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  1. Wait, so there are two Cooks? That's the only thing that can account for the fourth attack, isn't it?
  2. Sart(6): Maunkos, Joe, Seonid, Silver, Drought, Kyne, Doc. Drought(6): Arinian, Sart, Mage, Ecth, Jondesu. Seonid(1): Drake. So the Diagrammists are voting for Sart, and most of the votes on Drought are the Ghostbloods'. I have a question for the Diagrammists: if Drought ends up getting lynched, would you still kill a GB or go for a SoH?
  3. Bezth sits under a shade in the corner of the market place. Among the adults there are children here too, and looking at them, Bezth's mind starts drift back to the life he had with his family - his wife and his daughter... No, he can not bear those thoughts. They are too much for him, and he pushes them away. He keeps his head in his hands and clenches his hair from the sides, swearing again and again that he would avenge his daughter. Bring the one responsible to justice. But to get there he has to get rid of the Diagrammists that are hiding among his allies. He lifts his head and looks at the crowd. He's been observing them, seeing them point fingers at each other. Even he has been pointed at, by that person named Sart, and he is uncertain as to what he should do about it, given there isn't anything that he can do about it. Night has almost arrived, so Bezth decides to take a look at everyone the next day, when he's had some rest and hopefully and little more observation.
  4. I prefer the killing the other faction over going for the Bondsmith win con, simply because it seems more fun and exciting that way . As for the math and numbers, I'm inclined to believe that there's one Private under each Captain*. So that makes each faction with 1 Leader, 3 Commanders, 3 Captains and 3 Privates. This way, the Commanders would only have the knowledge of the Leader, 1 Captain and 1 Private, which takes care of the issue of the Commanders knowing almost as much as the Leaders. (I could be very, very wrong here, so feel free to correct me) *Because I, a Private, received a PM from my Captain. I mean, if I was a Captain I wouldn't use my first PM on the newest player. But, of course, that's just me. It could very well be that my Captain is just nice that way where I wouldn't be but it could also be that they had no other choice. Agreed. It is also said in the rules: So I guess this completely rules out the possibility of there being only one Commander per faction.
  5. I definitely will, thank you . Also, as I understand it, not everyone can create PMs, only those who have the power to can (Bondsmiths, Runners, Leaders, Commanders and Captains). It is stated in the rules that the ones created Runners and Bondsmiths will last until one of the players in the PM is dead (basically the remainder of the game), so I'm guessing it's the same for the ones created by those in command? Edit- Oh, I just saw this answered above.
  6. Bzeth frowns, looking down at the torn pieces of a map in his hands that he has come across while scouting ahead. There isn't time to put the pieces together right now to see what the map shows - a highstorm is approaching and he and his companions need shelter - so he tugs them safely into his bag to study later. He stands up and hears a rustling sound behind him. Turning around, he sees a blur. Someone quickly ducking down behind a bush. Tentatively, he walks towards it. Just as he gets near, metal flashes, and a person pounces from behind it, a knife in hand aimed straight at Bezth’s chest. Instincts kick in, and Bezth side-steps the man, spins around while grabbing his twin daggers from his belt, and slices deeply at the back of the man’s knees before he even lands. The man hits the ground and collapses, unable to get back on his feet. Bezth then pushes his dagger through the man’s shoulder, getting a gasp and a raspy curse from him before he falls into unconsciousness. Two bags full of jewels and gemstones and spheres are tied at his waist. What a cremling, Bezth sighs and shakes his head while dragging the robber’s body to leave it behind the bush, then makes his way back toward his companions. Or rather….. An idea occurs to him. He goes back, ties the robber’s hands and legs, gags him, swings him onto his shoulder, turns around and heads back, leaving a trail of blood behind.
  7. Just to clarify- the Diagrammists won't have a separate group PM for themselves, right? They will have to manage via the PMs created by the people "in command" and Bondsmith and Runners?
  8. @Elenion Now I'm tempted to get a Facepalming Avatar...
  9. I'd like to sign up, please. Character name: Bezth. A middle aged man. Has a broken leg (long story). But that doesn't stop him from anything, be it walking, fighting, doing what needs to be done to manipulate... With two daggers in his belt and two knives in his boots, he's nearly undefeatable in one-on-one combat. Also, he's sworn vengeance against that pathetic excuse of a Shardbearer in Dalinar's army who murdered his daughter for no valid reason.
  10. Thank you! @Bugsy6912 I just read the rules of that game. Sounds interesting. I'll most likely sign-up for it, since there still 6 days left till the game starts. Hi. I did indeed get your secret white message
  11. Oh yeah, cool (I did not come up with that username, I used an elvish name generator and chose the one I liked best )