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  1. I think that is an answer that doesn't say as much as it seems, though. I mean, even Ruin isn't gone, as such, just now part of a greater whole. Investiture can't really be destroyed, so Odium's power has to survive in some form, doesn't it?
  2. Maybe, but not necessarily, depends on what that WOB is referring to. If he means "the cosmere" as the entire universe, our universe doesn't really have a center either. If "the cosmere" means specifically the set of Shardworlds and their associated stars, systems, etc., it's probably a cluster within a larger system of some sort (part of a galaxy, or orbiting a galaxy, or whatever), so the orbits might be normal, just the orbital center (supermassive black hole or whatever) is really far away and has nothing to do with the actual Cosmere/Shardworld areas.
  3. I didn't mean the fish thing to be permanent, just to disappear for a long time so that anyone who is looking for them gives up. Then come out of the water and take a human form and identity in the Southern Islands or Farmost/Remote Dominance where there is less oversight. (And I was talking about kandra who had already committed a crime that would get them imprisoned forever, so the retirement thing wouldn't really be an option at that point.) Thing is, we only see the Central Dominance, per WOB the Skaa/Noble relationship is a lot different in some parts of the Outer Dominances, some places skaa can own land and so on. TLR keeps much more control in the Inner Dominances. And a kandra would presumably want to go somewhere far from the center because Inquisitors are largely in Luthadel. I don't think it means that, the main characters wouldn't have known if some random thief they met once was actually a kandra. Sure there weren't any in Kelsier's crew except OreSeur, but in any case, a kandra who decided to hide in the criminal underworld wouldn't pick Luthadel - too many Inquisitors. They'd go for Urteau or Tremredare or Fadrex or something, which we don't see anything of until the Post-TLR collapse is well advanced.
  4. I figured the Shardworlds were all relatively close to each other (in cosmic/galactic terms) because the Shards all started in the same place, on Yolen. There might well be a black hole at the center of the cosmere's galaxy (I think most galaxies are supposed to have one, in our universe?) but it might not be anywhere near the Shardworlds.
  5. Khriss does say "the actual battle took place in the vast space between planets", yes. I'm not entirely sure what that even means, though, since Shards (except Devotion/Dominion post-Splintering) are primarily Spiritual Realm entities. The Spiritual Realm is location independent. If a Shard is Invested in a planet, it's obviously associated with that particular planet - but that doesn't seem to apply here... Anyway, that battle was not the final Splintering of Ambition. Ambition's mortal wound could have been some form of infusing Hatred into Ambition, which took effect later (and elsewhere), perhaps?
  6. Also, killing humans is against the First Contract, killing other kandra is technically not - as TenSoon points out. Eh... I actually can't see how any kandra that just ran away and hid could ever be caught, either by other kandra or Inquisitors, except by really extreme bad luck. TenSoon-as-OreSeur talks about Mistborn being able to find them, but how? Throwing really powerful emotional Allomancy around everywhere on the off chance you hit a kandra doesn't really sound practical. Inquisitorsight could spot them, but there are maybe three dozen Inquisitors in the entire empire at most (IIRC, per WOB - Kelsier estimates 20 total in the first book). The chances that a kandra living in some out-of-the-way place would ever see an Inquisitor, even in a thousand years, are pretty low. (And I'm not sure Inquisitors would automatically spot kandra "in passing", though. If they were closely looking at the person yeah, but if the kandra is just one person in a crowd hundreds of feet away, I doubt a Blessing would automatically stand out as different from jewelry, coins, or whatever.) Either Inquisitorsight or extra-powerful emotional Allomancy would only really be useful if you were trying to pick out a kandra from a relatively small set of suspects. But a kandra who was just hiding, as opposed to carrying out a contract, would presumably pick a place to live where they'd never be around a Mistborn or Inquisitor. I mean, if TLR told an Inquisitor, "a kandra went rogue, go catch them", how would they even start? Could be anyone of tens of millions of people, or some animal (a kandra who was really paranoid could hide as a fish for a few decades, until any kandra or Inquisitors hunting them assumed they were dead...)
  7. Definitely not. Spanreeds are already technically FTL communication, it just isn't noticeable since the distances are only a few thousand miles at most, so far. And you can effectively travel between solar systems FTL by worldhopping using the Cognitive Realm... not really the same thing, but you still end up traveling light years in days or weeks.
  8. I am not sure that the balance enhancements from pewter are a proprioception thing. It's also described as improved "grace" etc (in HoA scenes when people are looking at Spook and wondering if he's really become a Thug). I figured it was an effect of improved speed and "dexterity", making little corrections to keep your balance more quickly and more precisely. This seems to be on the subconscious level though so there probably isn't any way to know short of a WOB.
  9. Probably Sazed would have to do something to allow a Feruchemist to draw on the Mists, and then that person would have to Feruchemically store it in a metalmind. I don't know if Nicrosil would work though -- it seems to store the Innate Investiture of powers. (Though who knows, we haven't seen a Twinborn with that power yet, maybe if you have a source of 'external' Kinetic Investiture like Allomancy you could store that too? If so, then a nicrosilmind could probably store mist.) I'm not sure how much use it would actually be, though. The mists are kind of "raw" Investiture, but putting them in a metal would probably constrain them to a single effect/power based on the structure of that metal, on the "key to power" principle the Metallic Arts use. It might be a way to recharge nicrosil metalminds without actually de-powering yourself... but once the Southern unsealed metalmind technology becomes understood, you could probably just do that by giving an unsealed nicrosilmind to a Nicroburst Misting and having them Compound. If Nicrosil didn't work, it might require a godmetal or godmetal alloy of some sort, which might not be usable by modern Ferrings.
  10. And, even if this is correct, the spren itself might not actually split in the same sense as a Radiantspren forming two Shardblades simultaneously. In the quantum analogy, an electron doesn't become multiple electrons, there's just a certain probability of finding it in any of multiple locations - but if the wavefunction isn't collapsed it's kind-of in a blurred state of all those probabilities being true/not true. (In the Copenhagen interpretation anyway). The same might apply here, the spren being "wavefunction blurred" overlap of being in this half and being in that half, but not actually becoming two spren each in a separate ruby piece.
  11. Maybe, not sure we can infer that... Koloss can eat almost anything, there's a comment that it appears that filling their bellies is more important than actual nutritional value. So they wouldn't need stockpiled grain or other human-edible foods. TLR might have had nearly all his human population farming and fought with almost entirely koloss forces. Possible... but we have only a few sentences of a whole book, and Tindwyl is only mentioning the things relevant to the current mystery. I actually don't think the fact that things were different before the Ascension was secret or considered dangerous by TLR. Vin thinks: (Mistborn: The Final Empire, Chapter 6) This seems to imply that the pre-Ascension world being ash-free is 'common knowledge'.
  12. Somewhat managed herding of animals that remain wild is... not completely impossible, Native Americans appear to have done something of the sort with bison, using fire to expand their habitat (good grazing land) and to corral them into ambushes/off cliffs etc. But chasmfiends are not at all well suited for it, they aren't likely to run away from anything and their habitat doesn't seem nearly as flammable as Earth grasslands. And they're not herd animals. They have those things, but there is no understanding of the principles behind them - rotspren being visible has allowed them to figure out what things prevent infection, which is really good for medicine, but it's a trial and error thing. They don't understand the principles so they can't do the kind of extrapolation from them that would be needed to figure out things like synthetic gemstones (or explosives, or artificial fertilizers ...) I don't think the current Rosharans understand how the Urithiru fabrial-technology works. Navani's floating platform from WOR is kind of similar to the Urithiru elevators, but it doesn't appear to be based on the same principles. The food production via Soulcasters is the rote use of ancient relics -- they have no understanding of the principles. Anyway these are magical principles that won't help with things like chemistry (and I'm pretty sure you can't Soulcast Polestones). That's the thing about Roshar, it has a lot of very powerful things (Shardblades, Shardplate, Soulcaster fabrials) and advanced knowledge (antiseptics etc) in an otherwise very technologically limited society. Military technology is middle medieval at best (crossbows are rare, no gunpowder, "plate and mail" is the best sub-Shardplate armor technology rather than Renaissance full plate) but with vastly better logistics and communication due to Soulcasters and spanreeds. But there isn't the level of deeper understanding of principles that would allow extrapolation. The artifabrians are having the beginning of a scientific revolution though. But this still seems limited to the 'magic tech' of fabrials and may not be expanding into botany, zoology, physics, chemistry etc.
  13. Yeah, Splinters effectively are lesser Shards. It's just a terminology thing, the Shards by definition are the big 16. I don't think there is any fundamental difference except scale. I think this is true, but the Stormfather probably isn't the best example since he is both a major Splinter (really powerful spren) and also the Cognitive Shadow of Tanavast, Honor's Vessel. So he's more directly connected to Honor than is usual. Syl is probably a better example (she does describe herself as a little piece of a god at one point). When you get into the more "blended" spren types though (things like ashspren and lightspren that are more mixes of Honor and Cultivation, not as strongly aligned to one or the other as honorspren or cultivationspren) I think it's less direct. Sure, the power still "belongs" to Honor in some Spiritual Realm beyond-space-and-time sense. But the same might apply to the major Shards in relation to Adonalsium.
  14. Yeah, if he had successfully eliminated Feruchemy, I doubt he would have oppressed the Terris. I had figured that the Inquisitors (as a Hemalurgic 'species') were older, and what happened then was the establishment of the Canton of Inquisition as an organizational structure within the Steel Ministry. Before that they might have reported directly to TLR without involving the Ministry at all (until TLR changes it at the end of book 1, the Canton of Orthodoxy is nominally 'senior', though I doubt the Inquisitors listened very much), they might have been part of the Canton of Orthodoxy, or something else. Yes, Sazed's timeline suggests the original "violent purges" of Feruchemy among the Terris began in the 3rd century or thereabouts. Probably the 6th century stewardship program & Canton of Inquisition reorganization was a response to the continuing failure of those purges to eliminate Feruchemy. Very, very early - Tindwyl's biography of King Wednegon refers to them, and it also mentions food shortages caused by the Deepness, so this is a few years after the Ascension at most. (Which is a bit odd because elsewhere TLR's conquests seem to be implied to have taken far longer...)
  15. Well, yes mostly, though I think Feruchemical gold Health is a bit more than just rate of healing. It follows the general Cosmere rules about healing, which means it's tied to your Cognitive/Spiritual self. That's why it can regrow limbs and such, yet Era 1 Feruchemists stayed eunuchs.