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  1. It would be an enormous stretch to assume Brandon may have been heavily influenced by
  2. Sensible!? Vedel is the patron of surgeons. The surgeon school is in Kharbranth. Kaladin's dad likely met Kaladin's mom while studying surgery in Kharbrath. Kaladin's mom has darkeyes, but culturally acts like a lighteyes in all respects and receives detailed letters from her family about advances in fabrian technology. Conclusion: Vedel is Kaladin's Grandmother!
  3. I assumed they just represented the 4 patron Heralds of the most elaborated on Radiant Orders so far (including the first 3 books and also Lift's short story). Kaladin + Bridge 4 = Windrunners = Jezrien Shallan = Lightweaver = Ash Dalinar = Bondsmith = Ishar Lift = Edgedancer = Vedel
  4. Ironsides was a very confused (and I'm guessing very internally conflicted) woman. Almost none of her actions with regard to Spensa actually advanced any of her supposed goals. She discriminated against Spensa only just enough to inconvenience her into trying harder and generate sympathy from the other students. She claimed to be ultimately worried about the danger of the defect yet sent Spensa armed into multiple livefire fights? I get the feeling she was mostly just lying to herself about what her goals and motives were.
  5. Agree, and after reading Defending Elysium and seeing this line I think the colorful teleporting slug is actually a shell-less Varvax.
  6. “I hope you're proud of yourself for the times you've said 'yes,' when all it meant was extra work for you and was seemingly helpful only to someone else.” - Fred Rogers
  7. Yes that's basically my reading of it. Humans with out of control surges already nuked Ashyn, the fear is that they'll do the same to Roshar. I think that's Odium's ultimate gameplan. Not destroy Roshar himself via bruteforce, manipulate angry and victimized humans to do it for him.
  8. Riddle Contest? Or perhaps a dance-off? Fiddling competition?
  9. In which a Guild Navigator from Dune re-enacts the plot of Gurren Lagann?
  10. Violet Evergarden is a beautiful show that made me cry and think deep thoughts about the human condition and empathy. Usually "terk jerker" media don't work on me, they feel emotionally manipulative and overly dramatic and I kind of check out. For whatever reason though this show felt extremely authentic and thus hit me hard in the feels.
  11. Based on what I think caused the formation of the Shattered Plains, magic floating cities may not be the best long term solution.
  12. Neither is perfect, both disrupt the originally designed immersive multi-sensory experience, so I mostly just dislike anyone who thinks their opinion on this matter somehow makes them superior to anyone else. Dubs cause an audio/image disconnect and lose original voice acting flavor, however subs disrupt the synchronization of language delivery across a scene and temporarily distract your focus from visual details (if you think this is not the case, see how well people drive when texting). On the whole I think I personally prefer dubs, assuming they are made with quality. Cheap dubs are awful, but high quality dubs can get really close to the original language experience though. That and I enjoy being able to change the laundry, answer the door, feed the cat, get a snack, do some exercise etc. without necessarily needing to pause. I worry that subs are so demanding on your attention that they kind of encourage an inactive lifestyle. Especially if you're binge watching a show!
  13. I think we're meant to see a connection between The Diagram listing the final highstorm dates and Renarin's powers manifesting during those same highstorms to predict the date of the return of the everstorm.
  14. You tap the Electrum metalmind...It fills you with determination!
  15. "Turn and Face the Strange"