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  1. A single Fullborn would beat every Surgbinder in SA, even if they all came at the Fullborn at once.
  2. I highly recommend that you read the first trilogy of Mistborn, then read Arcanum Unbounded. The first novella you should read in AU is Secret History. Not just for the important info you get about the overall Mistborn series, but also because so far Secret History has given the most in way of cosmere wide knowledge and mechanics. A sizable chunk of the fandom's general understanding of the cosmere came from that novella. Then read Elantris. followed by Emperor's Soul. After that, you should have a decent understanding of the "hidden" epic side of the cosmere. Non Brandon Sanderson recommendations Inheritance Trilogy by NK Jemisin. Arguably the best representation of gods and their power in any fantasy series. The first book is very good, the second kind of falls back a little bit, but the third book is by far the best one in the series. Also, NK Jemisin's rhythm of writing is very unique and gripping. Lightbringer Series by Brent Weeks. 4 books of 5 are out. Solid epic fantasy that has a great humor element, one of my top favorite magic systems, and awesome character development. Broken Earth Trilogy also by NK Jemisin. The books in this series have won literally almost every award out their for the fantasy genre, including a Hugo. The first book Fifth Season has a style of writing not seen before. The overall plot of the story is unique and very dynamic. Kings of the Wyld by Nicholas Eames. First book in a trilogy and it is for sure the most hilarious fantasy book I've read. It has all kinds of humor, but it does a good job of balancing with the actual story of the book. It's about a retired merc band that was once seen as heroic and the bravest band to ever live. About 20 years pass on the members of the band are old but are dragged into one last mission. Hilarity ensues because of them being rusty and just stumbling through problems and dangers. Really great book, also decently short. Shattered Series by Joe Ambercormbie. A grimdark series set in a world of common fanatasy world in medieval era with kings, knights, swords, etc. Until you learn that it's actually a world that is thousands of years removed from a nuclear apocalypse, which was so severe that it sent the world back to the stone age. Now the people of the world know the ruins of the old world as Elves and Elvin magic. Kind of a brutal series but has many great fighting scenes. Shadow of the Raven trilogy by Anthony Ryan. A very, very brutal and dark fantasy series, more brutal than aSoIaF or the First Law trilogy. But also very good in it's storytelling and world building. Hoped that helped!
  3. My question idea is a slight alteration of a question already posted. Did Rayse willing change his intent from hatred to passion? Or did people just identify him wrong?
  4. As was already said, The King Killer Chronicle by Pat Rothfuss. Wise Man's Fear(number 2 in the series) is my favorite fantasy book of all time. Lightbringer Series by Brent Weeks. Hilarious, mature, in-depth and dynamic series. The characters are awesome and the magic system is one of my favorites. Inheritance Trilogy by NK Jemisin. The rhythm of her writing, in my opinion, is the best in the biz. Plus, in this series I think she has written the best depiction of gods in any fantasy series. First book an awesome 8/10, second book is a decent 6/10, third book is a solid 10/10. The Broken Earth series, also by NK Jemisin, has won almost literally every fantasy fiction award possible. Amazing series overall. If you want to step away from fantasy, and jump into a good apocalyptic thriller, you could check out The Passage by Justin Cronin. A good ole' fashion page turner. Kings of the Wyld by Nicholas Eames is a newer book that is probably the funniest fantasy book I've ever read. Seriously. It's about a retired heroic merc band that, spoiler alert, come out of retirement. And it is hilarious in the fact that these old men come to grips with their age and kind of just stumble through dangers with a combination of rusty skill and pure luck. If you want to go grimdark, I would go for the Raven Shadow Trilogy by Anthony Ryan and the Unhewn Throne Trilogy by Brian Stavely. Raven's Shadow is really dark and brutal, but not excessively so. Unhewn Throne is also pretty dark but is some lighter parts to balance it out. If you've played the Witcher games, the books are also really good. The Shattered Sea series by Joe Abercrombie is also grimdark and very could. They're also on the small side. Each book is roughly the size of a Brandon Sanderson novella. The Initiate Brother Duology is pretty good, but takes some time to get started.
  5. This is going to be a quick question about Galladon's appearance in WoK. I'll start with this piece from his Coppermind page: My question is about the illusion part. We have a couple WoB's that state that in Elantris, distance plays a vital role in the magic. What I take out of that is that if an Elantrian were to travel to far form Elantris, they would lose their abilities. So, with Galladon not appearing as as telltale Elantrian in WoK, doesn't that mean that there is no illusion and the effect is caused by him being on Roshar, and that Elanrians will cease being Elantrians if they were travel to another planet?
  6. Under the "Appearance on Roshar" section. And thanks for the WoB, I must have skipped over it when I did a search on Arcanum.
  7. I fully admit to dicing up the question and WoB, but we've seen Brandon admit to using wiggle room even in the most direct questions. "-why did Cultivation not help Honor against Odium?" Potential ways Brandon could use wiggle room with this question. Honor and Odium could have had multiple clashes, Cultivation only helping in one instance. She could have helped at first, then changed her mind. Maybe seeing that the Honor was going to lose regardless of her aid. "Help" could be potentially be defined different ways in this case. But again, I'm stretching the realm of possibility/reason. I just have an instinctual feeling based of what we've seen thus far from Shards, that the Honor/Cultivation/Odium dynamic isn't going to be just a black and white situation. With Rayse dropping that comment about Cultivation in his conversation with Dalinar feels more than just the bad guy trying to dismiss an enemy. I think Cultivation's motives are going to be more complex and one of the best ways to add complexity that would be interesting to read, would be to mess with the Honor/Cultivation relationship.
  8. I've seen that WoB, but I don't think it necessarily dismisses the possibility of her doing something other than helping. Odium could have manipulated her, she could have helped at first then changed her mind, etc. But like I said, I have nothing in the way of evidence. I just think it would be an interesting twist if Cultivation got so caught up in her Intent that she thought Honor was a roadblock in the way of Roshar growing. Basically "corrupted" by her intent.
  9. game

    I also agree with Highstorm as well as Lift. Luckat, I agree that I don't think the distinction is to important in this case, as we haven't seen her metabolize any other Investiture besides Stormlight.
  10. Mash up of gut feelings, crazy assumptions, and educated predictions. Book 5 Ending Rayse dies. My best guess on who the replacement would be is Cultivation. Passion and growth could be a dynamic combo. I could see her swooping in after the defeat of Rayse and growing her power. I don't know how much stock we can put in Rayse's words, but the "she doesn't care if it's bad or good, as long as it grows" line makes me think of this. Could also play into the theory that Cultivation had a hand in splintering Honor. Don't think any of the first 5 are going to die, but maybe someone from the back 5. If I had to pick it would be Jasnah. We'll find out what the "secret" of Aimia is. Adolin, Navani, Lopen, or Rock will die. Shallan will slowly become more aligned with the Ghostbloods than she is with the Radiants.
  11. This is actually a really good order. I think I'll try it out on my next re-read. And I haven't yet read Dreden Files, mostly due the fact that people seem to have multiple opinions on what the reading order should be. So, I'll take ya up on the offer of your idea of the chronological order.
  12. Well, this went downhill. Fast. Though, this is arguably the funniest posts I've seen on this forum. And I think it fairly obvious, what with him literally moving the planet and shaping it to his will, that Sazed could form his body however he wants to be. Also with that kind of power level, it's safe to say that it's pretty much up to the digression of Harmony as to how life can be created in his domain. In my mind asking this question is basically asking if Harmony grow or cut his hair.
  13. My first choice would be roughly the same as Zennix's. But if I had to chose, I'd go with Honor. Not wholly because of the intent, but also because of the world and system that Honor and Cultivation created. I'd try my best not to die, though.
  14. WoR was just an all around more enjoyable book for me. It has the most scene's that I think are going to be pretty hard to top in future books. Kaladin summoning Sylblade for the first time, the 4v3 duel, Kaladin lashing Dalinar back to the ground, Dalinar believing Kaladin over Amaram. Don't get me wrong, OB had some great scenes, but for WoR packed more of a punch.
  15. From what Cultivation says to the Nightwatcher in OB, I think the simplest explanation is best. Cultivation tells Dalinar that she let's the Nightwatcher hold court here so she can better understand human nature. I think the boon/curse thing is just the Nightwatcher's attempt to understand and navigate human nature and desire. And sometimes she just get's it totally wrong, which would happen if she's not well versed in it. This is also evidenced when Dalinar asks for forgiveness and the Nightwatcher has trouble understanding the concept, instead she tries to offer him tangible gifts like shards, gems, and Nightblood. So sometimes the Nightwatcher gives these crazy curses to people(the inverted sight), and thinks in her own twisted way that it somehow correlates with the gift. As seen in the text, people think that creature that can literally grant boons and curses must have wisdom. That humans understanding can't comprehend the actions of such a being. When in actuality the Nighwatcher is really just trying to match curses with bones with what she little she knows of humans. You also have to consider that the sample of people the Nightwatcher see's probably isn't a good representation for the society of Roshar as a whole.
  16. Through this spreadsheet I've contemplated for the first time a Odium/Ruin combo. Scary stuff. Awesome post, Oversleep. One thing I don't necessarily disagree with but don't fully understand, is the Honor/Cultivation combo into Civilization. I've having trouble viewing Civilization as a god like being, to many facets of the concept. The textbook definition of honor is to hold in high esteem or an exulted presence and with the bare bones definition of cultivation being to prepare things to grow, I don't think the to of those equal Civilization. You could make the argument that honor could lead to cultivation which ultimately could end up as civilization. But I think Guidance or Prosperity would work better.
  17. Most people believe that the "First Gem" is reference to one of Hoid's aliases, Topaz.
  18. Nice post. If you browse though the OB section there's a lot of great info on the theory that Odium was referring to "Adonalsium" when he shouted at Dalinar. Also, some fans think that when he says "kill him!" it just adds weight to the possibility that Odium was indeed talking about Adonalsium. Due to the fact that Odium spent decades trying to mold Dalinar into his champion, a lot of work on Odiums part. So for Odium to want to kill Dalinar after all the work is kind of suspicious.
  19. There's these two WoB's and a WoP. Basically, there's a number of reasons that goes into choosing the "chapter arches".
  20. The will of the fandom is strong with this one. This is a blog made by Brandon's assistant and may help you understand a little bit better on how the timelines work in the cosmere and how not "set" timeline has been put out. Warning, contains very minor Oathbringer spoilers.
  21. Ah, makes sense. I didn't put that together before, thanks.
  22. Yeah, that makes more sense. Is that an inference of text in OB or from a WoB?
  23. I vaguely remember reading somewhere that Truthwatcher spren are lightspren, a reference to the "all truth see's light" saying. I'll go searching and see if I can find it somewhere.
  24. I agree. Most of my favorite fantasy series are big epics that take a lot of investment. I hesitate to recommend SA to people because it's different from what people expect from fantasy in terms of environment, setting, and sheer page count. My two "starter fantasy" series I recommend is the Inheritance Cycle and Mistborn. I found that those are the best series to get people acclimated to the fantasy genre. But now I'm adding Kings of the Wyld to the list. I'm excited about the sequel. It's going to be about Gabe's daughter the Bloody Rose(name of book, as well).