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  1. I wish to sleep. I know now why you do what you do, and I hate you for it. I will not speak of the truths I see. 

    — Collected on Kakashah 1173, 142 seconds pre-death, by the Silent Gatherers. Subject was a Shin sailor, left behind by his crew, reportedly for bringing them ill luck. Sample largely useless.
  2. We are on a trip and we all got sick... well except for big papa but he never gets sick also the red mountains of st george are beautiful
  3. Well you were in salt lake, known as a predominately mormon town, the booksellers were nice, and I've heard brandon is a mormon soooo...
  4. Sorry wrong thread
  5. And so I shoehorn more memes!!! What my family is like to me. also, good for you @Darkness Ascendant
  6. Was told to go to bed last night... stayed up all night and finished "Unwanteds the island of silence" at least i think that was the title.
  7. Random uplifting MLP picture!
  8. Sooo is this the page where we post feel good things?
  9. Steampunk was about to ask a question when he was interrupted by an epic with two girls following him. The man sat down at a nearby table and steampunk's ADD mind immediately brought to his attention the fact that there was a bright flashing light at the top of his plasma screen visor. "Ohhh" said steampunk " A flashing and obvious light!" His readout told him that a nice luxury car- a jaguar- was about to be assimilated to make more clockwork soldiers. He needed to authorize the bots to take action, he considered for a moment... he hit decline. Interestingly there were three people standing near the car, a woman with short blond hair who was on all those posters a young women in a humble posture and an imposing man in the car who would probably disapprove of his car being disassembled. Also- and more importantly - Aphrodite had gotten some new pups- pugs - that were ADORABLE!!! But to other less important matters, "Do either of you want a mini-sun?" It was a logical question and who would say no? A mini-sun would be awesome!"If you throw it the stabilization field and heat moderator will break and a good size city could become a slag heap but no big deal right?"
  10. Will obliteration destroy oregon?
  11. It is not a spoiler but hey! That's just a theory... a book theory aaaaand cut!