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  1. Maybe I should be active on here again...
  2. woah two quotes in a month. guess i gotta pop in for a minute
  3. yeah i still exist
  4. It was the Stormfather. Sorry for not posting!
  5. So... do I get to pick one? This character has many children and has a stormy demeanor.
  6. you can hid your own posts.
  7. @KnightRadiantZ depending on how many sanderson books you've read some references might go over your breath. they're talking about Breath from one of brandon's other books, warbreaker
  8. lol. it wouldn't be far fetched that we were doing the same competition, as it was a very popular one, but i mean more that the scale of her winning was probably better than mine
  9. i'm sure yours was much better, mine wasn't anything too special
  10. in my opinion discord is a place for smaller communities... i will always find forums better for big groups
  11. People who narrate their actions with asterisks (i.e. *blushes*) Bronies. It's a kids show. You can like it, but don't force it on me.
  12. Just got back into playing Massive Chalice. Still one of the most interesting game ideas ever. I might write a short story based in a world similar to that one.
  13. Anyone have advice on how to skim history books? Homework eats up my time and I know I'm being too thorough.
  14. I don't know about you guys, but in New York on Colombus Day, we had a parade, and many Italian American artists were celebrated. There was very little mention of Colombus himself and many people spoke more about what it was like to be Italian-American and their experiences. I myself spent time with my grandmother and enjoyed learning more about my culture. That may just be a regional thing, but I'm kinda tired of hearing people dump on a day that's actually dear to my heart.