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  1. From the album My art

    The actual loml, thanks to taratjah for showing me how he looks in my head
  2. From the album My art

    I was trying out different styles, and also I just wanted to draw him some more.
  3. From the album My art

    I really hate the Kaladin but I also really like the Jasnah so they cancel out I suppose
  4. I know it’s an awfully long way away at the moment- but imagine a future where dmg has released the first season of the storm light tv show or the first mistborn movie and it does remarkably well- what are the chances Disney will be eyeing an acquisition of dmg or rights for the cosmere? I doubt they’d have all that many rivals for the buy- but who might be able to get there before then? Do you think they’d restart their own Disney made cosmere from scratch or continue the dmg one?
  5. Well long distance trade items need to be long lasting and light- hardwood is probably too heavy for long distance pre modern trade and foodstuffs would have to be imperishable. I think the thing that most lends itself is spices yeah or actually what about silk? Whoever makes silk would certainly have a lot of economic power considering the massive demand.
  6. Well yeah, all I’m saying is that if they were placed there because of supposed shardic influence or deliberately choosing a place on Roshar to settle, you would expect it to be more central or self sufficient
  7. Ok so king T says there’s a major trade route going from Herdaz, through Jah Keved and on to Azir and so I was wondering what exactly is traded along this route? I think it’s not too outlandish to assume that Azir is a big market and has mines at Zawfix so they can trade gems and metals, and Jah Keved has mines and lots of food they can export but what exactly is Herdaz exporting? They don’t seem like a market that’s big enough to justify an entire trade route without something to export in return so what’s up?
  8. Well that’s the very western edge then, not enough for farmland to support a sedentary population, meaning the thaylens have needed to have a global reach for trading in order to survive
  9. gemhearts

    I think the consensus is that all nutrients on Roshar are provided in the crem
  10. gemhearts

    @Calderis Isn’t ambient Investiture very weak though? Surely it can’t be enough to independently sustain plants. As in like cosmere wide leftover from the original creation ambient Investiture? So for other, shard based forms of Investiture,like Stormlight, I was under the impression that you’d need a connection of some sort to access it. Am I mistaken?
  11. gemhearts

    @Calderis Well that’s surgebinders, not normal humans- unless you’re saying that plants have cracked spiritwebs I’m not sure it works that way. Ambient sunlight does nothing without chloroplasts and I don’t think ambient Investiture does much without a way of accessing it. And I’m saying that either method is possible, but while the listeners went for the first at the expense of gemhearts, natural processes would have no need of that and those plants that did extract Stormlight quicker would shatter them, lose an energy source and be less competitive, so all modern plants are descended from those that only extract it slowly. So im either assuming that natural leakage of Stormlight from buried gemhearts is always slow because nothings pulling it out (and then the plants use that leaked light) , or if the plants are actively pulling it out somehow, those that do it too fast don’t survive. The first one is probably more likely to be perfectly honest.
  12. gemhearts

    Well ambient Investiture increases lifespan, health and how easy it is to become sentient but it doesn’t matter how resistant to pathogens or how naturally long lived plants or humans are- without food they’ll still die and just as humans on Roshar can’t access Stormlight as a food source, I don’t think plants can access it unaided either. The thing on Roshar that has been seen most often as the way of storing and accessing Investiture later is gems so I think that’s what we should be looking for as the way plants access it. As for shattering, I don’t know what evidence he had for this but a while ago @Yata said The Gem-Shattering is an effect that could happen when you pulled away the Stormlight too fast...this is the reason the Soulcasters regularry broke them, because they use all the Stormlight in a little timeframe. Actually he’s said it a couple of times like on here So I think without the conscious transfer of Investiture with intent, it happens much slower, as a natural cycle and so it doesn’t shatter them. After all the listeners wanted super fast growth to get as much food as fast as possible, nature would probably want much slower growth than them and so be less of a strain on the gems. And, yeah at first glance perhaps you could assume that the same mechanism stops Investiture from getting inside and underground, but that assumption is the only thing standing in the way of a theory that I think makes a lot of sense, so in the absence of evidence, I’m more inclined to go for the theory that helps to explain what we see instead of the theory that while seeming superficially simpler and so maybe more likely according to Occam’s razor, doesn’t really have a raison d’etre by explaining any extra facts.
  13. gemhearts

    I’m not saying they don’t have enough of these things, I’m saying their leaves are often too small to make effective use of what they are given, so it’s very likely that if that’s such a common structure, then small leaves and thus decreased rate of photosynthesis isn’t a limiting factor to rate of growth.
  14. gemhearts

    Well yeah sure crem provides nutrients- ie. the chemicals needed for growth, but it still doesn’t give any form of energy to the plants to actually fuel reactions and use those chemicals. You can give a plant as much fertiliser as you want but if t doesn’t have enough water, co2 or sunlight Unless you’re saying that crem is somehow radiating energy itself, photosynthesis and Stormlight seem like the best sources of energy to me. Also @Calderis I’m so sorry, I was under the impression that Roshar was much younger than it actually is but yeah, touché, evolution has definitely naturally occurred. My point however still stands, it’s very possible that either plants that were originally greener and dependant on photosynthesis evolved to be able to take advantage of the source of energy in Stormlight after a few generations of gemheart had been deposited and then gradually lost their leaves or maybe Roshar was created with a fully functioning ecosystem and a small seed amount of buried gems, even if evolution has since happened and the species have otherwise changed, that base relationship of gemheart- plant importance has remained. Also seeing as most species of greatshell probably aren’t predators (chull, axehinds?, it just makes ecological sense for there to be more prey than predators and greatshells form the vast majority of rosharan megafauna), the whole apex predator thing you brought up doesn’t really seem like it holds much water to me. But I think that there are so many plants on Roshar with almost to actually non existent leaves that assuming they get all their energy from photosynthesis doesn’t really make sense to me and I think this could explain the facts better than that theory at least so when you’ve eliminated the impossible whatever remains must be true.
  15. gemhearts

    Sure- that still leaves the question of if not through photosynthesis in the leaves, where are they getting their energy from?