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  1. The level of banter between Taln and characters like Jasnah and Wit is going to be tier 1. Adolin: Can't believe father has us training all these troops, Taln. Torture ammrite? Taln slowly turns around
  2. With the known time skip of a year between books 3 and 4 and as known from the back flap of book 4 we know that year has been filled with a lot of battle. We can probably assume the current landscape in terms of territory owned is a bit different from where left off. Nothing to crazy because Brandon probably wants to record any drastic territory change in the actual book. But with this being said I think it'd be a nice chapter/side-arc of Kaladin taking back the land given to him by Dalinar and setting up some kind of basic governing of the land. How do we think that's going to look and what is it going to entail? How do you think Kal is going to handle it. Personally, I think the lands and people in them are going to play a somewhat pivotal role in Kal swearing the next oath. Tinfoil a bit but it might even be the place he actually swears the oath. He might even charge some of the squires to specifically guard the territory and may put a few of them in charge. Also we know that Kal is probably going to resettle the people of Hearthstone in the lands. I think this arc is going to be pretty big in Kal's character development. Both in terms of protecting the people as well as potentially it being used as story justification to launch Kal a bit into the political sphere.
  3. Q is for Quili V is for Vasher......kinda? W is for Wandersail Z is for Zatalef(cheated on this one)
  4. Yup, gotta love auto-correct correcting a word spelled right. The whole reason I'm looking forward to it is that it's going to be pure comedy lol. Adolin is used to learning from Dalinar and Zahel. Now he has to take instruction from Lyft? It's going to be hilarious. It's going to be like in WoR when Renarin is learning his plate and keeps on breaking up the conversation between Kaladin and Vasher by just heaving himself off buildings. Except this time it's going to be Adolin trying to slide down the towers stairs covered in oil,
  5. Some have already been said, but: Adolin becoming an Edgedance and trying to learn his surges from Lyft. Conversation between Hoid and Rayse. Surgebinders in the last Mistborn Era. Sazed and Odium conversation, with just Sazed subtlety flexing. A small thing compared to most of things in here, but the thing I'm most pumped for is Taln's book. I think the first Herald book is going to be a big turning point, and I'm stoked it's Taln.
  6. If we don't find out how Mem got the aether out of Mraize's Azish cavalrylords suit, I'm gunna be pissed.
  7. So, on another re-read and something made we say "Huh" when reading WoR. Specifically on page 178 when Kaladin and Syl are talking after Kaladin asks if there are more budding Knights Radiant out there. “There are others like you,” Syl whispered. “I do not know them, but I know that other spren are trying, in their own way, to reclaim what was lost"- Syl What made me say huh was the "spren are trying to reclaim what was lost bit". I've done a pretty average search on Coppermind, Arcanum and here. Didn't come up with the info I was looking for. So we obviously know by know that a decent sized group of spren hate/mistrust humans after what the old Radiants did. In most cases, as said in OB, entire generations of spren were lost. To me, that's a pretty solid reason for spren to never bond with humans again. Even in the current state of things, we have spren acting different than in the past. Malata siding with the Diagram, Timbre bonding a listener. Both doing so because of what the humans did in the past. So my question is this. Has it ever been stated as to what triggered the spren to start searching out bonds again? The simple answer is that they sensed what was coming and knew in some way that re-forging the bonds would be necessary to combat what's coming. But how did they sense it? The mistrust of humans I guess explains why not all of the spren agree with the bonding even if they sense what's coming. But it's kinda flimsy.
  8. pg. 1315 in the ebook "He looked across a sea of hopeful eyes. Storms. Were those gloryspren about his head, spinning like golden spheres in the rain?" This was after Dalinar's speech to the troops just after they saw the Parshendi in stormform for the first time. Obviously, the gloryspren could just be a cause of the awesome moral speech Dalinar gave prior to a big battle. But could it also be a small forshadow/hint that Dalinar would become a Bondsmith? The act of bolstering the courage of the troops, most of whom had never fought with another Alethi army before, could be seen as uniting a group of people towards a common cause. So, the gloryspren could instead have appeared outside of the fact that it was attracted to the glory Dalinar created and instead was attracted by a person well on there way to becoming a Bondsmith. I'm going to believe in the latter. Not a super big deal, but I like picking up these kinds of things during re-reads. Things you wouldn't have caught on the first pass and would have only noticed by reading the next book in the series.
  9. Oh, my bad then.
  10. Adonalsium say whaa? Everything I've read about Urithiru has been RAFO'ed in regards to construction and origin, so I'm assuming I missed one lol.
  11. I started Elantris a year after it came out but I went on deployment and forgot to bring it with me. First full book I read was Way of Kings then WoR right after.
  12. I think Kaladin's natural progression as a character is to die protecting someone or a group of people. I hope that it being so obvious means it won't actually happen. I don't like Adolin will die, but I do think Dalinar or Renarin will or maybe both.
  13. For sure picking Lopen. I have one armed Herdazian jokes for days. Plus, next to sociopath Kelsier and slightly insane Hoid, Lopen seems to have the most fun despite the world falling apart around him. A lot of characters in a lot of books usually put on the confident facade in the face of sadness or chaos, but it's just an act to cover up what ever insecurities they may have. Not the case for The Lopen.
  14. I've seen a few topics like this in the past, so I thought I'd try to get your guys help. I finally finished my sleeve on my right arm and I'm starting my left arm sleeve next week. The top half of the sleeve is going to be a collage of my favorite parts from my favorite books. Wards from the Demon Cycle, The Chandrian from KKC, the eagle of Ravenclaw, etc. The entire bottom half is going to be dedicated to the Cosmere. I have a few ideas in mind. Syl flying around a spear, Vin dropping down with her mist cloak flaring, the Stormfather, a Shardspear, Sazed with the black mass of Ruin flowing around his left hand and the white mass of Preservation flowing around his right hand. I'd love to get some suggestions from you guys, see stuff that I may have forgotten. Ideally I'd like to get a piece from each cosmere series/book, a piece that best represents it's series as a whole. Thanks in advance! I'll post the progress on here as is it goes. It'll most likely be done in a few weeks.
  15. Elsecallers: Transporting someone to Shadesmar is not an effective way to win an argument. It took six weeks for Susie to get back to the tower. Windrunners: Lashing stones to the bottom of Shin Radiant's is strictly prohibited. Seriously, Lopen, Mandatory lecture about keeping oaths is being held by Honor after dinner. And yes, we understand it's the 35th time this week.