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  1. My last game of SE for two years? An overly meta game? People playing as other people? Eliminators being the bad guys? Sign me up. I'll be @A Joe in the Bush (the @sign must be used when addressing me), someone who has played SE for fun, and one time made a server on an entirely separate website designed for connection, because this one wasn't good enough for him.
  2. I noticed that and forgot to comment on it!
  3. Wasn't actually Bendalloy. I had a Pewter medallion, and didn't realize that the lynch was going for me when I signed on last, and thusly never said anything about it. Sorry :/
  4. The way I see it, there are a few possible reasons: 1. You are a Nuetral Role, and he wanted to try and switch focus onto you rather than other eliminators. 2. You are another eliminator, and he went for the IKYK, only with pushing for you to be a non-elim to try and keep you safe. 3. You are a village and he is using you to distract the rest of the village. 4. You are fairly inactive and he was hoping he could cause something to happen to you, without you being able to respond and put up any form of a defense.
  5. I had no medallions last cycle Before the day ends, I'm going to do my best to read through all of Roadwalker's posts and see what I can find in them.
  6. You're fine, I know the treacherous nature of the world as soon as Robot Season starts. Good luck with all of your comps! Simply because of the Analysis? Would you mind pointing out what specifically stood out to you, and why you agree with it?
  7. If I recall correctly, you do FRC, right? How'd it go?
  8. Thanks for letting me know, it is much appreciated.
  9. Just never ended up getting around to it. Give me just a moment to dig through the thousand PMs that Steel just created to find the one that actually matters for this game, and I'll give a brief rundown. 1 - Duraluminium, and Bendalloy 2 - Zinc, and Bronze 3 - Bendalloy, and Cadmium Sorry I never claimed. Is there a reason that I am suspicious, besides having not listed my Medallions thus far? I highly doubt that me now listing them will in any way clear them, as it was a response from prompting, but is there another reason?
  10. I believe that is true, and that we should try to be careful with our lynch... although we can't do much without giving away info to the elims. I've been thinking about the structure of this game, and it seems to give a decent advantage to the elims, if the village gets any game related knowledge, it is only useful during the day, and then the game state 'resets' itself before they can use it again. Whereas the elims can use any knowledge that is gained during the Night before the game 'resets'
  11. What am I defending myself from? (Also, I almost missed this, only picked up on it reading through Fura's post, try to tag people when you vote on them so it is easy for them to see the vote) You did not make any accusations, or reasons why I should defend myself, so this is just a poke vote, right? This tends to not go the best, you need to being tons of attention to people's Profile Pages, and it rarely will narrow your search down enough to be worth it.