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  1. I feel incredibly dirty for using corporate-speak, but why not think of it like stretch goals? The first priority (with all mental health diseases really) is simply being able to function. Shallan can certainly achieve this without achieving perfect integration. She would need to be better integrated than she currently is though. She would need to view her identities as part of herself and a tool that she needs to take accountability for. You can still set a stretch goal of fusion though. It doesn't mean you're a failure if you don't reach that, but it's still a goal to strive towards. Just like Kaladin can strive to self-care so well that he never sinks into a full depressive episode again, or Teft strives towards never falling off the wagon and using firemoss again for the rest of his life.
  2. I thought this line by Adolin contrasting his and Kaladin's interactions with common people interesting I think this is setting up the idea that Kaladin is the natural successor to Dalinar as the leader of the coalition armies. They have the same aura of command that inspires respect from others.
  3. I did find this thought by Navani regarding Lirin enlightening One system of personality grouping that I've found interesting lately is the Enneagram system. This system groups personalities into 9 types based primarily on the person's motivations and deepest fears. It's a useful system especially when analyzing fictional characters who will frequently be created by authors with particular driving motivations in mind. I mention this because I find both Kaladin and Lirin to be excellent examples of the Type One personality - the Reformer Multiple characters have thought that Kaladin is always judging them with his sharp gaze and moralizing language about right and wrong. We know from his POVs though that him condemning others in his mind is actually quite rare. Frequently he is just ranting against the general suffering of the world, or often working through his own contradictory thoughts of what him being a good person actually entails. I think Lirin is much the same. What Kaladin perceives as Lirin's constant displeasure with him is really Lirin similarly ranting against the injustices of the world (war exists, it is hell).
  4. Yeah, but I mean the CYA liability statement you quoted can be found with minor rephrasing in probably every clinical guideline that has ever existed. You have to put that sort of thing in to shield yourself from lawsuits as well as individual doctors who get very touchy if they perceive guidelines as restricting their autonomy. You can generally depend on clinical guidelines as an excellent starting point, realizing that individual patient cases will of course have special scenarios. I think the section that resonated most with me was the introduction to the treatment section I think this is the trap that Shallan is currently falling into. The more she imagines Veil a separate person outside of her control or responsibility, the more at risk she is of losing control and destroying aspects of her life and personal relationships. She doesn't necessarily need to fully integrate her alters, but she at the very least needs to avoid using them to escape personal responsibility. I'd be especially concerned about Veil's love of heavy drinking and flirting with people in the bar besides Adolin moving forward.
  5. fyi The guidelines linked here are the leading current clinical guidelines for the management of DID.
  6. Could it have to do with the Everstorm healing the Connections of singers all across Roshar? Maybe the healing process did more than just restore the severed connection, it somehow opened up increased capacity to bond Radiant spren.
  7. I think he'll witness Kal have a mental shock the next time he loses a patient in surgery and finally grasp that his son is in a lot of emotional pain, not cut out to be a surgeon like he wants, and also that his perceived dissatisfaction regarding his son is not helping.
  8. That article is pseudoscientific nonsense. The only actual research this author did involved 43 rats dosed with nicotine and then exposed to a hotplate.
  9. She has first hand experience that Moash is an exceptional warrior. It makes sense that she'd be interested in the person who trained Moash.
  10. I don't want him to die necessarily, but from a narrative perspective it seems likely. He just has it a bit too "together" for the size of his role in the story. It's not like you can't have a more "normal" perspective in a cast full of psychologically scarred heroes, but usually due to their lack of internal conflict they'll be relegated to a more minor side role like Lopen. He's remarkably devoid of character flaws, burdens and external conflicts. Without those it's very hard for him to grow internally or have much of an arc moving forward. His sword is an interesting plot thread and he seems to have a minor disagreement with his father, but that's about it. His murder of Sadeas was his biggest remaining thread of doubt/guilt/apprehension, and that plot thread seems to have been largely resolved with minimal consequence. Even worse (from a survivability standpoint) he's something of an emotional load bearing pillar for Shallan, Renarin, and Kaladin. He has sort of filled the emotional equivalent of the "mentor" role in the monomyth, helping our other protagonists survive and grow in the early stages of the story. His death (or sidelining by an permanent injury perhaps?) would force our other heroes into conflict and finding new methods of coping with their burdens and personal growth. It's hardly guaranteed or anything, Brandon will of course do what he thinks is best for the story, but Adolin as a character has some big danger signs.
  11. A "person" that Shallan purposefully created 1-2 years ago (and we watched her do it! First as a role to play and then losing herself in the role)? A person that she can suppress with intent? A person that all of her other persons are aware of and share memories with
  12. Veil is just Shallan's id. Libidinal desires and uninhibited speech.
  13. Adolin is such a wonderful person. Caring companion to all and paragon of supportiveness for his friends in distress. No real character flaws and doesn't even seem to feel an inferiority complex regarding all the other important characters becoming Radiants before him. He's going to die soon isn't he?
  14. Brandon continues to absolutely nail the weird contradictions of depression. You want someone to help you, but you also want to hide from the world. You push people away because your brain is in such a self-loathing state that you imagine your mere presence will make others miserable.
  15. Serotonin deficiency