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  1. No way, hed kill me. Id try to find another way to form a nahel bond with him and become something new.
  2. Most definitely I live in a "stand your ground" state with no duty to flee though so I'm biased.
  3. Dont forget the "T" since it is The Way of Kings. KOWT Knights On Winding Trails Keepers Of Written Truths Knowledge Old With Time Keys Open....something? This is hard. Someone call Tite Kubo....he'd be able to make something dope.
  4. Stonewards - Highest Truthwatchers - Lowest
  5. The color is bland, the powers are boring and the spren is awful looking. Then again....I would be able to do a lot of healing. I could save soooo many lives and help so many people...far far more than I could with flying....but flying is awesome though. How selfish am I really? Would I give up healing others for being able to play Superman? Nahhhhh. I'm terrible but not that terrible.
  6. Terrible. My least favorite order. A crystal snake plant following me around plus skating and healing. Ugh. Will try again later and weigh the percentages more carefully. I want to fly! If I just become more closely aligned with Edgedancers Ill be super annoyed.
  7. Any kind. Blindness is a physical disability as far I know. I don't think it affects the individual's ability to develop certain personality traits. I could be wrong but I've never heard anything to the contrary. What I'm saying is that if a person developed into XJCPG based on their spirit and their experiences in life, it is unlikely to me they would would develop into that same figure given different life experiences. Maybe an XKFCA instead (the X is for stubborn). Hmmm..... ......and they did this by turning into weapons and granting cool magic powers instead of, I don't know, using bonds to help develop humanity into a more psychologically stable force. It's not some social experiment. They were giving humanity tools to fight and endure in war. Thanks for providing evidence to support my case....that was unexpected. It's not some purely elemental force as I knew. Spren are attracted by a certain type of character but still have a choice in who they bond with. Exactly what I've been saying and Brandon reaffirms it multiple times here. I don't. In this thread, I've been imagining her as being born blind and more dependent by circumstances instead of being able to coast. I am aware that we disagree on this point though, and I don't believe I can sway you. Different life experiences. No, no, n-......wait, that is what I was saying! Wow! PS: Ya'll, I don't think it's impossible for a blind person the be chosen just extremely unlikely due the....blindness.
  8. S word? F word? Why didn't you type out the words? Either because that sort of vulgarity is not allowed on the site or you're not comfortable using the terms I'm sure. Because of course, people using curse words doesn't somehow change that they are curse words, right? Storms is different. It can be used at one moment and someone would think you need to wash your mouth with soap and in the next instance, someone would find it a perfectly acceptable polite way to refer to a weather condition. If we were on Roshar using this site, storms would't be blocked because it couldn't be blocked because what else are you going to use in place of the term? Rosharans certainly don't have any oft used alternative. That's pretty much all I have to say there. This dragged on for quite some time from an intended one off comment.
  9. What? No. I'm saying that in a hypothetical blind reality that its unlikely that a person would develop the same personality traits. I was asking why you bothered to debate me on a topic that you initially were not involved in only to tell me you don't feel its relevant. An odd occurrence. If you feel its irrelevant, just can ignore it. As you indicated, its a choice on what you reply to. That sounds like they began bonding with humans and transforming into swords and granting superpowers just for the fun of it. I think spren choose knights to grant power to humanity not to live a 'The Real World" scenario.
  10. If Kaladin went blind after the bonding process started it would follow through. If we're talking about a situation where Kaladin was blind from birth, thats a totally different story.
  11. Blind Kaladin wouldnt be Kaladin
  12. Ohhhhhhh. I feel like blind Jansah would not be in the same position as current Jasnah and that Ivory would choose someone who could see. I reject the premise. If a blind person did manage to reach Jasnah's level of ability, then it would make total sense for a spren to choose them. Sight or no sight, that person is one in a million You're not telling me anything I don't already know.
  13. It doesnt allow you to prove anything though. Its just something interesting to discuss. I never indicated otherwise. Well no, not everything in the same way as everyone else. This is where we disagree. Yes of course. We all are and no one is wrong regardless of their stance. Completely impossible to know how the butterfly effect would change event and people. Yes, I find it unlikely that such a change would have little effect on a persons personality and objectives. I think there is more to Spren choices than personality and I dont think a spren would choose a blind person over a sighted person with the same characteristics.
  14. Oh, that sounds so much like my Jasnah. I think you just don't know what you're missing. I've seen testimonies from others who confirm that sensory input is not particularly powerful...its just a skill they were forced to learn. Imagine a situation where you are deafened by loud explosion. Who will navigate better afterward, a seeing person or a blind person? I find this sort of argument silly. Obviously a blind person will handle blindness better than a person used to sight just as a boxer would handle a fight better than an untrained individual. Who cares? Again, which do you think we be more effective overall: -Every Radiant has psychological hang ups (as is pretty normal in world) -Every Radiant is blind No it isn't. It's just a hypothetical situation you made up. Or maybe Gavilar would have doted on her. Maybe being forced to rely on others would have greatly dampened her independent streak and confidence. Maybe Jasnah would care about having a masculine relationship with literature and learning. Again, it's entirely possible this blind woman would be similar to Jasnah we know now. I find it unlikely.
  15. Notice we are not discussing religious terms.....I specifically excluded them. Use of Almighty and Damnation dont bother me at all in Stormlight. Use of the word storm does. I find it silly. No idea what you're talking about.