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  1. Good game everyone I thoroughly enjoyed it. Despite my unfortunate loss with multiple stabs in my back. EDIT: Feeling the love from the dead doc
  2. I had role claimed to mage and to bugsy during the first cycle. mage unfortunately was an elim but that is probably why he ignored me because i cant do anything useful.
  3. Voting for Assassin. Hope that this is a good decision purely based on gut instinct. EDIT: Excuse me i phrased my vote poorly. I know that many people are suspicious and that's why i'm voting for him not just gut instinct. If i am wrong i am sorry Assassin and i hope i'm not being manipulated.
  4. Just an FYI for everyone sheep is not responding in this feed but is openly chatting in the Discord chat. I do believe that this further strengthens the argument that he is deliberately ignoring this feed.
  5. I will go with wonko's suggestion and vote for sheep for the reasons stated above.
  6. Anyone who is able to please PM me who you are voting for, and for what reason. As I am hoping to place a vote in this cycle. Thanks
  7. Of course it may be useful to me to find out why to do next as I am very confused
  8. The reason I have been inactive is because I am new. I was able to not be eliminated from inactivity is because buggy reminded me to post before the cut off time.
  9. Sorry I have been inactive, I'm trying to understand this new game. I will catch up tonight.