the rules, but here's the clarification for those who didn't realize that.
  12. LG79/AN10 Day 2: A Tragic Blow Thane huddled behind a rock as the stormwall hit. The wind was intense, as always. He held up the gemstone with the captive spren inside. He started getting into the right mindset to change into workform, then stood up against the gale and smashed the gemstone on the ground. The gravitationspren flew up, and went into his chest, into his gemheart. And his whole body and mind changed. Suddenly his body had additional muscles, and was bulkier. And most importantly, he had clarity of thought now. It was still colored by the non-aggression of Workform, but he could hear the rhythms so much easier now. And then, he went and headed into the cave with the children. Others of them liked staying out in the storm, but not Thane. He had heard of singers being struck by rocks and such even after the stormwall, and he liked to avoid that sort of thing. He hummed to the rhythm of joy, enjoying the feeling of the music sounding in his head, unsullied by dullform. As he walked into the cave, he saw a singer lying on the ground. He crouched down, singing the rhythm of anxiety as he tried to rouse the singer. They didn't move. It looked like their head had been bashed by a rock. His thoughts now clear, he investigated closer, while still respecting the body. Could that kind of blow have come from a highstorm? A small part of him reminded him of the fact that there were too many of them. A traitor might have this. But who? Or was it an accident after all? Either way, the singer wasn't about to be telling anyone, as she was already dead. Thane sung to the rhythm of mourning until the other came over to see what had happened. Pavli acted quickly, and went to distract the children. Thankfully the fallen hadn't had any kids. There were now doubts. How safe would it be to continue? Thane knew they had to continue. There was no turning back now, or the Fused would simply kill them all. Most of the others would not suspect that they had traitors among them, though. Hopefully Moirin would be able to convince them it was worth continuing into Alethela. --- Mauve Crocodile was killed! They were a Dullform Rebel! Village Stash Player List The turn will end in about 47 hours, at 12EDT on 7/24/21.
  13. @Opal Lion your reasoning is correct. If one roleless elim asked for the same gem as 5 villagers with forms, the elim would get it.
  14. Quick reminder. Include me in all PMs, but don't bother Araris. I'll include him if anything goes severely sideways.