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  1. You wanna know the difference between a viola and an onion? How does a violinist keep their violin from being stolen? To be real, though, as a composer who wants to write for multiple instruments, particularly strings, alto clef is hard to work with!
  2. Despair didn't like being hidden away from sight of everyone. Despair wanted freedom, recognition, adoration! So with great effort she climbed out of the enormous tub of viscous frosting, fought off 33 of the cats and befriended the last 4, then ran away to Elendel to pursue her acting dreams with the four cats in tow.
  3. Thank you, fine fellow. I will most definitely credit you for it.
  4. Ah, I see now. Sorry for misunderstanding.
  5. first verse

    The simple fact that I was unnecessarily and annoyingly @ed is reason enough for me to not join this RP. Besides, I'm in enough as it is.
  6. At least it hadn't been umbused.
  7. Sponsoring commercial at the end, but we can still appreciate this.
  8. Perhaps she misspoke. The end of the second one, start of the third one. But yes, we are FINALLY DONE with the second roleplay!!! I actually think we should "open registration" now. But I'm not the admin here, so let's see what Tesh has further to say.
  9. I believe I've found another place to call home on here.
  10. Obviously, it's a Cojiro.
  11. I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT! This is the best artwork of their dance I have ever seen! Dear me, it's wonderful. If I may... may I have permission to use this artwork for a YouTube video of mine? It's a song that I made for that very scene in the book, but my best recording of it was done on audio instead of video, and I want there to be a visual to go with it. I will most certainly credit you if you are alright with that. Seriously, your piece is truly wonderful.
  12. Because the sloth empire was rising.
  13. Firerust did not understand why people were trying to force rules onto The Longest Thread. It was meant to be a place of total writing freedom. Uncle Brandy threw breadsticks at all the narrators who tried to be coherent.
  14. The forgotten Butt Venture walked in, having no idea what was going on. Then he realized it was all just his fever dream.
  15. It's really too bad Chaos didn't at least leave a small contribution. F Baxil "accidentally" bonded Ba-Ado-Mishram.