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  1. Happy, happy birthday... 

    May all your dreams come true...

    We wish it was our birthday...

    So we could party too!

    -Courtesy of Applebee's staff

  2. Starting tonight, I'm returning to the Tuesday-Thursday only schedule. It's been fun having fuller access again, but I also need greater limitations on it to be better productive with other things.

    Read on, write on, party on, whatever suits your fancy, so long as you live on!

    1. Wyndlerunner


      To quote one of the best fictional politicians in history

      "Do what must be done"- Emperor Palpatine

  3. Maybe even a little too much.
  4. What's the Fognitive Realm?

    1. Firerust


      The Cognitive Realm on Scadrial, duh. :P Hehe... yeah, I'm weird.

      I wanted something with more kick to it than "Expanse of the Vapors".

      It's mainly a joke. But one I want to spread awareness of.

    2. Ark1002


      Where'd the name come from tho...

    3. Firerust


      Um. Scadrial... mist... fog...

      I'm not the most creative feller around. It's a pun.

  5. Whoa. Did this story just become linear and sensical in the last couple pages? It's like it evolved into an AU fanfic. The story has become so normal that it's now abnormal by our standards. WE MUST RESTORE NORMALCY! Suddenly, Uncle Brandy appeared, yo-ho-ho-ing and flinging bottles of whisky at everyone who didn't look like him.
  6. Ruffled
  7. Is it meant to be "and the blast hit?" Because I'm treating it as if that's the case Ruigi Singaldi. DANGIT NINJA'D
  8. He rumbled, "Airsick lowlanders. I ain't 'fraid of no ghosts."
  9. Limited
  10. @AonEneI'm gonna give Chaos the benefit of the doubt and say he's mad about it on behalf of all of us who are bothered by it. Plus, they're just plain annoying. I have no care for Valentine's Day this year. Just another day on the calendar. I can wait but three more years for true love...
  11. The opposite of "murderous".
  12. Considering what I just saw you post on Discord, well played. They watched the legendary battle eagerly, but were bummed out because they forgot to bring...
  13. But not before he wiped out half of all the breadm*nks ever in all realities and universes. As a result of this, he and Dallan Shavar engaged in the most epic one-on-one fight in the history of Top Ten Anime Fights history.
  14. Logical