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  1. I would guess we're finally going to get Taln returning to lucidity as our pillar scene. As I understand Taln was the/a main character in the original Stormlight Archive version, yet he's been very sidelined so far in the first 3 books. Perhaps Hoid tells a story to remind Taln of who he is and why he fights, and we finally get Taln back as a POV character. My long-shot guess is that we'll find out Hoid played a part in hatching the plan to send only Taln to Braize after the last desolation, suspecting that it was the only way to deny Odium imminent victory with all the other Heralds being broken.
  2. I would guess Kaladin is just slipping into a periodic depressed mood. Not "full" depressed, but what was previously referred to as dysthymic, at risk of becoming full depressed if he doesn't self-care, which Dalinar is trying to help him do. The fact he is sleeping late through a highstorm makes me think so. Previously we've seen Kaladin is an early riser who starts the day with physical exercise, at least when his mood is good. If he was haunted by some recent trauma I'd expect more restless insomnia (like he was during their trip through Shadesmar) and Syl being more acutely worried about his mental state. I could certainly be wrong, but one of the things that makes persistent depressive disorder such a burden is that it is often triggered by absolutely no inciting event. You feel bad for no reason, and then you feel guilty about feeling bad for reason.
  3. Rock struck me as a classic Edgedancer, looking after the well-being of group members who might otherwise be forgotten (Rlain and Renarin especially).
  4. I think Singers is what the Parshendi as a whole have traditionally called themselves. The Listeners were a distinct breakaway group that abandoned most of the rhythms/songs in an attempt to avoid influence from Odium. Both names make reference to hearing and expressing the natural rhythms of Roshar. Parsh and Parshendi (thinking Parsh) were human terms to refer to them. Singer : Listener :: Human : American
  5. Moash at least places the image in a very narrow timeframe with his lack of shoulder patch. Specifically it would be in his first POV chapter in Oathbringer - after he removed his Bridge 4 shoulder patch but before he was forced to give away his shardblade. (Although this may be more abstract than literal in displaying particular times)
  6. Starting at Kal on the bottom and working clockwise I think we have 1) Teft - older and grizzled 2) Drehy? - receding hairline 3) Lopen - smug smile, 2nd arm is hidden from view 4) Rock - no weapon, facial hair 5) Renarin? - has a sword, a bit distant from the rest (also there's one fewer person in the bottom image relative to the top) 6) Leyten? 7) Sizgil - darker skin 8) Moash - shardblade, no tattoo on forehead, shoulderpatch is also missing (interesting that he's still shown with the group after that point) 9) Skar? - hair greying a bit?
  7. Maybe the Midnight Mother gummed up that door as a petty act of vandalism during her long centuries of being imprisoned alone in Urithiru?
  8. I wonder if the Siah Aimians got a species wide blessing/curse from the Nightwatcher. Their blessings are bodies that are extremely physically changeable at will (and extremely long lifespans as a result) but balanced with a curse of awful luck.
  9. Everyone's first impulse is to attribute the 3 moons to the 3 shards. I think the much more likely connection is to the 3 "godspren" which eventually became the 3 Bondsmith spren. Nomon=Stormfather, Mishim=Nightwatcher, Salas=sibling.
  10. It might be a subtle reference to Taravangian's Day of Brilliance, and making a commentary on the strange similarities between days of extreme brilliance and insanity (especially as it symbolically relates to psychotic mania episodes in people with type 1 bipolar depression). Taravangian also wrote and drew things all over the walls and objects in his room (some even in his own made up hieroglyphic language or other strange ciphers) very similarly to how a psychotic patient might. His stream of consciousness writing just happened to be grounded in true prophecy though (and not written in bodily fluids as far as we know). But it's not like a psychotic person doing a similar behavior wouldn't also think their crazy ramblings were divinely inspired either.
  11. ^I think we should be incredibly cautious about interpreting seemingly straightforward words of Brandon related to this topic. He loves to split hairs sometimes, and this is a perfect topic for him to do so because "Roshar" could refer to just the planet Roshar, but could also refer to the Roshar Solar System (which includes Ashyn and Braize). I also agree with your theory and have been wondering similar thoughts to myself. Ashyn is such an interesting topic to theorize about.
  12. Also black is the absence of visible spectrum light, yet black materials make an extremely effective fuel for Awakening.
  13. I imagine soulcasting blood is a lot like Stormlight passively healing wounds in general. There's a template of how things "should be" in the cognitive realm and the magic works to replicate that into the physical realm. Jasnah is probably preforming a rudimentary form of hemodialysis when she is soulcasting blood. Take out a certain non-lethal volume of poisoned blood -> replace it with "normal blood" (using Shallan's cognitive image of a healthy self to guide the Stormlight/Soulcasting of what her usual non-poisoned blood would be like). Just like with dialysis or normal glomerular filtration of your blood by your kidneys this would be a time consuming process and require multiple "cycles" to progressively cleanse the blood as you can only remove and filter a fraction of the total volume at a given time.
  14. Personally I think that by being the one who killed Jezrien and by using his Honorblade, Moash now has the potential to take up Jezrien's place in the Oathpact. Going to Damnation and willingly being tortured to hold back the Fused for a couple years (thus explaining the time gap between the front and back 5 Stormlight books) would be a pretty great form of penance for Bridge 4's prodigal son.
  15. "Be!" And then leave it unattended for a couple hundred years, hopefully it'll create a sentient Nalthis spren.