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  1. I suspect it is mostly an observation that Kaladin places the desire to do the right thing above doing merely what the rules/oaths tell him is the right thing. Tanavast was the human holding the power of Honor. We know that the nature of the shards can warp the perspectives of their holders over time (Ati was a kind person, Ruin made him axecrazy). I suspect early on Tanavast was a more compassionate person who cared deeply for protecting humanity. As time progressed though and he was wounded in his struggle with Odium, I suspect he grew more extreme in his interpretation of Honor (black-and-white thinking, emphasizing the letter of oaths/laws instead of the human impact, not freeing the suffering Heralds from their oaths). As Odium himself accused: Now, everything Odium says should be viewed with a grain of salt, but he might be hinting at the end result of that sort of transformation process: Tanavast's personality being warped over time from viewing honor as a way of trying to do the right thing, and instead focusing on the process itself of Honor (keep oaths above all). The Stormfather himself implies at one point that Honor's personality had changed quite a bit by the end. You could view Szeth and Nale as good examples of that sort of extreme Honor rule following undiluted by compassion. Kaladin rather uniquely of the characters spends a lot of time mulling over what "doing the right thing" actually means. He wants to protect everyone, but how can you do that when two different groups of people you are sympathetic to start killing each other? Other characters are not necessarily evil in what they do, but they don't spend a lot of time digging deep about what really is right/wrong in specific situations. Dalinar follows the codes and the Words of Radiance without really constructing his own beliefs on right/wrong. I think that confusion and extreme focus on "what is right" by Kaladin is what makes him so uniquely Tanavast-like.
  2. I wonder if Vo was something unique even among the Returned. Instead of coming back confused about who he was, he apparently delivered some important religious teachings and conceived a child, all within the short week he had to walk the world before dying again. Endowment must have been more involved than usual in his return.
  3. God is dead. At least in the Judeo-Christian sense. The aspect most traditionally associated with God is (charitable/merciful) love. The shard of Adonalsium that seems closest to this is Devotion. Which was shattered long ago. Existential yikes!
  4. Rial is definitely an odd one. I'm still hoping he's a kandra that took the body of the original MIA Rial.
  5. I wondered if her interest in Fabrial sciences might indicate a family connection to Kharbranth/The Palaneum. That's a complete guess though.
  6. I think it's that. They need to suppress their Divine Breath, which reverts their physical form to normal mortal human instead of Greek God. Most wouldn't want to do this because it would result in a loss of all their fancy powers that the one big Divine Breath gives. There are benefits though. Mostly to do with being stealthy, and I suspect being able to have children.
  7. I don't think the Inquisitors want to fully wipe out Skaa mistings. After all, skaa mistings are their source of replacement spikes to propagate their species or upgrade themselves. As such I imagine they eliminate the dangerous ones or ones with particularly desirable powers to steal, but largely just keep tabs on the ones not flaunting their powers.
  8. I think the cold-sensitivity of our Southern friends has something to do with the planet itself. Scadrial is actually quite unique in that Ruin+Preservation created the planet and humans and as such the very planet is suffused with their investiture. Rather than change the southern humans physically, I think instead their spirit(web?)(DNA?) was in some way modified to cause all southerners to be constantly be "storing" heat energy into the essentially infinite metalmind of the planet itself (maybe even linked to the spewing ashmounts in a giant investiture recycling system). This made the extremely hot un-shaded by ash conditions on the Southern Continent feel comfortable for them. When Sazed cooled the planet back to normal temperatures though, for some reason the constant low level heat-leaching has continued. As a result, Southerners need to tap a heat metalmind just to "get back to normal" by cancelling out their constant low level heat drain. Maybe Sazed didn't want to tinker around with the Southerner's spiritual aspect or didn't feel knowledgeable enough to change the system when he realized what was happening down under? Or maybe this heat piracy system is how Harmony balances his extra Ruin out, bumming heat from humans certainly feels Ruin-ish.
  9. edit: Yes, thank you to everyone for repeatedly informing me that I am very wrong. Please consider me suitable chastised. They're from Adonalsium, and were likely part of the planet/system originally when Adonalsium created it. This was before Honor/Cultivation/Odium and human presence on the planet, all those came post Adonaslium shattering. Rhyshadium are native Rosharian creatures, and we can tell this because they're specially adapted to survive in Roshar's environment (spren bonding for any purpose is a Rosharian ecology trait as is hard carapaces to protect from the highstorms). This was also the clue starting us in the face all along that humans are the invasive species on Roshar, and Singers are the original residents: innate spren bonding and hard shells in the Singers. Normal earth horses are the invasive species brought to Roshar from another planet during one of the large human migrations. (This is what Renarin meant when he mumbled to Adolin that "they don't belong").
  10. I assumed pushes and pulls just hacked the reality "code" specifically to negate Newton's 3rd law.
  11. I think you always need to be careful when Roshar is mentioned because it could mean planet Roshar, or the solar system (including Braize and Ashyn). Maybe the Sleepless originally came from Ashyn and migrated to planet Roshar after Ashyn was magically nuked? Perhaps the Siah Amaians were the original inhabitants of the island and the Sleepless joined them later.
  12. Let's go even deeper into the crazy hole. What if the origin island(s) is Cultivation's secretly culivated army/civilization where she has been enacting her deepest plans far from both Vorinism and Odium's eyes.
  13. Kaladin is a thoughtful introvert with trust issues and survivor's guilt. Currently he throws his everything into his career to distract himself from his lack of social life, and he puts up walls to limit the abilities of others to get to know the real him. Bridge 4 is a great example of the "walls" he puts up. Kal is caring and protective of his people and willing to listen to their inner problems, but he never "lets his hair down" and just chills with anyone as a friend rather than a commander (they basically had to strongarm him to get drinks with them once). He is also very protective of his own personal details and inner thoughts and concerns. His "work life balance" is currently 100% work. These are defensive mechanisms (that he may not consciously realize he is doing) to distance himself and lessen the trauma of losing further people he is close to. He protects his inner self because his trust has been severely betrayed before. Adolin being a friendly extrovert has the best chance of cracking his shell. He's willing to push Kaladin to try new things, and not offended when Kaladin is occasionally snippy. Ultimately though, Syl is a big limiting factor on Kaladin getting out there and socializing. Syl is like a perfect imaginary friend: always supportive, intellectually engaging, entertaining, always willing to listen (literally always, she never sleeps!). She's almost too perfect to the point that she allows Kaladin to be complacent and never feel the need to interact with others.
  14. Not impossible though, the magic system on Ashyn is bacteria/disease based for example. Or you could just overcharge the "healing" of the body and give the patient multiple manifestations of cancer simultaneously. Also, well, "stab them with a shardblade" is probably the most efficient method to kill in 99% of cases anyways. Thankfully mass killing is generally frowned upon by Radiants. Just imagine how much damage Kaladin could do by throwing a Syl spear and immediately returning it to his hand.
  15. I like the way you think, but I would add to it and state the missing piece here is Aimia. Puuli is a Natan native, whose blueish skin and white hair indicates that they are likely a human-Aimian hybrid. The Thaylay people with their long white eyebrows are also likely human-Aimian. This is strange though as Aimia is an island off the south-western coast of the conteninent, but Natan and Thaylenah are on the eastern and south-eastern coasts of the continent. I think The Wandersail legend is the linking element here. Aimian sailors in the distant past circumnavigated the globe, integrated with a lost civilization on near the origin, and later sailed and colonized the east coast of the main continent. The prophecy is really more of a cultural memory of where their people came from. Most of the Aimian civilization was wiped out in the Scouring of Aimia event and the island is now abandoned. Perhaps a large remnant was able to flee across the ocean and further reinforce the lost island.