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  1. It might be a double fake-out with Dalinar. First we're surprised that Dalinar was planned to be Odium's champion (scary, nine shadows, nine is Odium's magic number). But it could just as easily represent the opposite right? Dalinar acts as a beacon of light to gather the 9 other radiant orders. The shadows symbolize the other people/orders that he has united by acting as the focal point.
  2. Right, it would be utterly unscientific to test for it also as it would be completely reliant on the patient self-reporting a vague sense of something in their stomach that has no observable effect. The placebo and nocebo effects would be enormous.
  3. I bet Steris is a Duralumin gnat. Completely worthless by itself, but scary useful for a group playing around with hemalurgy.
  4. She forget to remind herself that overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer.
  5. I think they reuse the spikes quite a bit though for inquisitors. In fact I imagine the Lord Ruler prefers his inquisitors to have powers that while still impressive, do not make them nearly immortal. I imagine having fresh spikes for allomancy is more important as those seem more directly practical to their job (seeking, pushing, pulling, etc.). Also there are a fair amount of skaa mistings to eliminate and provide fresh spikes. The feruchemy spikes like gold will still "do the job", even in a diluted state though. A little bit of gold from a few generations back can still accomplish impressive healing, especially in combination with allomantic pewter. In fact that might explain why the inquisitors need to rest so often, inefficient or low capacity health storage as a result of hand-me-down gold spikes.
  6. I'm imagining a Cosmere-wide Youtube channel where wacky realmatic theorists stab strange objects with charged spikes to see what happens. Tonight on "WILL IT SPIKE?": we stab an identity spike into Khriss' iPhone to see if it changes the login PIN and facial recognition! Tune in, like, and subscribe!
  7. Stormfather and Nightwatcher So tsundere!
  8. I think the gem must form a temporary spiritual Connection between the dead spren and the wielder. Not a connection to the degree of Radiants, but just strong enough to summon and dismiss it. It's a temporary connection however, and relies on the gem to keep it functional. I think it's very likely that some sort of spren involved in Connection is trapped in the gem. If so, it's probably the tiny blue adhesion type spren we see when Kaladin uses Adhesion surge to stick two rocks together. Adhesion doesn't just stick objects together, it seem to temporarily create a spiritual connection so that the 2 objects are temporarily one object. It's kind of like the forgery magic system. It has the added benefit of being very easy to maintain though. Whether the spren is in the physical realm or dismissed into the cognitive realm, either way the passing Highstorms will provide regular stormlight to "recharge" the gem/spren/connection.
  9. Great idea! In fact, I wonder if the 10 Honorblades recombined could function as a key to attune someone (and along with the investiture in the highstorm) to ascend and take control of the remnants of the Honor shard.
  10. I would like to dub this genre "hope porn". I find it quite enjoyable and it's very easy to project my emotions onto the secondary characters who are in this awful place and state of mind when suddenly a charismatic savior appears among them and give them unexpected hope.
  11. oathbringer spoilers

    It is remarked that the Alethi are particularly tall even relative to other Rosharans. So there seems to be a height gradient east to west. It's likely something to do with the Highstorms then, the Highstorms slowly lose power as they pass east to west and have very little effect on Shinovar.
  12. He felt a little too much like an author self-insert or character clearly designed for nerds to identify with. Particularly in Book 2 when he was fighting for the affection of the girl against the bad boy character.
  13. oathbringer spoilers

    I agree that gravity is likely playing a part. I think the Stormlight itself may be playing a subtle part. We're told that plants can grow in the dark if illuminated by Stormlight, perhaps the near constant exposure to Stormlight is having subtle effects on human health and growth? Perhaps the fact that Roshar is a high oxygen environment also plays a part?
  14. Half the cosmere calls it A-loo-mi-num and the other half Al-yoo-mi-nee-um. The inherent identity conflict on the cognitive realm causes the metal's unusual properties.
  15. What is it with college and Bebop stories!? Me (playing Halo with a guy who lived in my dorm who was majoring in Japenese): So I heard you really love Anime? Guy: Oh God yes! [details his huge collection and all the shows he loves and offers to let me borrow anything] Me: I've only seen like 3 anime total, but they were pretty cool. What is your favorite? Guy: Cowboy Bebop! Me: Oh! That's one I've actually seen, that show was amazing! It was emotionally impactful how the whole series built towards [ending spoilers] Guy: WHAT!?