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  1. I've always wondered if Honor's power might have been based on the moon Nomon rather than the planet proper. That might explain the drifting perpendicularity on Roshar's surface. Theoretically that would give him and Cultivation enough separation to satisfy the "not in the same place" requirement.
  2. I thought it was a subtle indication of his pre-Ascension profession as a pimp.
  3. I think Ambition's wounded shard may have temporarily hid on Ashyn. Between Arcanum Unbound and some WOBs, I think it might have played out like: Ambition starts out in the Threnody system. Odium attacks very early on, Ambition is severely wounded and flees leaving chaotic chunks of her power behind on Threnody. Odium can't find Ambition to finish her off, so he detours through Sel and splinters Dominion and Devotion. Ambition hides on Ashyn, hoping the close proximity to Honor+Cultivation will hide her. Odium discovers the location of Ambition, arrives in system to finish her off. He has no real plan to mess with Honor+Cultivation at this time. Ambition is wounded again, magical catastrophe strikes Ashyn, surviving humans seek shelter on Roshar. Unexpectedly Honor rises to Ambition's defense, now Odium is stuck on Braize by Honor+Cultivation's powers. Ambition leaves the system for parts unknown, is later finished off by an unknown 3rd part This chain of events would neatly tie up many tricky WOBs. Ashyn does not have a shard now, nor did it when Cultivation and Honor settled in the system. A shard could have briefly passed through though.
  4. Dang, I think you're right on this. I just hit on this idea and searched to see if anyone else was thinking this way. Focusing on Maben is a bit of a stretch, but I kind of like this theory. Specifically I think Taravangian's inconspicuous maid Maben is the Herald Vedel incognito. Vedel was the Herald of surgeons and healers. She instructed new healers during desolations and the surgeon school in Kharbranth likely was founded by or dedicated to her. Her Divine Attributes are Loving and Healing. Her order of The Edgedancers were noted (in epigraphs and their oaths) to pay special care to the forgotten and powerless of society. It would be an interesting subversion/madness for Vedel to go from the instructor and expert healer of the many people into a simple nursemaid for a single King. She is still Loving and Healing (she's quite kind and gentle, patting Taravangian's shoulder when he's throwing a brilliant-jerk temper tantrum), but in a very different manner. I think it would also interestingly match with this WOB Brandon might have been playing word games here (as he often likes to do in his answers). Taravangian may currently have both a Herald that is influencing him in Dova (Battar, or possibly a different Herald), and a different Herald in close (physical) proximity in Maben (Vedel).
  5. Did you ever hear the Tragedy of High Prince Dalinar the Blackthorn? I thought not. It's not a story the Radiants would tell you. It's a Singer legend. Dalinar was a High Prince of the Alethi, so powerful and so angry he could use the thrill to defeat opponents with shardplate and shardblade... He had such a mastery of the thrill that he could keep the family he cared about from dying. The thrill is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural. He became so powerful... the only thing he was afraid of was losing his family, which eventually, of course, he did. It's ironic he could protect his wife from others, but not himself.
  6. No, I'd say Moash currently is more the archetypical shadow of Kaladin's personality. In Jungian thought the shadow archetype is everything we dislike and suppress of our personality. It still lingers in our unconscious thought and can peak out in moments of great psychological stress. We tend to deny its existence (because it makes us realize that part of our personality is not as nice and kind as we like to imagine ourselves), and often project these exact faulty characteristics onto others during conflict. We've seen Kaladin's shadow present itself already. Mostly during his hopeless early weeks as a bridge slave, but also after his extended bout in prison. Depression and emotional burnout bring it to the surface for him. Instead of being proactive he followed orders, believing himself to be ultimately powerless to change the world. He became apathetic to the suffering of those around him because he couldn't deal with it (burnout). Anger for vengeance became especially prominent. That's also why I believe Moash has a clear potential to redeem himself. He's in a dark state of mind and has made bad choices but at his core he's not an evil or sadistic person. He needs someone to help him find hope again like Syl did for Kaladin. People tend to willingly forget: back in Way of Kings Moash actually spoke up for Dalinar as an honorable lighteyes. This was during the scene where Dalinar attacked Listener archers who were about to attack Bridge 4 and then saluted them. It was Kaladin who convinced Moash that all lighteyes should be regarded as evil. Sure Kaladin eventually came around and changed his mind on this, but he still bears some responsibility for encouraging that particular dark aspect of Moash's character.
  7. This one deserves special emphasis because on re-read Taravangian quite explicitly spells out to Dalinar exactly how to capture a spren. If it were a worse writer I might dismiss this as simple plot contrivance, but since this is Brandon I think we can safely assume events played out this way for a reason. If anything, having Navani explain the process to Dalinar would have felt much more organic. Taravangian being the one to do it seems important (and likely a clue).
  8. He's a good jumping off point to discuss the economy of the camps and Urithiru. He also acts as an interesting example of the importance of diversity in perspectives and personalities. Jasnah's notes and Dalinar's thoughts dismiss him as a fool because they are all business and super serious and as such view him as a fool. Shallan is more irreverent though and is able to discern that Seb is more clever than he lets on and is a very useful ally in his own way (economy+trade).
  9. I feel like Moash is pretty blatantly being set up for a redemption arc. The themes of the series are largely about forgiveness and second chances (Dalinar/Szeth/Venli/Shallan's squires/Ash), and Brandon just has such an inherently optimistic view of human nature that his villains tend to be immediately apparent by their complete lack of empathy. Also I have to imagine Brandon would be drawn to a good Prodigal Son narrative. I'm guessing Moash ultimately either takes a bullet for Kaladin or takes Jezrien's place as penance in Damnation to hold back Odium during the timeskip between the front 5 and back 5 Stormlight books.
  10. He's definitely lying about the secondhand education. That may have been part of it, but he almost certainly went to the surgeon school (and likely got kicked out for hooking up with a woman above his station). Lirin acts and performs like an actual surgeon, not a civil war era sawbones for hire. His knowledge is extensive and he even has an anatomy textbook that Kaladin studies from. The fact Lirin is able to predict highstorms (as a hobby!) indicates that he has a much broader and classical education than would be obtained from a simple country apprenticeship.
  11. It would be an enormous stretch to assume Brandon may have been heavily influenced by
  12. Sensible!? Vedel is the patron of surgeons. The surgeon school is in Kharbranth. Kaladin's dad likely met Kaladin's mom while studying surgery in Kharbrath. Kaladin's mom has darkeyes, but culturally acts like a lighteyes in all respects and receives detailed letters from her family about advances in fabrian technology. Conclusion: Vedel is Kaladin's Grandmother!
  13. I assumed they just represented the 4 patron Heralds of the most elaborated on Radiant Orders so far (including the first 3 books and also Lift's short story). Kaladin + Bridge 4 = Windrunners = Jezrien Shallan = Lightweaver = Ash Dalinar = Bondsmith = Ishar Lift = Edgedancer = Vedel
  14. Ironsides was a very confused (and I'm guessing very internally conflicted) woman. Almost none of her actions with regard to Spensa actually advanced any of her supposed goals. She discriminated against Spensa only just enough to inconvenience her into trying harder and generate sympathy from the other students. She claimed to be ultimately worried about the danger of the defect yet sent Spensa armed into multiple livefire fights? I get the feeling she was mostly just lying to herself about what her goals and motives were.
  15. Agree, and after reading Defending Elysium and seeing this line I think the colorful teleporting slug is actually a shell-less Varvax.