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  1. Enthusiasm
  2. Me. I am single offend. And I am win.
  3. It's still in the works, but I have a thread for it on the Shard. But that's beside the point. I hope Black Piper sticks to Stormlight Archive music. I haven't done any serious Stormlight stuff cause I've just been like "Nah, they got it. I'll let them do their thing and I'll do mine." But it's comforting to know that we will be getting the Kaladin album back later this year. I was worried it would be gone forever.
  4. Orderly
  5. But only for thirty seconds at a time after eating Superspicy Curry.
  6. Feel free, it's not like I've structured copyright claims or monetization for it. So you're good. Go ahead. And I corrected your post. Oh yeah, I got a couple more for you! Plus, I figured out a way to filter the sound of my fingers hitting keys, at the cost of a couple tiny recording setbacks that hopefully aren't noticeable. First is the current iteration of the theme I made for the mist spirit. Mist Spirit.m4a Next is the song for the end of book one, in which the Lord Ruler is dying and warns Vin of the world's fate, and then she stabs him and kills him. Hooray for climaxes! He Is Hope.m4a More are to come!
  7. I really hope one of their projects is not a Mistborn soundtrack. Or else a great life work of mine will be rendered redundant.
  8. Yelig-nar Edit: Wait, no pronouns. Yellow
  9. Well, it looks like I'm back. From the dead.
  10. I don't think the statues would really be able to move around, though. Stone isn't exactly malleable. The only reason Kalad's Phantoms worked is because they were bone on the inside. They had movable structures. A statue purely made of stone shouldn't be able to move any limbs or anything. Sure, they could be Awakened, but they couldn't budge or do anything.
  11. Solemn
  12. Significant
  13. Endgame
  14. When that didn't work, Butt used the power of Fartomancy to bring Uncle Brandy back to life.
  15. Ooh, putting them in order! I will gladly do so! Keep in mind that this is only the songs I've made so far, not a full list. This will eventually need to be updated as I make more. I'll even leave a few names of songs I made that I haven't recorded yet just to hype you up! Also keep in mind this is only the chronological order. Final Empire: 1. Mistborn Suite (Maybe just 'cause it's an overall main theme and the like) Edit: 1.5: First Waltz (it's from HoA, but it's the second one I ever made and is the root song for Vin and Elend's theme, so it would work to listen to it early on.) 2. Sazed 3. Noble Life 4. Vin and Elend Meet 5. Sneaking In And Breaking Out (yet to be released on here) 6. Cornered 7. Saved by Sazed 8. Confrontation in the Square 9. The Lord Ruler Arrives 10. Lament for Kelsier 11. Shattered Glass (yet to be released on here) 12. Lord Ruler's Fall (yet to be released on here) 13. You Read Too Much 13.5: Mistborn Suite (it could also be placed here on the list to serve as end credits music of sorts) Well of Ascension 14. Meet Zane 15. Mist Spirit (yet to be released on here) 16. Trust 17. Koloss Breach 18. Frozen in the Ash and Snow Hero of Ages 19. First Waltz (my personal favorite) 20. They Shall Fear Us (full song not yet released) 21. Ruin's Downfall; Vin's Sacrifice 22. Catacendre (yet to be released on here) 23. Epilogue (yet to be released on here) Alloy of Law 24. Alloy Suite (unfinished, yet to be released on here) 25. Wayne Shadows of Self NOTHING YET Bands of Mourning 26. Wax/Steris Wedding (needs a better name) 27. The Last Breath (both versions)