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  1. Thanks for the feedback! I based it off of the coppermind page rule set at the bottom (it's grown and changed since I made the translator): The project is open source: A word translation and conjugation table is a good idea. It also need a better method of trimming out English words that just shouldn't get passed through at all like "do that". The current algorithm is basically Tense+subject+verb+"the rest of the sentence verbatim", and put garbage connecting words in between each part. Since someone is interested I'll find some time to take another pass at this. If you're a programmer, pull request are very welcome.
  2. Make sure to put your spheres out.
  3. I imagine it might be possible for a shard to dump enough Investiture into a system to make magic and then move onto another system and make more magic. Brandon has said that there were spren of Adonalsium on Roshar before Honor and Cultivation, where he just dumped some Investiture. We have also seen magic in worlds without shards due to ambient Investiture so I don't see any reason a shard could create a situation like that intentionally. Edit: This shard would probably be very weak from splitting up so much and Odium would definitely come and bite this shard's head off
  4. I was talking about depleting his Allomantic supply not the bands themselves. But if Allomantic strength increases your efficiency in addition to your burn speed and steel burns for much longer than I was thinking, it makes sense.
  5. Something that bothered me when reading about Wax flying around using trace metal in the ground while he was tapping the Bands was, how could he get all that steel into his body? If I remember correctly, in HoA it is stated that Elend is more powerful than Vin because he burns metal faster than her so he gets more juice/second. If burn rate is proportional to Allomantic strength than when you tap the Bands to the point Wax was, would you not deplete any metals you use almost instantly?
  6. @Djarskublar you would actually have three things filtering it if you count the metal itself. Though compounding ignores that filter so you might end up only getting the power of the most abundant charge, thought that isn't to exciting so I like what you said better. @The One Who Connects unless there was a metal that actually stored weight and speed as a combined attribute, you couldn't tap one of the powers at all. In the case of reforged metalminds, there wouldn't be space efficiency because an object can only be so invested, so the capacity would be used up by something that (in it's current state) can't be used Feruchemically.
  7. I always forget how rare Twinborn are. I have been doing some thinking and it is possible to separate alloys. Think of all the base metals that are alloys with copper. A Brute/Seeker stores strength, splits the alloy to copper and tin, takes the copper, makes brass and compounds (if she make the pewtermind unkeyed she could even sell the strength-tin). When you break a metal mind the charge is split, so the charge seems to distribute evenly in the metal. I wonder though if forging a metal mind would Invest the part of the alloy that wasn't the metal or if it would stay only in the atoms of the original metal. If it splits, then you could move powers around with serial reforging and create zinc with senses, or bendalloy with mental speed. Some if the percentages are small so you would need to be reforging massive unkeyed metalminds, but maybe possible.
  8. It makes sense to me that it should work but why isn't it being done if it does? The first thing I thought of when I found out what metals Wax could use was "Can he make his ironminds into steal and compound". People in world must have thought of it.
  9. I found it:
  10. Hi guys, I don't have the WOB on hand to back this up but I swear it exists. As I understand how compounding works, when the investiture from Preservation comes through the metal it sees the Feruchemical charge and says "Oh, (insert power here), I can do that" and does that instead. I didn't know that the weight would stay in the forged steel, I assumed it would degrade. With both of these things though it seems pretty clear to me that a coin shot could compound weight trapped in steal because when the Allomancy came through it would see the weight and do that instead.
  11. Shardblades don't cut living flesh, the first pass is just the spirit so I don't think you would need to actually travel to the Spiritual Realm. As others have said this idea assumes a one-to-one mapping of the spirit to the body and there might not be one, there might though. Radiants would be able to make Shardscalpels and a sliver might be able to find out enough about the spirit in their time as a god to make meaningful use out of it.
  12. As I understand the spirit web, it is like spiritual circuitry, powers and other aspects get coded into the "circuitry". When you use Hemalurgy, you rip out the chunk of someone's spirit web the controls the attribute you are stealing and then you staple it into the recipient's spirit web. When the "circuit" is spiked into the appropriate place for that aspect, the "wiring" works as intended and the power is transferred. When it is put somewhere else it makes weird connections and does weird thing. i.e. Koloss don't just have the strength of 5 men, they have blue skin that doesn't grow despite the fact their body never stops. Spook's book also said that you can make just about anything by changing the spirit. Now Shardblades cut the spirit. While Hemalurgy works additively to change the spirit, I wonder if one could use a Shardblade to make modifications of a subtractive nature in more complicated ways than just paralysis. Something like cut away at the shoulder(Hemalurgic bond point for pewter Allomancy) of a natural Thug and destroy the part of their spirit that lets them burn pewter. Or forcibly break someone's bond to a Shardblade while leaving them alive. It may even be possible to create Hemalurgy style monsters like Bleeder's creepy things by cutting away bits of the spirit.
  13. Did I miss something? When was there Harmonium? The only weird metal I remember other than what bleeder's spike was made from was what I think the southerners called "Etmetal" and I don't remember hearing that it didn't play well with water. It has been a while and I might just not remember correctly, could someone refresh me?
  14. We know that the space in the Cognitive Realm is different than in the Physical, space being smaller where there is no thought, the worlds being projected flat, and ocean/land flips, but I wonder if it goes farther than that. Since things in the Cognitive realm are shaped by how people view things and how things view themselves, do ideas about spatial relations change the layout of things. For instance “the center of town” (where stuff happens, shops and jazz) is often not in the geometric center of town, but since it is a conceptual center point might it actually become the center of the town in the Cognitive Realm.
  15. This may get a little long. Let me start off with what my impression of how things work is. Investiture is power and the Spiritweb lets an individual use Investiture. i.e. the ability to use Allomancy is coded into the Spiritweb and the actual magic is Investiture shaped by the Spiritweb. Stormlight is Investiture and the ability to Surgebind is written into the Spiritweb by the Spren bond. These are the causes of my confusion. Nicrosil is said to store Investiture but it seems to store the ability to use it, not the Investiture itself. I was reading that the Innate Investiture from Preservation allows people to use Allomancy, is the power of Allomancy Investiture itself. If a Feruchemist got some Breath and nicrosil what would he be storing? The breath itself or the ability for his body to use the breath for heightenings and such. Can someone set me strait? Thanks!