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  1. I may be wrong, but I am fairly sure the storm father creates them all. So no reproduction necessary.
  2. I would have to disagree and go with a sword. You can't ever lose it unless you think to loose it. Also, I like the idea of training to increase my own body's strength rather than carrying around a bulky suit that you can't have with you at all times.
  3. It would be fun in theory, but imagine if you talked in your sleep at night. Also, the command seems too complex. Mine would be "Create Peace" to get rid of all the chaos. But, I can already see how it would backfire as the "good guys" may be trying to do something right with violence, but who can say?
  4. I agree with Harry Potter being boring, but I never read them until recently, only seeing the movies. Have you read White Sand yet? If not, it is a great stress reliever and has some pretty great illustrations in there. By the way, the cookies aren't as bad as the Assassins in Technicolor Clothing make them out to be, they are actually quite enjoyable after the first three or five.
  5. Skaa Tin misting, because tin is my favorite metal and I could see the stars. Would you rather have the ability of lightweaving or gravitation (If you could have only one)?
  6. I would like to join. I have friends I need to corrupt with cookies... Had them once and something keeps telling me to give some to everyone...
  7. Sadeas' boot shiner (I could do a terrible job) Would you rather have Hemalergic spikes or be a mistwraith with no way to become a kandra?
  8. Hello and welcome to the cosmere! If you are looking for some more Mistborn books, there is a great website where you can get all the books your heart desires for super cheap! The link will be down below. What has been your favorite book so far? Also, the cookies aren't all that bad... http://half.com
  9. I am reading it now and really enjoying it. If you like his writing style and all of his other books then you should really like this books as well! The magic system is really great and easy to follow.
  10. I really enjoy them too, as my family members always talked about them and mostly them before I started reading his books. I really like Syl because she is super dramatic and contrasts Kaladin well.
  11. My dad found out about Brandon the same way, and got all of his kids obsessed with him.
  12. Romeo and Juliet for English and Wheel of Time for fun. I'll be looking for the metaphors
  13. Wit

    Thanks. They way Brandon briefly described it sounded like he wasn't, but I was making sure
  14. You should eat the cookies... I did. It's great.
  15. Would it play like the game 'Mafia'?