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  1. So you're saying that the Investisture merged for a while? Could Feruchemy be the result of this, or does it predate Ruin and Preservation entirely?
  2. Well, you now have mine. Alternately, the title is a typo and it takes place during an economic depression where Allomantic metals are increasingly rare, culminating in a desperate hunt for the titular Last Metal.
  3. I suppose part of Era 2 Allomancy is that it's more specialised. I'm starting to think it's atium alloyed with an off-world metal. Yeah, the Autonomy theory seems really strong.
  4. Yeah, Brandon will probably reveal the Shard he's been talking about for years without actually showing, and we probably shouldn't try and figure out what new Shard it could be despite having absolutely nothing to go off. At the same time, though...
  5. Oh, for some reason I never noticed the difference between Era 1 Trellism and Miles' idea of it. I guess there's a fair chance it's Autonomy, then, or it could be a new Shard (didn't consider that, so thanks Calderis), possibly working with Odium, who fears Harmony, and using Bavadin's tactics.
  6. I think it's more likely that Trell is using the existing systems, since Scadrial's magic tends to be pretty easy to discover. Of course, this depends on how much control Shards have over magic systems. If Trell could design it, then he might only choose to give it to certain followers. But again, I think "simply" twisting the magic is a safer bet.
  7. Yeah, and we know there was a religion that worshipped something called Trell, so he's at least visited. That said, why don't Preservation or Ruin make any mention of a third Shard? Can Shards hide from others sharing a planet?
  8. I'm not entirely sure this goes here, but do we know what the titular lost metal is? My first thought, and I think the more accepted theory, was atium. Clue is this quote: "The plaque read: ATIUM, THE LOST METAL" (Pg 161 of Shadows of Self) But recently I started thinking, what if it's lerasium? It would certainly fit the Set's goal of making Allomancy more accessible to the public, and they'd probably make a mean profit in the process. The only argument I can think of that could explain an sudden atium hunt is if the Set have heard of its future predicting ability, which might've been exaggerated to the point where they'll gain far sight into the future. Now while I would love to read the look on Sequence's face when she realises it grants a couple seconds best, surely Harmony would've explained atium in the Words of Founding, and if not, they have Trell working with em. Surely it would know. Anyways, these are just my thoughts. There's a fair chance I'm wrong, and this might've been discussed to death before I got here, but I can't remember seeing anything.
  9. Just checked the Coppermind. Seventh, apparently, but I remembered Sixth.
  10. Wow, guess I'm a Fourth. Did we ever see any Fourths in the books? Are they gits? If they are, do I get upvotes if I'm a git for "role-playing"? Kidding, of course.
  11. @Alfa Out of all I've seen, this is probably my favourite.
  12. Hurt Gravitation, heal Abrasion. Gravitation -- 23 Abrasion -- 18 Most important vote I've done all day.
  13. Hurt Gravitation, Heal Abrasion. Gravitation -- 24 Abrasion -- 25
  14. Hurt Gravitation, Heal Abrasion 1. Gravitation- 21 2. Division -- 5 3. Abrasion - 21 4. Illumination -- 3
  15. Trapper: First of the Noon Vorin: Willim Un...those people: Malato'kalam'dalar Shin: Will-son-Paul Korathi: Ialin (Helpfulness, and I try my best.) Returned: Strengthfinder Threnodite: Sorrow Jones Kandra: TalMuur