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  1. I assumed pushes and pulls just hacked the reality "code" specifically to negate Newton's 3rd law.
  2. I think you always need to be careful when Roshar is mentioned because it could mean planet Roshar, or the solar system (including Braize and Ashyn). Maybe the Sleepless originally came from Ashyn and migrated to planet Roshar after Ashyn was magically nuked? Perhaps the Siah Amaians were the original inhabitants of the island and the Sleepless joined them later.
  3. Let's go even deeper into the crazy hole. What if the origin island(s) is Cultivation's secretly culivated army/civilization where she has been enacting her deepest plans far from both Vorinism and Odium's eyes.
  4. Kaladin is a thoughtful introvert with trust issues and survivor's guilt. Currently he throws his everything into his career to distract himself from his lack of social life, and he puts up walls to limit the abilities of others to get to know the real him. Bridge 4 is a great example of the "walls" he puts up. Kal is caring and protective of his people and willing to listen to their inner problems, but he never "lets his hair down" and just chills with anyone as a friend rather than a commander (they basically had to strongarm him to get drinks with them once). He is also very protective of his own personal details and inner thoughts and concerns. His "work life balance" is currently 100% work. These are defensive mechanisms (that he may not consciously realize he is doing) to distance himself and lessen the trauma of losing further people he is close to. He protects his inner self because his trust has been severely betrayed before. Adolin being a friendly extrovert has the best chance of cracking his shell. He's willing to push Kaladin to try new things, and not offended when Kaladin is occasionally snippy. Ultimately though, Syl is a big limiting factor on Kaladin getting out there and socializing. Syl is like a perfect imaginary friend: always supportive, intellectually engaging, entertaining, always willing to listen (literally always, she never sleeps!). She's almost too perfect to the point that she allows Kaladin to be complacent and never feel the need to interact with others.
  5. Not impossible though, the magic system on Ashyn is bacteria/disease based for example. Or you could just overcharge the "healing" of the body and give the patient multiple manifestations of cancer simultaneously. Also, well, "stab them with a shardblade" is probably the most efficient method to kill in 99% of cases anyways. Thankfully mass killing is generally frowned upon by Radiants. Just imagine how much damage Kaladin could do by throwing a Syl spear and immediately returning it to his hand.
  6. I like the way you think, but I would add to it and state the missing piece here is Aimia. Puuli is a Natan native, whose blueish skin and white hair indicates that they are likely a human-Aimian hybrid. The Thaylay people with their long white eyebrows are also likely human-Aimian. This is strange though as Aimia is an island off the south-western coast of the conteninent, but Natan and Thaylenah are on the eastern and south-eastern coasts of the continent. I think The Wandersail legend is the linking element here. Aimian sailors in the distant past circumnavigated the globe, integrated with a lost civilization on near the origin, and later sailed and colonized the east coast of the main continent. The prophecy is really more of a cultural memory of where their people came from. Most of the Aimian civilization was wiped out in the Scouring of Aimia event and the island is now abandoned. Perhaps a large remnant was able to flee across the ocean and further reinforce the lost island.
  7. Lift makes whole plants grow from a seed. Bacteria are alive too. Just target the staph and strep bacteria that exist in your body's normal flora and multiply them rapidly. The endotoxin produced by a large number of lysed strep cells would produce rapid sepsis and angioedema killing the victim from either shock or closed airway suffocation.
  8. It has an identity crisis due to half the cosmere calling it A-lu-mi-num and the other half calling it Al-u-mi-ni-um. The inherent conflict on its perceived Cognitive self results in the dampening effect on magic. One thing I do find interesting though: investiture itself resists or repells the effects of other investiture fueled magic, rather like Aluminum but on a lesser scale. Maybe aluminum is just incredibly invested but inaccessible investiture left behind by Adonalsium.
  9. I don't think you actually cut the the gravitational field, but first reorient portions of it and after that you can apply multiple additional lashes in the same direction or additional directions if desired. See this bit from the Ars Arcanum: "Fractional Basic Lashings are also possible; a half-Lashing can be used to make an object weightless, and a quarter-Lashing to cut its weight in half." Based on the language used and the basic math we can see that the fractional lashes aren't just a static force opposing gravity, they're reorientating part of the object's mass in a different direction for purposes of the effect of the gravitational field. Lash the object 1/2 lash up and, and now we have 1/2 gravity field remaining down, 1/2 up, and no net movement, weightlessness. Lash up a quarter-lash and we have 1/4 mass orientated up, 3/4 remaining down, net effect is half gravity. The object's mass remain's the same, it's the weight (force of gravity on the object, proportional to mass) that is being tweaked. So the general equation is A=F/M. Usually the Force is (standard gravity)*mass. As a result of the two equations mass typically has no effect on acceleration. Mass increases the force of gravity's pull, but also decreases the acceleration of the object by the same amount. Because the lashings reorientate gravity though, the force generated by gravity is redirected or diminished, however the mass in the acceleration equation remains constant.
  10. Sure, the Greeks placed their Gods on Olympus too. Mountains are challenging to climb, but not impossible. A mountain is a good physical symbol of a god that is distant from human affairs, but not nonexistent or completely impossible to reach, just very challenging. It also serves a physical function, making it less likely for Joe Schmoe to accidentally wander into the cognitive realm when looking for a place to bathe.
  11. They need new Herald(s) to lock them in Braize. This will happen at the end of Book 5 and the gap between front 5 and back 5 books will be the gap between Desolations until the new Herald(s) break. I think it will only be 1-2 people max though, causing the relatively brief desolation disruption. Dalinar seems the most likely candidate. My black horse bet is on Moash doing a 3rd act heel-face turn and using the powers he inherited from Jezrien to do the job as penance.
  12. Everything is energy transfer. Even you just standing in place requires your body to withstand the internal stress of perfectly opposing gravitational and normal forces. Your feet hurt, your joints get sore, your spine slowly compresses etc. How do you think it would feel if gravity was suddenly 6 times its current strength? That's roughly the situation occurring here. No net work does not mean the forces disappear, just that they don't generate a change in kinetic energy/acceleration. Instead they would exert a painful sustained stress on the allomancer's body in the horizontal plane, in this example one roughly 6 times the force you normally feel when gravity and normal force counter one another to keep you from falling through the Earth. The question just becomes if the body in question is experiencing 6g tension or compression.
  13. The entirety of Syl+Kaladin relationship theorizing stems from differences in how we individually understand and define the concepts of "relationships" or "love". In the modern world (and Sanderson's books) we have a very holistic and idealized view of what ideal partner relationships should entail. Your ideal relationship should be: your best friend, emotional confidant, object of your emotional affection, focus of your sexual attraction, sole partner in sexual relations, lifelong roomate, financial partner, genetic mother/father of your offspring, and co-parent in raising your children. Obviously this isn't the only model though. Your spouse and/or life partner can be several different parts of this. I don't think Kaladin is literally going to have sex with Syl. That doesn't mean there aren't various other interesting ways their relationship could progress. They already share an enormous amount of emotional intimacy and caring between each other. They're already best friends, emotional confidants, and spend virtually all waking time with one another. They even have a degree of physical intimacy as when Syl gives Kaladin a hug or clings to his arm in Shadesmar. Can you call that true love, or does the absence of sex make this not a romantic relationship? I think the idea of an asexual romance would actually be very interesting to see how it evolved moving forward.
  14. It's true the net force would result in zero net acceleration, but the energy of those forces just don't vanish though. The allomancer here is being simultaneously pushed/pulled in 2 opposite directions at 6 g-force each. OUCH!
  15. Bah, that's justice! The fallen Watchers had to watch their half-human children be slain en masse, then were chained in the low valleys of the Earth for 70 generations until Judgement Day when they will be cast into the lake of fire. (Book of Enoch) When you fight semi-divine beings, you go big or you go home.