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  1. why not neither ? thecnically this game can be won by all with no blood shed
  2. Glenn moved a stack of books to block a ray of the redc sun that the courtains didnt manage to stop . was it day already? he had spent the whole night checking over ledgers and what he found was troubling. the most powerful house in Luthadel and it was crumbling. Everyone in the house spent money on balls like there was no tomorow , everyone asumming that the atium would cover for any expense. After a night of triple and quadruple-checking it was aparent to him , this whole thing was a bubble and it would pop any day now. Mesures had to be taken and changes had to be made but until then.....maybe he could squeeze some more atium out of the skaa in the mines if he had them work double-shifts , it would not do anything in the longterm but it could keep the house afloat for some more time , some more time was all he needed as he finished that thought he noticed a decorative envelope enter his room underneath the door as he opened it traces of a smile appeared on his face "How ironic. at least it isn't ours " one more check at the ledgers and then ... he had a ball to go to
  3. well to damnation, this old retired soul will request admittance, if you'd have me ofcourse ill join as... Glenn an overworked accountant for house(insert name here) edit : i forgot i had that as a signature edit2 : i am super excited to be in a game with you all again
  4. so for some time i have been working on a homebrew supplement for introducing spen in D&D (even if they are more like elementals) i have most of it hammered out and got the ok for most of the artists but i wanted a final feedback from anyone here that knows anything about Dungeons and Dragons before i upload it to the dms guild , plus sharders could be interested the link can be found here shoutout to the amazing artists (botanica xu and Pam Hage) and the shard affiliated D&D discord server for their help any criticism and suggestions are more than welcome and everyone seeing it is free to download it adn use it if you'd like
  5. i guess i'll go for elandera they voted for walin (who i deem vilage) when randuir was on the choping block as well as gut feeling (i know it is not a very good reason ) also for whoever asked me the reason i suspected bushing i rly dont know , we have had many of suspects turn innocent and our reasoning for suspecting ppl has become thiner and thinner , (excluding fifth up above , which is possible but it makes me think that he is just having fun by trolling ..... now that i think about it , dissrupting vonversation is a relatively good reason to get rid of smn but /shrug ) so if they managed to convince us that one of them is village they could ride with the situation , sadly going back to the elim lynches there wasnt anything that would point me in the direction of any one unless mr doctor is the one and did the harder bushing ever seen by man , which i find highly unlikely
  6. i dont have strong suspicions for anyone i was just going down the list of some of those that didnt seem vilage to me (due to voting or overall feel) the reason i considered Snipexe is that iirc he voted on sart for a time , which is normal new player behaviour , as mr doctor pointed out as for coting i dont know , i usualy have one or two ppl that rub me the wrong way but in this game (perhaps cos i wasnt here from the start and my study of the backlog was a bt hasty ) i rly dont know , my best guess would be someone not on the village list so.... /shrug. My safest bet would be Rath but even then i am far from certain . i was suspicious of straw but i have faith in him that he wouldnt be innactive and only place kill orders so perhaps not him that much anymore and Walin was voted day one by the innexperienced dm , so i wouldn't think it is bushing having said that this game as a whole gives me a sense that we have been fooled , that two elims during the lynch voted on eachother so that one of them would be exhonorated for sure (i might do a deep dive on the last 2 lynches after today perhaps )
  7. i think i'll go for Jodensu , not that it seems relevant considering the bandwagon on doc (whose lynch i am not oposed to ) tho Jodensu's post made me suspicius of him ,(leaning elim on ppl that are prety much confirmed town ), if not those two then, HH or snipex would be my next guesses PS how do you feel about the rand voting on strw to make him apear vilage after he was shown to be elim ? (not rly a fan myself , but it is possible , and i would like more opinions on the topic )
  8. i am all cought up now so my guesses for village are Walin day one vote by bort (tho that could be weird bushing , unlikely for a young player but /shrug) mr doctor, dalinar, drake, sart and now fifth for their inital voting on varius elims throughout the gamefor elims ithink i have to doublecheck some things but overall i dont have big suspicions on anyone , perhaps snipex but that could be a young player missing things, i did much whorst straw as well perhaps. tho that man always seems dubious to me so take my ssusspicions with a crystal of salt P.S. nooooo drake , you might have been an E88 but you were a worm fan , you will be missed , P.S.2 i still dont understand how the whole resurection with pills from being mostly dead works , i'd apreciate it if smn explained
  9. naturaly . i see you are a man of taste . a worm signature is the only good signature
  10. and the pinch hitter has arrived i will hold my tougne since i have lots of backtracking to do i wouldnt mind a tldr from anyone willing but regardless i'll be back before the night is over
  11. i shal not allow fun in my battalion private @Alvron plus turns out i cant it the crab i took last turn so i am confisceting your leftover pizza , i will also need a drink, so , someone bring me a drink from that bucket over there as things stand i am not that sertain about anything if were around i would had probably violated my no D1 voting rule and have voted for Macwhatshisname , i think that by tomorow we'll get some more clarity ,tho the elims can take turns and they can always claim that they went for an item that is out of stock (it actualy surprised me that it hasnt happened already ) for the ones that havent picked an item last day (unles that is what alv was hinting at with him saying that he put in an action) furthermore i do have to note that orlok said "This ensures that, each cycle, we only have a small pool of people who can make the kill" if he is an elim it is easily provable by the true thief ..... thogh the thief wouldnt rly want the village to win before they can gather the bribes so it could just be him claiming that as an elaborate ply but i doubt it our dear orlok also made some good points about some functioning problems of the game but aprt from the thief i dont think it is as severe , as i stated above if i am still awake when the cycle nears it's end i will vote or if i see better arguments for alvron (but i am not sold as of this moment ) but i dont have someone in particular better to suggest
  12. you should be careful the way you give the gun to someone , wolfia has created aa sort of ptsd for guns also i think i'll go for the crab since i am hungry , ill keep it until someone acts suspiciously
  13. I shal grace you with my presence i am generlal Manukos the IV
  14. every power we see in the cosmere is associated with a shard , even within magics that are created by a shard the individual powers could correspond with different shards that didnt have any thing to do with it's creation this would make sense since, as for adonalsium to operate he wouldnt use one part of him at a time , and so , post shatering different shards wouldnt be able to operate on there own without needing a power that is the focus of an other shard , to a small degree (like , they would all need a part of autonomy to function , and administrate their godly power , or for a way to endow their planet with investiture ) so for example whenever we see growth or regrowth or healing in general around the cosmere it is a power of cultivation but used in a way that expresses the resident's shard focus and so powers like connection , or lightweaving that we see apearing throughout the cosmere in different magic systems is just a result of that. perhaps abilities like gravitation and some other surges are exempted as they are .... well natural though , even that could be atributed to a shard , the harneshing of natural forces i have little hope in this theory is even remotely correct but i found it an interesting concept thoughts?