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  1. Narrator Firerust was disappointed at how slowly this thread had been going, fearing the TLPW would surpass it at some point.
  2. Once there was a waffle That didn't like to be bread So it decided a ghanderflaffle Would be better to be instead And that's how they were invented.
  3. Apparently, I reached my 700th post without even noticing it. Huh. Maybe I'm on here too much, I never expected that I'd make so many (by my standard at least).

    I probably should have saved post 700 for something special or something.

    Speaking of something special, how about a real status update...

    I'm thinking of publicizing the Borio Singaldi Writing Anthology on here beyond a simple PM and perhaps even beyond the Shard. I really want to make something out of it. Something big, maybe. Another friend of mine expressed interest in joining it, but doesn't want to make an account for a fansite he has no affiliation with in order to do it, so I think I'll try expanding this little world of writing.

    Also... I feel bad that I haven't shared any Mistborn songs in a while. There are more yet that I just haven't recorded yet, and it's been a while. Sorry to those who bothered caring to listen to them. But hey, I've been sharing some of them (as well as a few individual original songs on my YouTube) channel, so I'd love if you'd check it out! (For reference, just look up Fanmade Mistborn Soundtrack on YouTube, thumbnails are just a side view of hands playing a piano.)

    1. Wyndlerunner


      No need to feel bad Fire, quality over quantity as the saying goes.

    2. Kidpen


      "Maybe I'm on here too much, I never expected that I'd make so many"

      *joined over a year after you*

      *has over 3100 posts*

      hehe... yeah... maybe you're on too much. You should really try to cut down on your Shard time.

      *fades into background*

  4. They placed the book on the Bean memorial in order to keep him in everyone's minds and hearts. I didn't know him that well, but he was a funny guy. I'll miss him.
  5. It's a basic fact, yet it was always unsettling to hear, because you remember how you didn't know what the epidermis was at some point and you were very uncomfortable when someone told you that, so now it's unsettling. ... Dang it. I explained it. So it was an explicably unsettling comment.
  6. That word is inexplicably unsettling. Your epidermis is showing.
  7. Because there was a spider on her face.
  8. It doesn't always work. It's more due to laziness that I do it. I don't want to bother finding a bookmark. I don't remember the page number so much as I remember what was going on in the book. So I do a bit of flipping around until I get to the familiar part.
  9. Hehehe...
  10. Hey, I just said it to be unsettling. In reality, I do neither. No folding, no bookmarks. I trust my memory. *Ahem* You know I had to dab it to em.
  11. Notting the knowing of the speaking of this.
  12. This might work for you.
  13. hhhhhhh I love this so much. It's AMAZING.
  14. Nale was furious. He loved that squirrel. It was like a son to him. He'd even named it Squirrel-son-Nale.