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  1. I disagree. I am not Ruin, and if Drake is ruin I guess he had a fifty -fifty shot between Drought and me as neither of us had a shard. I think it's more likely a village!Ruin suspected Drought of being a part of a conversion faction or an elim!Ruin suspecting Drought of being part of the other faction and thus sniped him from another world.
  2. It'll come up whether I say it or not. Drought was on Scadrial and the three of us (Drought, Drake and I) agreed to go after the shard so we could get a village Honor vessel. I'm not sure exactly how passing shards works, but just in case Odium feels like shattering Honor, I will neither claim to have nor not have Honor.
  3. Huh, I could have sworn I retracted my vote on Eternum. (Page 66) I can confirm Drought, Drake, Patji and I are the only ones on Scadrial.
  4. I'm sorry for my sparse contributions. Thank you Stick for your analysis of Eternum. I don't think Fifth Scholar is ruin. I believe that he went for Odium for day one as he claimed that action at a time that Odium seemed more scary (at least to me) than Ruin did. I also went for Ruin and I remember only one other person claiming that action. My guess is there is a fourth person who did not reveal that they attempted to siphon investiture from Odium who holds it, but that is neither here nor there. My point is since I don't believe Fifth Scholar took Ruin, and I now believe Eternum doesn't hold it, I'm going to go back and see if I can find anything indicating the other two.
  5. Sorry, I missed this question as I was reading through. I was worried about the speed of the pile on (and said as much) and assumed it was a last effort to switch the vote to a good player. Drake wasn't on my radar (or anyone else's) at the time and so claiming neutral wasn't saving him from suspicion. I was willing to believe him for a cycle and was more worried we were losing a true neutral for my goofing around. To get the adrenaline going and leave it to the gods, I will vote to tie it... Dang ninjas Jon
  6. I have been on silverlight the whole game (until it exploded). Night zero I attempted Odium, night one I tried ambition, night three endowment, and four honor. I have no investiture, shards, secret factions or way to prove any of this. All I can say is I haven't been in any world docs until now , and can confirm this: Given recent analysis, I'll place my vote on Eternum.
  7. Welcome Lady of Chaos Haha. Ninja'd by Devotary doing what I was going to do.
  8. This may go without saying, but this role in no way guarantees a village alignment. We have no reason to doubt the veracity of this role. My guess is there is an elim with this role who has yet to claim. I don't think Steel is bad because information is good for the village and I don't know why an elim would give that much information to us. I don't think Drought is an elim because Drake was trying to lynch him. I'll bet we have one more citizen and one escaped who have yet to reveal themselves. Edit: 2 ninjas
  9. Yes, Chaos made more sense as a lynch target, but it didn't matter either way. I was too late and it wouldn't have been enough ( thank goodness given the result).
  10. I apologise for all the confusion. Quite simply, I felt bad for Drake. I believed his neutral claim because *drumroll please* I am a citizen of Kharbranth. I was phishing for an elim contact like Orlock described. When Drake claimed neutral and was about to be lynched because he was possibly the second to claim, I felt my misinformation had doomed someone to die in the last ten minutes of the cycle. As it turned out, it's a good thing we did. For all my talk of getting information I usually feel bad for lynching people, hence my reliance on the gods of luck and chance and my vote on the person I erroneously thought was in second place. I think Drought is village based on Drakes campaign to lynch him, but I admit it doesn't carry as much water as he may have just tried to distance himself to protect a teammate. I don't think that is the case though as Drake wasn't being lynched until the very end of the cycle.
  11. Well, Drought is all but cleared in my eyes now. Next to analyze all the vote changes.
  12. Wow. A four way tie. I kind of want to leave it and hope the gods of luck and chance get involved. I don't like the sudden lynch on Drake, though. In the interest of fun, I'd prefer to lynch Chaos. In the interest of information, Madagascar makes the most sense. I'll lurk for another minute and see what else happens. Edit: nope, I'm going to leave it as it is.
  13. Fair point Fifth Scholar. My goal is to lynch someone who will provide the most information on the workings of this game upon their death. I wouldn't mind hitting an eliminator, but given that our odds of hitting an eliminator are a bit small I want to get all the info I can. (though an eliminator would shine a lot of light on this situation.) I hope to be able to place a more substantial vote before the end of the cycle
  14. I didn't expect this comment to spark this much interest. Please allow me to answer your question with a question. Would you have believed me if I had said I was village? It probably would have been viewed as NAI (which I guess I thought this comment was anyway). What if I had claimed neutral? That may have received a bit more scrutiny as Orlock puts it: All this being the case, I will affirm my non-eliminator win condition. As a little additional information, I can win with the village. Read into that all that you want ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On the current lynch, I don't like killing Eternum. What has been stated over and over and over, but it feels like we are all missing is that the day one lynch is meant to give us information. Until very recently, Eternum's posts have not directly tied him with or against any other player or even any role or distribution ideas. I feel lynching him (even if he somehow was an eliminator) would give us very little information about the game. Much more interesting to me was Stink's post tying players together. I feel that a lynch on Fifth Scholar, Kynedath, or Stick would be much more useful as far as gathering data as they used these terms. With Fifth Scholar being unlikely to get back on this Cycle, I will vote for Kynedath. I feel like he has written posts that will give us more information when we find his role and alignment. Edit: Triple ninja. Also it appears my information was reversed and it is Kynedath, not Fifth Scholar who is unlikely to be able to defend themself.