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  1. I completely forgot about this game. But I've remembered now! I'll be active! @Matrim's Dice I know you're dead now, but did you have to start the game with a vote on me? Don't have tons of time at the moment, but want to get a post out, so speed reading Cycle 1. A bit of stuff about both contribution and PM safety, both of which are great! Steel forgot he signed up for this which... well... I can relate to. Probably not a useful thing to waste my speedreading on, but here we are with the longest point that I've made thus far so... deal with it. I do like the idea of playing with a tie. It gives us info, and I imagine would have been more useful in round 1, but still isn't a bad place to look. Oooh. But Matrim makes a good point about naturally forming ties. But I think that we still get info, even if it gives us initially bad reads, it gives us a place to start, it gives us stakes, and it gives us information. Also, feel free to lynch me. Like, please don't, but I won't be offended even though I'm a vaguely returning player. There was a lot more going on, and if anyone would like my thoughts on it then feel free to quote it at me and I'll respond, but time. I don't yet have time to think much about this cycle, life came calling faster than I hoped it would, but I find it interesting that Mat died. From the speed-read it seemed like there was at least a bit of suspicion on them so killing them isn't how I'd play an elim. But I also very briefly skimmed the back half of the cycle so I could have missed a lot. I'll get this posted and... hopefully have time in the morning to do some Cycle Two stuff.
  2. I'll sign up as Master Namer Smedry - A Smedry with a talent for not being around when needed.
  3. Are PMs open this cycle? I want to be more active in PMs than I was last round but I also didn't ever participate in PMs last time so...
  4. I am and completely forgot that not voting would vote on myself... so that's just my bad here. I'll be sure to vote this time, though
  5. Honestly, at this point, I don't don't know my own playstyle. With a two year break and a game where I wasn't super active to base off of, not even I know where I'll end up. Also, sorry, I've had some real life work stuff come up that's taking a bit of time. I should have a decent bit of time tomorrow, though. I'd agree here, I don't see the elims having gone for Illwei after how much suspicion was on them last cycle. They'd prove useful as a distraction from the real elims at least. Part of this is that it wasn't a thread re-read, it was just a thread read. That was a "live reaction" from me as I read through the thread. And... I think that I'm bad at finding people suspicious. I don't want anyone to be an elim and trusting people is my default stance these days. Which... isn't good but it was definetly the reads I was getting. I think I'd have to do re-read specifically searching for suspicious things to pull up any real suspect list. It's also possible that there is no BAM in the game and Araris is just lying... but I think that's too much of a gamble for me to have attempted it. @Matrim's Dice I still haven't seen anything from you that gives us any more read into your thoughts or anything so my vote will be thrown onto you. Mat
  6. Hey! I didn't even realized that QF29 had started by the time it had ended! The weird start delay and then start completely through me off and I was busy with work and figuring out school at the time. Since I know this games started I'll be quite a bit more active then... nothing. Illwei (2): Elandera, Elkanah Tani (2): Matrim's Dice, Araris Matrim's Dice (2): Droughtbringer, Kas Araris Valerian (2): Illwei, Tani I believe. Could be wrong there, it's a bit hard to find this from mobile
  7. My intent with the prior post here had been missed, I think I lost it along the way of writing it. I had been just intending to try and explain why I had been focused on a Sja that was converting, but somewhere along the line I got lost in arguing with you. My apologies for that. The only line that I posted, and that I should have expanded upon, was "could be playing a serial killer, fair" or something similar and then just left it at that. Essentially what I was wanting to say and then forgot about was "hey, I'm blind sometimes and tunneled in on just converting, here are my reasons. Sja playing as an SK is a fair argument and something we should also be keeping in mind." So... sorry that I wasn't make clear, and I will endeavor to be more so in the future.