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  1. So I was working on a theory and noticed that the first five books are the Windrunners are the three orders connected to them (Lightweavers, Bondsmiths, and Skybreakers. We can even throw Edgedancer in there too.) and the one order not connected to any of those four ( Willshapers). Has this been noticed before? If so are there theorys associated with this?
  2. Did anybody else see this news story? https://ksltv.com/430805/mysterious-radio-signal-from-space-is-repeating-every-16-days/?fbclid=IwAR0DbPx-Y0vwB04XlulsPYUnHnngcmPzHJVWxXwe6Yzc4QGhYveQ9-p7Ch4 Makes me wonder if Preservation was trying to contact us.
  3. ... I may not have broken a chicken... but getting lost is my specialty, though only at dusk and dawn. Yes, i have read them a few times. I actually have 1-4 from both publishers
  4. I read the last page before i got there the honest way... and i make others do the same. I AM A TERRIBLE PERSON.
  5. Does the use magic consume smoke? does it use smoke as a medium? does the type of smoke matter? enough for those questions ask yourself what do you want the magic to accomplish? having magic just to have it is not a good reason for it. but maybe it gives the good or bad guys an edge (this would lend itself to augmentation type magic (pewter and TIn) or does it provide/overcome obstacles (power set like iron, and steel?) and if i were you avoid illusions to over done with smoke
  6. So there is a phenomenon in our world that is tied to quantum mechanics that actually breaks the speed of light in involves entanglement theory. Any physicists out here please feel free to correct me but the conept goes that you take a pair of particles that are entangled and no matter how far apart you separate them anything that one of them does the other will reflect it instantly does matter if they are 10 miles or ten thousand light years if yours says state 1 the other also says state 1. Now practical applications for this is not really possible yet on earth, BUT i remember Sanderson saying this was part of the source matteral for span reeds. As such i believe it is truly instantly (In Cosmere terms: The connection between the reeds is Spiritual so time and space are meaningless and speed of light doesn't matter.) EDIT: See WIkipedia: Quantum entanglement Also https://wob.coppermind.net/basic_search/?query=spanreed WOB span reed communications FTL
  7. The rude patron takes the pie, then asks, "Is this dairy free, nut free, gluten free, chull free, and voidspren free? Today I only eat things if it was a bother to make it. BTW Cookies aren't evil but only the dark side has them... that make you at least partially dark... you use dark chocolate chips in them don't you! see i told you they were dark side cookies."
  8. A new patron enters, immediately obvious is the lack of an Ookla mask, ignoring the doctor and spiked patron he approaches the counter, "Do you make cookies? I don't trust any cookies! Only the dark side has cookies, everybody knows this... but pie is better anyway. Do you have Pie? I make awesomely Harmonious pies. If you would like i can make Odious ones too..."
  9. What books have you read (primarily Sanderson but other are important too)? How did you get into Sanderson? And welcome to the shard. I don't do the cookies they are unhealthy ... pie is better anyway, on hand right now i have some apple, pecan, sweet potato or buttermilk ...
  10. Besides Pie is better and mine only has a few shells for you airsick lowlander types.
  11. WoB is that TLR would have made a ok Skybreaker. Kelsier would have been a Dustbringer Sazed would have been a good Bondsmith Elend i see as a windrunner. Vin... maybe a lightweaver, but she is a bit hard. She would have enjoyed being an edgedancer as well
  12. Although transgenderism could be interpreted as a "disorder" this is too simplistic. I believe stormlight healing has more to do with bringing physical and cognitive in harmony with spiritual (identity) then just a physical/cognitive alignment. As we see with Lopen's arm regrowth from WoR gender swapping is not outside the realm of impossibility Those who are physically Gender A but feel, and/or perceive themselves as gender B, C, or D exist on a wide spectrum. Some may accept this dichotomy and it has become their identity to live with the dysphoria to those who reject it and actively seek to change it by surgical, chemical, or psychological means. as such every person would react slightly differently to stormlight and the changes it brings.
  13. This has been observed previously BUT i didn't follow the discussion on possible meanings.
  14. I agree with @Wreith that the Soul never actually left the physical form or if it did it was recalled by the healers PRIOR to going beyond (think Sezth and Nale just on a smaller less impressive scale). I would suspect a stamp could animate a corpse similar to the BloodSealer but nothing in the book implies Shai's power could recall a soul or reanimate the dead in such a way that it could act without orders.
  15. Rock shoos away an ardent who is drawing the tattoos. That is Nazh I am not sure exactly what pieces are his, but some of the maps and other cosmere pictures are confirmed to be his work.