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    i have many ideals in life
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  1. hmmmm i was hoping to keep it to myself until tomorrow but.... i guess ill come out and say it in case i am killed i burnt gold during the morning and found out that a player targeted me last night no clue with what tho but by process of elimination he is (lurcher , seeker , smoker, slider, pulser, nocoburst) Should i tell y'all who it was ? cos i might be outing the role of a villager and putting a target on their back
  2. ok interesting so that's a rioter we already sorta knew there was at least one soother (and perhaps one of those vote storing ferrings) i'd be really keen in hearing y'all's takes about the alligniment of those people personally i have no idea i dont think we can presume anything from the day one cancels as for now i can see it being the elims wanting to not have a tied vote (do we know if ties mean no one gets booted or if it is 50/50?) but perhaps having a tie to limit our info is better for them so i really don't know never mind i just can't count it's the soother or the feruchemist again damn, i'd actually like rioter i'd still be interested on any thoughts about their alignment
  3. i am a bit weirded out about this bandwagoning so close to the end of the cycle but i guess we'll see
  4. oh my..... self well one elim is down, that's good fortunately lotus (due to being the only person i rly know in this lobby) was basically the only person i talked to on day one so to add my to cents to the discussion i'll tell you what i know didn't say much apart from claiming she'd me dead before i would be (so good instincts i guess @Lotus ) though she attributed that to her always being sus, leading me to believe she was marinating me now... regarding the rest of the thread i am just so confused , it seems like there is nothing really substantial event though an elim is gone kinda unfortunate she wasn't more active so we'd have more to go with as to voting looks like TJ is getting booted but i am not going to add any vote, cos i don't have any particular suses and i like the spread
  5. i expected a recreation as proof but i guess that will suffice i can only speak for myself
  6. it is not a cipher but could you please define coded ?
  7. well...not particularly well , i'd even argue that using it now could be more detrimental than not it'd also be like screaming the cipher (no pun intended) to a very obvious hand signal to be used out in the open that people could also figure out on their own if they went looking. so if everyone knows about it there is no reason for it and if i employ it in secret only a few will pick up on it and i risk them being Elims and swaying me to their side that being said i'll give it a shot and perhaps explain it a cycle or two from now so that people can go back and check there .. TADAAAAAA you have it (with 3 ways to figure it out depending on the variety of cool person you are, be it investigator, archivist or dark of cover) it would have worked way better if people weren't actively searching for it and it could be slipped by for only the ones warned to look out for it further more if the rules have changed since i last employed this gambit and it is now disallowed i am sorry and please Bard delete this post until i reveal it however i promise upvotes to whoever figures it out
  8. hmmm that sucks i had a plan that accounted for pms to be closed but i thought i'd wait a cycle to screen people i kinda trusted through PMs before telling anyone about it well back to old fashioned mafia it is
  9. to clarify i am not asking the elims to target me just.... to treat me normally and for weather day or night y'all shouldn't feel bad for murderising me
  10. well it is good to be back and thanks for the welcome gift Matrim's dice as i have been gone for over a year and i am quite rusty i'll defer to the majority if there is a plan of action do y'all propose a more consolidated town plan or just let whatever happen until we have info ? that being said i'll post some rp tomorrow after i reread the prompt , cos it's been a week lastly i'd like to talk to the rebels: even if it's my first game ijn a while it is also exam season so dont avoid killing me cos of that , it'd probably be for the best
  11. Ι shall return from my hiatus and join this game as....what is a normal name .....Bill Bill Door however my posts might be less frequent from the 7th and on as exam season starts
  12. why not neither ? thecnically this game can be won by all with no blood shed