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  1. As the title implies I apologize in advance if this is already common knowledge. Haven’t been on the forums lately and just wanted to share just in case. Heard this little nug during the epigraph of Ch. 64 of RoW. The epigraph where Reboni talks about Taladain sand and the chain she obtained from the land of the dead(she probably means shadesmar) that can anchor someone in a cognitive anomalies. And it straight up blew my mind in the middle of Target. I’m thinking this must be the same chain that Kaladin saw in OB while in Shadesmar. At first I thought was just a cool Easter egg. Then I remembered the “cognitive anomaly” on the Nalthis system chart, a subject Brandon/Issac have been cagey on. So, now my question is this. Is Brandon using this chain as far cast foreshadowing for years down the line to have Kaladin(or any character) surge swan dive into a cosmere black hole tethered to a silver chain from some spren pawn shop? Syl: This is not what I signed up for.... Kaladin: Journey before destination. Syl: We really need to amend the by-laws.
  2. Ello, all. Was listening to the part of the audiobook when Navani observes Shallan and Dalinar make the map when a random idea popped in my head. More of a question than a theory. This is for the peeps that are more knowledgeable about the cosmere magic systems/realmatic theory. It has to do with Dalinar being different from past bondsmiths and all the things that make that the case as well as Ishar trying to steal Dalinar’s bond. We’ve told a few times, mostly in RoW, that a bondsmith unchained/Dalinar are capable of unimaginable things. How they’d be “unimaginable” is fairly obvious to me when I think of all the insane things you could do by manipulating and controlling connection throughout all three realms(the power being based in the spiritual). Sooo, all of this brought the question into my head. Could Dalinar theoretically create/destroy nahel bonds as well as maybe elevate an Radiant past an ideal manually without the Radiant or sprens consent/radiant needing to “earn” the ideal? Could he, say, take an an ideal away from an Radiant(an obvious simple example that’s completely for example purposes, Dalinar putting Kaladin back to the third ideal)? At first I dismissed it cus even if it is possible I didn’t ever see Dalinar doing something like that. Then I thought of two things. One is possible foreshadowing and the other is a scene/arc I think would be awesome. 1. So far we’ve seen Dalinar being impulsive with the Stormfather and his Bondsmith powers. One example is Dalinar “tugging” on his bond with the SF in OB to activate the oath gate. The other is when the SF takes Dalinar into the storms in RoW. Top this tendency with Dalinar potentially working for Tarodium and I could sooo see Dalinar manipulating a nahel bond on a impulsive decision whether it be for the greater good in the moment or Tarodium commanding him too. Would be an excellent further demonstration of a Bondsmith “unchained”. 2. A Knights Radiant version of an execution, but instead of being killed their bond is severed. This is unlikely because of the mechanics and elements in play that would make a severed bond execution pointless. Like if a Radiant did something to warrant a severed bond in all likelihood the bond would have already been severed by the spren or a broken ideal/oath. BUT it would be so awesome if Brandon could figure out a way to do this in a way that would make sense. Strictly from a thematic view point, it would be an amazing scene. We’ve seen division among the radiants of this era(dustbringers/skybreakers/willshapers). Couple that with the fact that most of them have vastly different approaches to their own ideals and I could see it making sense to have Radiant “execution”. A member of the dustbringers could so something that literally all other 9 orders disagree with and feel is wrong but it could still fall into Dustbringer ideals and we have a situation where a bond needs to be severed, agreed on by the majority of orders, and the Dustbringer still having their bond in place for the “execution” because in their minds, they followed their ideals. Sorry, this ended up being longer than I thought because I ended up thinking more and more down this rabbit hole as I was typing lol. Obviously, everything should be taken as speculation and theoretical. I just think all of it would be a super awesome element to show up even if Brandon has to bend the rules a bit in order for it to make sense. Would be worth it imo. What y’all think?
  3. In my head i always thought of 2 things being the theoretical outcome if Odium were to win and make Dalinar his agent. One, the simplest, Stormfather doesn’t break the bond and endures with Dalinar. I’d assume Rayse being a shard would be able to allow Dalinar to use his powers off world, basically using his power to hack the code of the cosmere. Two, Odium either figures out how to break the bond himself to cut Dalinar away from the last bit of Honor’s power or the storm father chooses to revert and breaks the bond himself. In this case, I still think Dalinar would end up using bond smith magic, either the one Honor gifted or Odiums own version. I’m leaning more towards the first one because it opens a lot of implications and possibilities with magic being used away from their world of origin. But as for this topic. Obviously connection isn’t one of Dalinars surges but really the combination of both the surges allowing him to manipulate connection. Is this an extra honor gift, separate from the powers granted by the two bondsmith surges? Which means, if given the power by a shard, anyone can gain the ability to connection thus making Dalinars power not unique and able to be done off world by people shards chose to empower like honor did with the Heralds? idk, it makes my brain hurt and id rather think of Lopen being the first Roshar native to fly in space and visit one of the moons. Ya know. Happy thoughts instead of mind bending, convoluted ones.
  4. I don't think anything's been specifically said. Rayse saying he wanted to send Dalinar out into the cosmere, makes me think that in some way or on some level it'd be possible. And I think Dalinar's powers with connection would allow him to supersede a lot of the difficulties of different types of investiture interacting.
  5. I didn't really know where to post this so I'll just shoot my shot here. A whole bunch of cringe emotional stuff a head so turn back now. Just wanted to say thank you to you all, specifically the 17th Shard community. For a lot of people this fandom is a just a place to discuss some of your favorite books with others that match or surpass your own passion. To others it's an expansion of the worldbuilding and lore, seeing the theories and in-depth breakdowns on certain concepts. For me it's both. But more importantly, its also been a literal lifesaver. I'm comfortable with posting this because it's a 99.99% chance that I'll never see any of you in real life lol. Never really been the one to unload my emotions on family, friends or significant other. Being in the military compounded that nature for me. So, all the pain, rough times, fear, anxiety usually stays bottled up in probably a not so healthy way. Peeps that depend on ya can't do so if they think that by unloading on you they're just adding to your burden. This year, pandemic and political world aside, has been particular rough for me. Few friends passed, break up with a long time girlfriend, and lost a few family members. Few times it got the point where I was just straight up catatonic. But through it all, also playing a part in the turn around, 17th Shard was here. When stuff got kicked up a notch every now and then, I'd be able to hit the forums, discord or coppermind and just immerse myself in a community and fandom I love. Constantly being around peeps that are passionate about the same thing was a pillar in the rust storm. Also met a few peeps on hear that I was just able to vent to, something not really available to me out in the real world. The Shard by simply being itself was able to be a crutch for me when I needed it most. It didn't need to change it's nature, culture, concept for that to be the case. And that's special tbh, by it's very existence the community serves as more than just a fandom. It also serves as a calm eye in the chaos that is most of the world nowadays. And invaluable resource, a resource that is becoming more and more scarce. So again, thanks. To the 17th staff as well as the community. For making the burden just a little bit less so.
  6. The epigraph about holding a suckling infant and knowing the world wants me use the knife(extremely paraphrased) has me thinking it will be a child. But my gut says Szeth, based on Old Man T's reaction to "viewing" the rules of the contest of champions.
  7. So, my overall thoughts on the Nightwatcher Bondsmith are kind of conflicted. On one hand I have an instinct that says that the 3rd Bondsmith will fall under the Brandon category of "Some things are different with the Radiants this time around and new stuff is happening" and the path to a 3rd Bondsmith will be different than than how it happened with previous generations. On the other hand it's entirely possible that there might not even be a 3rd Bondsmith, the Nightwatcher remaining unbonded and "protected" by Cultivation. I think this is unlikely, strictly from a storytelling perspective. It would make for a great read, having Cultivation finally get somewhat insulated into the Knights Radiant through her daughter. But with all that being a idea popped in my head on a possible 3rd Bondsmith if there path ends up being the "traditional" bath. Most of it is a gut feeling/one loose shared quality. I think the Mink would make a great Nightwatcher Bondsmith candidate. The Nightwatcher can be, very mildly lol, be described as quirky. Same can be said for the Mink. It's small piece to build a full theory on, I admit. But I think it would be a super interesting storyline. Along with a few others, the Mink really popped for me in this book and I was instantly a fan. The possible banter of the Mink trying to teach the Nightwatcher his unusual quirks as legitimate human culture that everyone follows would be tier 1. I guess there's also a possible argument can be made that with the Mink trying to unite Herdaz to resist the Fused it's somewhat of justification of a quality a Bondsmith should have but I personally think we haven't seen enough of the Mink to know if he has the required traits to be a Bondsmith based off what we've read. Attempt at a well reasoned theory #1,364,083.
  8. I know it states in the text that Honor and Cultivation created the Sibling to be the bridge between spren and humans. And I don't know if Brandon has stated if the Nightwatcher and Stormfather existed in some capacity prior to the Shards arrival but if/when he did, did he also say if this was the case with the Sibling as well? Cus my read on the Sibiling, from what it says itself, was it being created fully by both Shards basically from "scratch". Not a clue what "from scratch" would mean in this context tbh lol
  9. Was more dramatizing for comedic effect lol.
  10. Sazed: ....Kel, why is this group calling their leader the "Lord of Scars"? Kel: About that, the thing is....... *Kel bolts away* Sazed: *sigh* I should've picked Marsh. And I can plausibly see Kel stealing then using another persons name/identity.
  11. 17th Shard Witness Protection Program.
  12. I mean I'm afraid to have fun and engaging debate. One of the most mentally cathartic things I can do, personally. It's literally just irrational that I do it in the sense that I know the worlds not going to end and I won't be embarrassed if I'm proven wrong in a logical way.
  13. The only reason I like it was because when I first heard it a scene with Dalinar popped instantly into my head Navani: Dalinar, calm down. What has you so worried? *Dalinar looks around wildly, under the bed, behind the curtains* Dalinar: He's coming, Navani........the Todd is coming.
  14. Don't get me wrong, it would by no means be easy. But I think it's definitely possible, you can turn most everything nefarious with the proper context. Wouldn't be a logic fallacy to do so either. Merriam-Webster definitions of Mercy. compassion or forbearance (see FORBEARANCE sense 1) shown especially to an offender or to one subject to one's power at the mercy of : wholly in the power of : with no way to protect oneself against What if giving Mercy to one is damaging for another? In the cosmere scale, what if giving mercy to one planet is disastrous to the entire cosmere? Assisting Odium to kill Ambition because Mercy viewed it as a mercy to Odium, it had mercy on not letting him die from Ambition(vice versa if Mercy helped Ambition). But it for sure wasn't a mercy to Ambition. Also "to be at ones mercy" could obviously be turned nefarious in meaning but I have no idea one how that concept would play into the overall Intent of the Shard as the saying is a decision to be made "What will I do with you while I have you at my mercy" and not a attribute like the actual word Mercy. But it would truly terrifying if Mercy's entire Intent could be defined as "having people/things at their mercy". Even if it wasn't the entire Intent, just a piece, it would still be scary tbh.
  15. This isn't entirely correct. End of RoW spoilers