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  1. You never know Sanderson has the habit of bringing ideas from previous works into current books all the time, but the Cytonic gift seems more unique to me than simplly based off Shadesmar especialy as skyward is essentially the squeal to Defending Elysium which was written before Stormlight
  2. Just got done reading it all in one sitting, someone remind me not to do that again. First thoughts I had after finishing was I really got to work on my insults and battle cries some the ones I read were just too good. Second thoughts I had was I felt that the answer to some of the questions answered were answered to close to the end of the book I understand that we are getting more books, but come on at least give us more time to take them in. Other than that I really liked how Sanderson developed Spensa over the course of the series. Oh and there is totally something up with Doomslug I mean a slug that can move incredibly fast in an instant screams teleportation to me.
  3. This character from the Dragonlance saga
  4. I think the secret project is something he is doing for a novella anthology book you know the ones that a bunch of different authors contribute towards. Something like that would explain why he said it was something we have never seen before and why it is non Cosmere
  5. lets combine these ideas what if you have your army shoot arrows at you reverse lash a rock that's attached to another rock which you then lash at the opposing force and boom you are now the proud owner of an arrow cloud.
  6. You know i don't think Nighblood would absorb a sprenblade due to the fact that the bond gives them extra strength and stability. It would probably hurt a lot though.
  7. So I was reading oathbringer and came across something interesting when Szeth swore his third oath it mentions that he felt approval from a hidden spren. Well we know the Szeth has bonded a spren and with his third oath he should get a shardblade but because he has nightblood it doesn't appear. This is interesting because he now could theoretically duel wield shardblades. So i am thinking that in later books nightblood is going to go back to one of his orginal owners and then Szeth will then finally summon his shardblade. A note on this is I wounder if Nightblood somehow makes spren nervous as Szeth has not really meet his spren yet.
  8. So somewhere there is a post on the fact that because Renarin is bonded with a corrupted radiant spren he is actually using Voidbinding to see the future and because of this he is seen by the voidbringers as an ally "As he approached the ramp up to the Oathgate, the Fused descended. Four landed on the ramp before him, then gave him a gesture not unlike a salute," Oathbringer Chapter 120 Renarin POV This essentially makes him ,and i am going to coin this term, a Voidknight. Hopefully we will see what impact this has on the series in later books hopefully by infiltrating a Fused camp.
  9. Do you mean replicating just what the surge does or all the aspects of a surge such as making a fabrial that could basically turn you into a windrunner because i am pretty sure there are already fabrials that replicate parts of a surge
  10. oh well i was just brushing up on my knowledge of soulcasting after this and the arcanum of OB says that they are different but it still seems mysterious that this is so as Sanderson could have written in the fabrial and made up a whole new surge. Hopefully we get to learn more of soulcasting in later books.
  11. So I was thinking one day and realized something soulcasting exists in two different forms as a Surge accessible to two of the KR orders and as a fabrial. Now why would Sanderson do that? From what we have seen surges and fabrials have stayed mostly separate except for soulcasting. My theory is that the surge of soulcasting is something completely different from fabrial version. this can be seen through the effects that the fabrials have on people and the requirement of gems in order to even operate it.
  12. You know if TGK can awaken objects without touching them then he could theoretically awaken everything in the palace with the command of kill TLR. Plus since everyone hates TLR hire some iron and steel mistings to collapse the palace on top of TLR while he is distracted by the awakened objects. Fight smarter not Harder
  13. cause i am helpful like that
  14. I haven't played it yet but I watched the whole campaign on YouTube based on it my answers are 1. yes 2. Hunter, Dawnblade, 3. If not then there should be one
  15. Try Thor Ragnarok