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  1. The deadeye spren do seem to have limited autonomy and self-control over where they move. Some seem to choose to follow their wielder around, while others chill at Lasting Integrity, or stand wherever another spren wishes them to. I imagine it was by intent that Testament has kept out of sight from Shallan, either Testament's own intent or the actions of the Cryptics as a whole. The hope was probably "wait for Shallan to be ready to accept this", but then they had to move up their plans when Shallan instead seemed to be regressing.
  2. I think the big thing with Cultivation is that she makes plans within plans. Rodium is the direct contrast, he wants one specific outcome and then pursues the goal with single minded focus. Cultivation though is always planning for possibilities and contingencies. Taravangian killing Rayse and becoming Odium was certainly one of her plans, but I'm sure she had many backups ready to implement if critical junctures swung in unexpected ways. In particular I think fallen-Dalinar might have been an aborted alternate plan for killing Rayse. In an alternate timeline where Dalinar did fall to Odium and become his champion, that doesn't preclude him from being a pawn in Cultivation's schemes. She even alludes to as much when she blesses him
  3. Fantastic theory! Chana should have "respawned" on Roshar around the same time Taln did, if so I wonder what she has been getting up to since then. Her honorblade also should have followed her back to Braize and then Roshar, and it going missing should have been noticed and reacted to by the Shin Stone Shamans (assuming Ishar hadn't messed with their heads yet). Liss has been popularly theorized to be Chana in disguise. With Chana potentially reassigned, I now wonder if Liss isn't Vedel. The physical description of Liss doesn't give us much to work with (curvy body, long loose dark hair, Veden skin), but that would match pretty well with the portrait we have of Vedel.
  4. I just realized that Navani's story in this book was very similar to Shai's in The Emperor's Soul. It's an interesting contrast because I still feel that The Emperor's Soul is the highest quality writing Brandon has produced to date, and in almost every regard I found it's story and the character of Shai more interesting/sympathetic than Navani and her story in RoW.
  5. There was another Cryptic even before Testament that Shallan murdered while a toddler. Also she killed her twin while in the womb. Shallan is a Russian nesting doll of surpressed murder memories.
  6. When asked about Kaladin uniquely being able to use his powers in Urithiru, Brandon noted that Kaladin was as close as possible to the 4th oath. He knew the words, and the Stormfather was ready to accept, but Kal just couldn't bring himself to say them. (I think there might have been 3 distinct times in Oathbringer where Kaladin could have sworn the oath if he was willing: when using the windspren to split the highstorm, when the windspren gather to him in Shadesmar aboard the Honorspren vessel, and of course near the end by the Oathgate). Too bad, I was hoping for a more mystical "Kaladin is special!" explanation there.
  7. I took it as a simple “conditions change, but a shard would normally tweak the magic system to compensate”. If Devotion was unshattered, the Reod would have been easily fixed if not preventable in the first place. Same with the effects of BAMs imprisonment, Honor is his prime would have just sundered the necessary bonds to prevent the fallout to spren and singers.
  8. I'm guessing he has always looked like that since the moment he became immortal, that was just how his body looked the moment he stopped being mortal. Not all heroes need to fit the traditional physical template we have in our minds etc. Story-wise I found him fun. His complete lack of decorum and the way he seems to say the most immediate silly thoughts on this mind are entertaining. One moment that actually made me laugh out loud was him quietly writing in his journal during the middle of the trial and Adolin hoping that he wasn't doing one of those word puzzles that Jasnah enjoys
  9. Renarin is a kind person and a socially awkward weirdo. I find that combination endearing.
  10. The Ars Arcanum lists the 10 essences of Roshar and to each essence/Herald/Radiant order is listed a Primary and Secondary Divine Attribute. I wonder if the Radiant Oaths themselves are a progression from the Primary Divine Attribute to the Secondary Divine Attribute. In the case of Windrunners the primary attribute is Protecting, and the secondary is Leading. The 2nd and 3rd oaths focused on protecting, but the 4th seems a transition oath to broader duties of leadership. I would expect the 5th to be extremely leadership focused.
  11. She's a hypercompetent and brilliant girlboss. She's the perfect avatar of a worldview that suggests if only we put the smartest rational people in charge, all the problems of the world would fix themselves through sheer intelligence. The institution of slavery and a caste-based society with rigid cultural gender roles are no match for the smart person in charge.
  12. They both see the same future possibilities (Renarin is essentially hacking into Odium's futuresight). If Odium plans to change something in the future, Renarin can respond to that planned action with his own action to potentially negate it. From there it dissolves into an "I know that you know that I know..." intellectual stalemate. Thus from Odium's perspective Renarin's actions cannot be predicted. If you've read Dune a similar idea is explored there.
  13. Well he was definitely lying about Kaladin having the Honorblade, but he might have known at this point that an honorblade was truly missing.
  14. Way back in WoR Tanavangian made reference to one of the Honorblades going missing when trying to convince Szeth that Kaladin couldn't be a Radiant. I had assumed he made the whole thing up on the spot, but the part about an Honorblade going missing seems to have been true. I wonder if he knew back then that it was the blade from Szeth's father.
  15. They never specified the champion needs to be mortal. Couldn't Odium just send one of the UnMade? Sure they can be captured under very special circumstances, but good luck killing one in a duel.
  16. He mentioned it completely in passing, no idea how T came to this information:
  17. I feel like the book was trying to set up an "oh no, Kaladin is angry and he's going to become Odium's champion" moment, but that's ridiculous. Maybe it was making the point that Rayse was deluded enough to think he could tempt Kaladin into becoming his champion?
  18. It can't be unintentional that Kaladin is completely without (non-Syl) relationship prospects 4 books into this series. Nor can it be a coincidence that the childlike and carefree nature of Syl has been corrupted by Kaladin's sadbrains and knowledge/dwelling on the inevitability of death/loss.
  19. It's an Elantran isn't it? The same as the bald "Shin" fortune teller the gang encountered in Shadesmar back in Oathbringer.
  20. My read from that line is that the Shin trained to use the Honorblades primarily to better guard the Honorblades. They recognized the danger of the weapons and also possibly the impending madness of the Heralds. What they aimed to prevent is exactly what Ishar has now done.
  21. Some of the best scenes we've had so far are Dalinar and T debating their ruling philosophies at one another and hoping to convince the other that they're correct. I think the future is whatever allows these debates to continue for eternity. The shardbearing Odd Couple.
  22. I think the order of events you have it is off. The imminent death of Tanavast was the driving events of the whole Recreance, indeed the capture of BAM may have been a move of desperation caused by Honor's imminent death. The best confirmation of this is the logs in the Gemstone Archive they give us a snapshot in time when the tower was being abandoned. At this moment the Tower's functions have already begun to fail, yet the capture of BAM is still in the planning stage. Honor's progressive death caused the loss of his "pure tone" which the Sibling needed to combine with Lifelight to make its Towerlight. Without a supply of Towerlight, the Sibling needed to progressively scale back Urithiru functions, causing the Radiants to abandon the tower and setting in motion the capture of BAM and abandonment of Radiants oaths.
  23. The other possibility behind our very rude Radiant burning WarLight is that Odium and Honor's powers have blended or there is a higher level of cooperation between the two. I know we've already done the shard mashup in Mistborn, but the phrasing of this line by Cultivation to Todd really caught my eye
  24. I think that comparison isn't apples to apples. Rayse:Odium :: Jezrien:Honorblade The mind guiding a power is always going to be less substantial than the power itself.
  25. Good catch, unfortunately I think Nightblood sucked all the good stuff out of that body.