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  1. Seems as good a place as any to ask. Do we know if Lift can breathe in lifelight when she cannot stormlight? Or is she still limited to metabolizing food?
  2. I'll admit it.....I laughed out loud
  3. When confronting Navani. What emotions lead to sadism?
  4. He specifically indicates it takes his anger away from him.
  5. Totally agreed. Could be some sort of amazing payoff in book 5 but I doubt it.
  6. He shows anger and hatred
  7. The story shows otherwise.
  8. Yes. Why should we disbelieve? Everything in the story points to the Heralds having such a Connection to allow for the knowledge Kalak: Jezrien is gone. Despite being all the way out here in Lasting Integrity, I felt him being ripped away. The Oathpact was broken already, but the Connection remained. Each of us can sense the others, to an extent. You’ll be left with a being that eventually fades away into the Beyond. I felt it happen to Jezrien. Nale: Ishar said only a Connection between the worlds could cause a bridge to open. And Taln has not given in. I would know if he had.… Ash: They killed my father a year ago. Permanently, somehow. We all felt it. Hilarious, though I think Nalan is awesome.
  9. How did you feel about Moash murdering Jezrien?
  10. Geez, I genuinely forgot that he was wearing an evil Windrunner costume. Many readers including myself find Moash in Oathbringer to be complex, nuanced, and realistic in a way that most other Sanderson characters are not and it hard to believe this was done accidentally. Frankly, I believe that Vyre's portrayal and role in this book was a direct reaction to the "Screw Moash" meme that the fanbase fell so in love with.
  11. What preferences do you speak of?
  12. To be clear, I've read the story. You should understand that telling me that the Kholins actually are special and that Radiants serving as medics, scouts, troops, and food suppliers are actually very worthy contributions to the *story* isn't actually going to change my stance. Did anyone indicate there wasn't? How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? There, one irrelevant question in exchange for another.
  13. Nah, its a valid equivalence. Moash wasn't a ninja, lol. He walked over, cut the guy down, then held a blade in his eye until his Stormlight was burned out and then had time to acknowledge and salute Kaladin all without being disturbed or attacked by anyone. If he wanted to spit some nonsense he could have unless you think Moash couldn't talk and stab at the same time. Even disregarding that, when do we ever see Moash lie to anyone except in regards to keeping the assassination plot hidden? When does he ever just come up with lies to hurt someone's feelings? Vyre is just a poorly written plot device; he doesn't feel like any continuation of the character that I had read of before. Moash was selfish but not petty at all. Wanting vengeance for the death of his parents against the man responsible for that death isn't petty. Vyre is extremely petty though. He has a strong desire to kill Navani.....just because she's related to Elhokar? Because he doesn't think she's a good leader? How absurd. He acted with less nonsensical emotional framing as Moash and expressed no ill will towards Dalinar or Navani. He helped the Singers because he felt sorry for them its clear through his thoughts. That's like saying Kaladin is selfish because he chose to help Bridge 4 to distract himself and push himself out of his depression. You can walk and chew bubble gum at the same time which is to say you can have many motives for making a specific decision.
  14. Yes he did. Kalak said so.
  15. Gaz of course. Where do you think that new eye came from?