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  1. Why do we think Danex is safe? The piling on them concerns me a bit.
  2. Are PMs open this cycle? I want to be more active in PMs than I was last round but I also didn't ever participate in PMs last time so...
  3. I was just inactive and ended with a self-vote. :/
  4. I am and completely forgot that not voting would vote on myself... so that's just my bad here. I'll be sure to vote this time, though
  5. What's a hard claim?
  6. I really don't want to die... I don't have a vote count and don't have the time to figure one out... so I'd imagine that TUO is still my best bet to stay alive. Sorry! Mat TUO
  7. Honestly, at this point, I don't don't know my own playstyle. With a two year break and a game where I wasn't super active to base off of, not even I know where I'll end up. Also, sorry, I've had some real life work stuff come up that's taking a bit of time. I should have a decent bit of time tomorrow, though. I'd agree here, I don't see the elims having gone for Illwei after how much suspicion was on them last cycle. They'd prove useful as a distraction from the real elims at least. Part of this is that it wasn't a thread re-read, it was just a thread read. That was a "live reaction" from me as I read through the thread. And... I think that I'm bad at finding people suspicious. I don't want anyone to be an elim and trusting people is my default stance these days. Which... isn't good but it was definetly the reads I was getting. I think I'd have to do re-read specifically searching for suspicious things to pull up any real suspect list. It's also possible that there is no BAM in the game and Araris is just lying... but I think that's too much of a gamble for me to have attempted it. @Matrim's Dice I still haven't seen anything from you that gives us any more read into your thoughts or anything so my vote will be thrown onto you. Mat
  8. Well, I'm going to have to read through the end of last cycle at least 3 more times to understand half of what happened. And.. that's a lot of village deaths. Sja possibly has a 3 person team at this point meaning we have a 3:8 ratio in the worst parity situation.
  9. Oof. I can count. Which was QF29? Huh. I only vaguely remember that game.
  10. Hey! I didn't even realized that QF29 had started by the time it had ended! The weird start delay and then start completely through me off and I was busy with work and figuring out school at the time. Since I know this games started I'll be quite a bit more active then... nothing. Illwei (2): Elandera, Elkanah Tani (2): Matrim's Dice, Araris Matrim's Dice (2): Droughtbringer, Kas Araris Valerian (2): Illwei, Tani I believe. Could be wrong there, it's a bit hard to find this from mobile
  11. My intent with the prior post here had been missed, I think I lost it along the way of writing it. I had been just intending to try and explain why I had been focused on a Sja that was converting, but somewhere along the line I got lost in arguing with you. My apologies for that. The only line that I posted, and that I should have expanded upon, was "could be playing a serial killer, fair" or something similar and then just left it at that. Essentially what I was wanting to say and then forgot about was "hey, I'm blind sometimes and tunneled in on just converting, here are my reasons. Sja playing as an SK is a fair argument and something we should also be keeping in mind." So... sorry that I wasn't make clear, and I will endeavor to be more so in the future.
  12. I'll be waiting for it!