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  1. Yes. Elendera is some, non Taylor defense, and was summoning a Chalking swarm to hinder someone for next round, and Xino attacked Elandera getting the kill. Edit: And Xino is probably Taylor
  2. What doesn't add up?
  3. No, I went Matson
  4. So if someone uses a line of forbidence, and blocks one attack, does that stop one person from getting a point, or as long as they drop they get the kill?
  5. Ah. Fair enough. So that means that we have to take at Xino if we want a chance at winning the game, as he has at least one kill. But to successfully do that, gives at least one person a kill. @Sart if multiple people attack someone at once, who gets the kill credit?
  6. I tried attacking Devotary a while ago, but that failed. That has been my only attempted attack.... Been too paranoid as well. So it looks like Lum and Wrath took out each other, with some form of a Xino mixed in.
  7. Yeah. Fair enough. So my general read is that Joe is plotting on killing us all. (Surprise surprise) Want to just team up and kill him?
  8. Joe, it would hurt me greatly to participate in that without you.
  9. I sent you a message and you never reaponded.
  10. xinoehp512: Rogiv Elandera: Tahrie Field Snipexe: Snip A Joe in the Bush: Joseph Watson Rathmaskal: Notath Reat Droughtbringer: Matist Rist Devotary of Spontaneity: Slavista Norman I think I am here: Pete Gazon Lumgol: Logmul of Sdrawkcab MrakeDarshall: Drake Marshall Kidpen: Newt Scamander Shqueeves: Jeeves Removed Shqueeves