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  1. She pitied the rocks. Seeing them strangled reminded her of her father. So Hoid...
  2. Terrific idea. One thing I look back on after making this thread is realizing I didn't think that Shin one through, my bad.
  3. Are you ready to break into King Candy's Castle? I didn't ask if it made me look fat, I asked if it looked fat.
  4. I'm just spitballing here, but at one point, Book 5 (or maybe 3?) was going to be titled "The Highprince of War", but because it was going to be Dalinar's book. But in current written canon, Dalinar is no longer a highprince. If Navani is now considered the queen of Urithiru, wouldn't it make sense that Dalinar is also the king in that regard? So "King of War" instead of "Highprince of War" is not too out of the question, is it not? To top it off, it fits with "KoW".
  5. Words of Radiance explains this. Teft tells someone else from Bridge Four what the Envisagers did in detail while they watch and wait hopefully for Kaladin and Shallan to return from falling into the chasm. I can't reproduce them all here, but it's in that book. I forget, why does Szeth think he knew, again? Taravangian simply tells Szeth "Your father is dead." We don't know how he knows, but he makes it very clear to Szeth. Actually, considering the syntax of her name, I think it can be assumed (or at least, theorized) that she is a Terriswoman Worldhopper. I think it's a very Terris name. Would be nice if we knew more of her story... It also goes to show that society's depictions of the Heralds are very skewed by perception and revised history. I figured Szeth was surprised at seeing Ishar as a white guy (Shin) for the same reason Dalinar was surprised to find out Jezrien was darkeyed -- they'd never had any reason to believe it before because of what society taught of their appearances. That's a really interesting takeaway. The Rhythm of Freedom, perhaps?
  6. There are definitive in-world pronunciations, and then there are Brandon's pronunciation. And then of course, there are multiple other interpretations of how to pronounce it. If you want to be really technical about Aonic pronunciation, it's "EE-LAYN-TRISS" from Aon Ela being EE-LAY. But lots of people are annoyed by the technicalities of proper Aonic pronunciations, and "EH-LAHN-TRISS" or "EH-LAHN-TREES" are just the more generally accepted ones. But I would say the "correct" way to pronounce it... is the pronunciation you prefer to use. It's a matter of interpretation, so everyone will have their own answer and if it's valid for them, I think that's all the validity they need. TL;DR: You decide. Everyone's got their own preferences.
  7. A few more I made over the past couple years but did not yet share:
  8. When this was your coolest Christmas present that you squeed at immediately upon opening.
  9. Deltarune:
  10. That makes sense. But is this all confirmed or just the most likely conjecture? Like, should I take this question to Brandon if/when I get the chance or is it safe to assume this is the case?
  11. Something occurred to me sometime after I read Rhythm of War. In that mind-blowing scene of Rayse dying and King T becoming the new Odium, the text states that Taravangian felt a disconnect from his body upon realizing he had just died from Szeth's stab wound. Immediately afterward, he kills Rayse and Ascends and we know the rest from there. But how "dead" was he? I ask because in Mistborn: Secret History, we see that when Kelsier Ascended to become Preservation, one of the things that limited him was his lack of a tie to the Physical Realm (you know, from being unalive). Ruin gloats about how he's still superior because he has ties to all three Realms. So that would indicate a Cognitive Shadow/soul of a person becoming a Shard doesn't quite get the whole deal. But doesn't this happen to Taravangian? He died, then after he died, he became Odium. Does this mean his tie was severed and he only has a Connection to the Cognitive and Spiritual Realms? It almost seems like a bit of an oversight on Brandon's part for the sake of making King T's Ascension work the way he wanted it to. Or am I wrong and he immediately used his newfound Odium power to immediately tie his soul to his body again and stay connected in all three Realms. That would make sense, considering how very very recent his death was. So does anyone have a definitive answer on that? Or even a most likely one? Has Brandon answered this already or could it be added to a list of questions to ask him? I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts on that.

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      I forgive you ;) 

      This is true. I didn't subscribe to anyone for a long time for reasons, and then when I did start doing it I remembered you and went back. 

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  13. are you alive?

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  14. Fire was extremely susceptible to cuteness. The Mudkips overcame him and he died.
  15. Firerust was ignoring all of it because it was his last day on the job and didn't care to hear orientation or work ethics lessons. What were they going to do, fire him? This is based in truth, as today is my last day at the place I work. I melds surprisingly well into the current situation.