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  1. His name is clearly a reference to Moloch, the bull headed Phoenician God that live infant sacrifices were offered to in exchange for blessings/power. Moelach in book is preforming a similar thematic function: offering forbidden knowledge/power at a terrible price. His mere existence tempts mortal to do exactly what Taravangian has done, sacrifice others for secret knowledge.
  2. There's an interesting tendency for people to conflate the abstract concept of justice and the administration of law, probably owing to our slapping the name Justice on our legal system and officers of law. Law in the ideal sense is a method for seeking justice in society, but true justice is a higher ideal than the often flawed and biased system of law can possibly achieve. As we've currently seen them displayed, the Skybreakers seem an order focused on law above all else. It's an interesting question how much of this owes to Nale's current madness and dominance of the order, and how the order may have differed in the past. Of course, justice being such an abstract idea, the meaning of justice has varied extensively in different cultural contexts. For example Justice in the Bible as championed by the earliest prophets (Amos, Micah, Isaiah), repeatedly defines God's Justice in the context of advocating for and defending the most vulnerable members of society (widows, orphans, aliens) who are often taken advantage of in the courts of law by the powerful. Because of the nature of abuse of power, law itself can function as a method of injustice. In fact, if you're viewing Justice in the Biblical context, you could easily make the case that the Windrunners are the true order of justice with their 2nd oath directing them to "protect those who cannot protect themselves"
  3. The most righteous order seems to be the Windrunners. Caring first about doing what is right and standing up for the most vulnerable in society echoes the themes of social justice going back to the Prophets. I'm not nearly assertive or extroverted enough to be a Windrunner though. I once read my personality type elegantly described as "compassionate weirdos". As such I think the mysterious and esoteric healers of the Truthwatcher Order would be a great home.
  4. Endowment is spending so much time peering into the future and simulating possible outcomes that it has manifested on the Cognitive as a future simulation Nalthis? I'm guessing the position of the anomaly corresponds to the point in the near future that Endowment most closely watches (as future prediction becomes less accurate the farther in the future that you go). Something less than a quarter rotation, or greater than 3/4 depending on which way things are spinning? So something like 2 or 10 months into Nalthis' possible future.
  5. Certainly a significant portion of the blame for the Sunmaker's (and other Alethi's) bloodlust can be attributed to Neragoal the Unmade "gifting" the region with The Thrill. An artificial addictive rush in response to bloody combat would result in an impressively messed up society. It was a brilliantly cruel way to convert the protective martial traditions of Alethekar towards more pointlessly cruel ends.
  6. Item #: SCP-999 Object Class: Safe Special Containment Procedures: SCP-999 is to be kept at all times restrained and lightly sedated inside an unfurnished containment cell with softly padded interior walls to prevent subject self-harm. The floor, ceiling, and walls of the special containment cell are to contain a thin layer of embedded aluminum, rendering contamination of the cell with outside magical influences impossible, as well as obscuring the contents of the cell from outside magical detection. The comfort, safety, and continued survival of SCP-999 is a top priority, and they will provided with round the clock observation and medical care. A certified Knight Radiant of the orders Truthwatcher or Edgedancer will be kept on-call at all times to deliver if necessary a life preserving surge of Regrowth to SCP-999. All necessary efforts will be exercised to prevent the expiration of SCP-999's current host body. Any interaction with SCP-999 beyond the administration of life prolonging care must receive pre-clearance from Director J. Kholin. Description: SCP-99 is a "Fused", a spiritual parasite in the service of Odium which has infected and taken complete control of the body of a "willing" Singer sacrificed to Odium's cause. In addition to a latent affinity for voidbinding, the parasite's lifetimes of accrued combat experience, as well as willingness to sacrifice current vessels to achieve greater strategic goals results in one of the most effective elite agents of Odium's army. As killing the current vessel of the SCP-999 merely frees the parasite to infect a new host body; capture, quarantine and preservation of an infected host body has the effect of containing SCP-999 and preventing further reincarnation as long as the current vessel's life functions are preserved.
  7. The only way I can make sense of Nale is that he follows Ishi with cult-like devotion and Ishi gives him terrible advice.
  8. In the Oathbringer prologue, Gavilar specifically mentions to Eshonai restoring her people's Gods (spren) and a great storm (Everstorm). Integrate that with Gavilar now mentioning warping a Connection to move something to and from Braize, with the end goal being to move something beyond Braize. Combined I think Gavilar was planning to use the Everstorm (which currently largely seems to transport Odiumspren from Braize to Roshar, and occasionally sentient minds to talk with Odium) as a mass teleportation device to move an exodus of humans out of the Roshar system? Taravangian sees himself as continuing Gavilar's work, so I think it makes sense that Gavilar's goals match fairly closely with Taravangian: do anything possible to ensure that at least some humans survive this mess. They both seem to have decided that Odium winning this war is inevitable, so they might as well try to evacuate humanity before the coming storm. Some of the Heralds may feel the same way, they just want to find a way to run away and hide. Amaram and the rest of the Sons of Honor seem like useful idiots that Gavilar lied to about the true intentions.
  9. Wow, that was unexpected! What in the world is Nale trying to accomplish? My eyes are drawn to [Rushar Kris] the reclusive elderly ardent, who is also a master fabrian and now has created a design to help Gavilar trap/bind voidspren. I think we have our first sighting of Herald Ishar!
  10. Nale also speaks of Ishar with great respect in later conversations. He seems to regard Kelek as an annoyance.
  11. I suspect that Dalinar/Navani/Jasnah will probably stick together for politics. It is possible that Jasnah as Queen of an occupied country will forgo politics and join the main group with the intent of liberating Alethekar or join the front as a kickass Queen on Horseback type. Then it would be Dalinar/Navani and maybe one other character like Renarin to give us eyes on Urithiru intrigue. Venli makes sense as a continued POV from the other side of the conflict. Maybe she'll get paired up with Moshe as a pair of morally complicated turncoats full of regrets for their bad life choices. Shallan and Renarin would make a good independent research pair for looking into Sja-Anat due to Renarin's spren and Shallan's most recent task from the Ghostbloods. I'm guessing the remaining large group will be on one of the front lines. Herdaz seems the most likely, but the Horneater Peaks have also been heavily foreshadowed as a spot of importance.
  12. But then you’ve designed a single school of magic without any limits. Soulcaster Radiants can make anything or everything? That sounds not Sanderson-like at all as he himself has stated that the limitations are what make magic system interesting.
  13. Brandon's magic systems have firm rules, that makes them more fun than "wizard waves hand, literally anything is possible". A logical restriction on Soulcasting (based on its similarities to alchemy/chemistry) is that what you make needs to be an essence, sort of like an element in modern chemistry but with flexibility related to how humans conceive of the world around them. The key idea of here is that it needs to be homogeneous (adj. "composed of parts or elements that are all of the same kind"). The thing you make is of the same substance in a very small amount as in a very large amount. When you soulcast a block of stone, the whole is elementally identical to each of the small parts that make it up. Jasnah even mentions these building blocks of the universe (roughly their equivalent of atoms) Hey Brandon, what's an axi? Brandon Sanderson It is the word for an atom in the cosmere, coming from one of the original magics used on Yolen pre-shattering. To some, it's a theoretical smallest division of matter. But others use it scientifically to mean simply an atom. Skyward Pre-Release AMA (Oct. 22, 2018) The axi are the building blocks of their world, the smallest piece that soulcasting changes. It sounds like the soulcaster chooses a group of axi (which itself doesn't need to be elementally pure), then "instructs" each individual axi to turn into an essence (of which their is some flexibility). So basically what you make needs to be a big collection of small identical parts. Grain is no longer a plant with a complicated superstructure and differentiated parts, it's a processed material which you could reduce to a small replicable part (Starch+Cellulose for the most part). Similarly with wood. We've never seen someone soulcast a complete plant or other higher living thing though. Full plants are complicated things with differentiated unique parts, and if it were possible to make an approximate of such a thing if would likely involve multiple essences and multiple soulcastings. Same deal with a mushroom. Mushrooms have parts. Maybe you could choose a particular part of a mushroom like the stem and form a building block from it, but that wouldn't exactly be a mushroom anymore at that point, it's a building block of a mushroom mass replicated.
  14. I seriously don't know what you want here. The post you're responding to is my effort to answer the exact question you're asking.
  15. Soulcasting is just Alchemy under a different name. Just as alchemists had some unusual ideas about what the elemental building blocks of the universe are, so too does Alethi. Blood can be easily perceived by a pre-microscope culture to be one of the pure essences from which all of creation is built. So too a very homogeneous pile of processed grain (not the plants themself but processed and ready to consume grain) or artificial meat (bridge 4 evens notes that the texture of soulcast meat is slightly off from real meat, similar to science’s current struggles to make a non animal derived meat alternative). A unprocessed mushroom though would unlikely to viewed as a pure elemental form.