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  1. @Dankness Ascendant I see. Ah okay, sorry, I'll keep that in mind!
  2. @Dankness Ascendant Print them and paste on your room's wall near your study desk! =D
  3. @Dankness Ascendant Yes, you better do! Aha.
  4. @Dankness AscendantThe goal is not to die with dreams. But to die with memories. So work towards your dreams. And make some memories. =D
  5. @Dankness AscendantDisciplined procrastinator, aha!
  6. @Dankness AscendantThanks! Amen to that! Just need to be disciplined at it. Passion is patience!
  7. @Dankness AscendantI feel sick, an illness which I'm not yet at comfort to talk about here. But there's silver lining to every clouds, so even tho I lost my ability to work efficiently outdoors, I have more freedom to work on writing. Who knows, maybe I'll manage to make a career out of this.
  8. @Dankness AscendantOkay. Twenifive, aha. Most of my time after secondary school were spent on working. I've just recently quit my job and now I'm resting at home, becoming a freeter, due to some illness. I decided to give a serious go for writing again. But first, while doing worldbuilding, I got to read. Like GRR Martin implied, I can't be a writer without being a reader.
  9. @Dankness AscendantGlad to know that! Okay, will do. I'm atm a freeter so I've got plenty of time tho I'm still very weak at writing fiction so the speed and magnitude of my output aren't considerable atm, like, below average.. xD
  10. @Dankness Ascendant Darkness sounds cooler! But more cliche than Dankness, aha. Ah great, so you're a writer too. Would you be able to, someday, read and critique my writings should I post some in the future?? Besides writing in my aforementioned Indonesian friend's universe, I'm also doing worldbuilding my own sci-fi-fantasy universe and stories, tho, like yours, they're all rudimentary for now, aha! Yaa..I procrastinate a lot too.. >_<"
  11. @Dankness Ascendant Aha, I'm good, somewhat entertained with our lil conversation back there, aha. Well, I'm trying to write my first fantasy short story, set in a fantasy universe created by a professional fantasy novelist friend of mine who lives in Indonesia. This would be my first real entry to the world of fantasy writing. Thanks for welcoming me. The first time I saw your nick I thot I read "Darkness Ascendant" too, hahaa
  12. @Dankness AscendantWell, uhh, y'said you're a chair, so...
  13. @Dankness Ascendant XD Okay you're free to be whatever you want to be. But tleast be something sentient and emotive ahaa!