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  1. How ancient terrisians menaged to create their strangly specific prophecies. At the end of oathbringer when odium looks at The Diagram he says something along the line" I cant belive you've done it all without acces to Fortune". So that made me wonder: is it possible that ancients terrisians had acces to chromium? Or somebody helped them in creating it?
  2. As we have seen in Hero of ages, spook savantism in tin allowed him to gain more power from burning metal, but as Brandon said theoretical aluminium savant can clean his body from other impurities. So he would gain more control over his metal. And as burning duraluminium alows you to burn other metals in MUCH FASTER way than normal. So maybe with more control over it you could just accelerate the proces of burning. Instead of just one burst of power, you could make your pewter three times as effective, by flaring it three times as faster, but constant.
  3. One spike could steal diffrent atributes, for exaple iron could steal a tin a pewter a iron and a steel. And in the last question autocorrect changed spike to shard
  4. If we take long , sharp from both sides spike, can we steal 2 different atributes from 2 people by impaling them both on that spikes in correct bind points in the same time? Can we also put this spike in two diffrent people, in exactly same time? Anf what power each of them will get? And if the spike contain the same atribut from difrent people? Also, is there a upper limit how many people can use shard the same time?
  5. I think that for mistborn killing full radiant is quite easy. He must eat like 10 kg of steel, some pewter and duraluminium. Then you take big bullet of hard metal, like titanium. The you target radiant and duraluminium steelpush the bullet. Pewter if for survival the shot.
  6. using awekening under normal cicunstances awekening organic things. so i was wondering... Can you take a glass of , for example, apple juice(or any organic liquid) and aweken it. And if you can do it, can you repeat the process if you put the juice in cystern of water. Also, can you (with 2 bilions of breaths and 23th higthening aweken chemical clean water. and what with gases..
  7. We all know that burning aluminium can with experience can clean sb body from investiture. But what can you do as duraluminium gnat. Could you just relese all investiture in Your body in some of.... explosion? Or in another way???
  8. In my opinion, since compounding aplifiles effect of feruchemy, burning coppermind should permament imprint stored memory into your, well, memories
  9. Hi. brandon said that Hemalurgy can steal everythink that in spiritual Web. so od we take gold compounder and using multiple spikes rip apart his entire spiritual web ( gold compounder is need because he need to survive all this spiking) and then if we place all this spikes into a body which had no spirit at all ( maybe after the same process) can we transfer the soul, mind memories and connections to the another body??. if this will be possible, can we also transfer human to the body of Kandra ???