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  1. Well, I don't have the time to type up any thoughts from reading through the thread, except that Bard's posts seem slightly off to me, and seems like the best place to put my vote. Unless something dramatic changes in the next few hours then I am out. Sorry I was not more active, but it's been a pleasure playing this game with you all. It was my last game for the next two years, so I'll see you all in two. Thanks again, Droughtbringer
  2. Yeah. It does break the naming convention, but it is what I have. (As a side note, I'd guess that Joe didn't expect us to focus in on Naming Conventions, and thusly not all names matched the convention, because it did not matter much to Joe and Crimsn) At this point, there is little I can do to stop my lynch, so I'll focus on some Analysis before I die, and see if I can do anything useful for the village. EDIT: Due to timing I may not actually be able to get around to doing any Analysis before the cycle ends, tommorow is a busy day for me. If I do not get around to it, my apologies
  3. I was redirected to Itah, today. I have the role Code Monkey, it functions as a teleporter, so I can swap two players and anything that targets one will target the other, and Visa versa. During the weekend I was redirected to Itah, and switched him and my self. Then Fura was also switched to Itah, but then to me due to the redirect. This doesn't prove my innocence in any way, but it is all that I have for you all, at the moment. Also, @Metabardnition what action were you targeting me with?
  4. That's fair. The way I see it, is that you guys may not have a means of communication, and, lacking that, you were forced to communicate in thread. So, one of you came up with the idea of acting as if you were able to win with the village, and everyone else took up on it and continued the idea. I'm more concerned that I am missing something, and that the village might end up losing the game due to blindly trusting your faction.
  5. What purpose does your faction serve? I don't see the purpose of a faction that just wants to convert the village, so, as it stands, I am still quite distrustful of this secret faction that is apparently on the village's side. I'd purpose that we start making moves against this faction, as well as continuing to hunt down the Eliminators.
  6. I saw a list of roles and almost claimed before reading the entire post. That would have been awkward. I, at the least, am highly confused by your role, and would probably just keep pinging you seeing if you did get to scan anything during the most recent, cycle, better safe than sorry.
  7. Noted. Without giving away too much information, I know of a role or two that could have caused this result to come back, not including the Conversion Ability This concerns my greatly. In past game I have take my wincon and slightly changed it to reveal it, and get the village to trust me. This has far too much potential to pull that off, thusly I trust you very little at the moment, just as an inherit part of your role.
  8. Joe sat there, playing Skyrim. Of course there were Spam Bots, and Spammers and Hackers and whatever, but he had already enacted his creative plan, and everyone else was going to do it for him, so at this point Joe was just fine to sit back, and watch as everyone else did everything for him, and then all he had to do was come in at the last second and IP ban whoever the rest of the eliminators decided on. it was an easy life. Or so Joe thought, not noticing the spammers lurking in the background of each and every moment. (At least, it was until Joe got killed by a bandit in Skyrim)