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  1. Pretty sure that Midnight Tides is also in a pre chapter poem in MT. Plus I think it could refer to Rhulad flooding the Nascent.
  2. I voted
  3. I'd say that my favorite sort of side story is either The Snake or Nimander/Twilight/Shore Edit: Basically the entire Tiste Andii subplot from the meeting of Clip with Nimander and Co, to the battle at the shore.
  4. I'm just getting back into ffxiv. Stopped playing a couple years ago cause my brothers quit on me, but now we're back. Still have to finish ARR though, so I've got a ways to go in catching up. Made a new character for coming back.
  5. @Ammanas and I read it together on release last year. I think it had a decent ending to the first story and then a good set up for where it's going in the series. But I'm also a horrible critic, lol, so I'll let him weigh in too.
  6. The Midnight Front comes to mind with regards to soul selling to demons. It's quite good and book 2 comes out this month. And yay Stonewielder!
  7. Tell me again, love, about the Tiste Edur with the spear.
  8. It's worth every bit of $3 and then some. Get this, Mezlas, if you don't already have it!
  9. That would be pretty great. I should really check out the books
  10. @urrutiap Longmire rocks! I wish there was more
  11. How many Malazans does an Aran weigh?
  12. Me either! It's my favorite Ice novel if you don't count Path to Ascendancy. What do you think of Unhewn Throne so far?
  13. This is sweet! @Ammanas
  14. @officiumdefunctorum I'm reading Caliban's War from The Expanse. It's really good so far. Picked up at the recommendation of @Ammanas
  15. @officiumdefunctorum Try this out if you are looking for Malazan discussion. It's pretty much the opposite of ruffians