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  1. This would definitely explain a lot and might be a way for Brandon to pull off the Kaladin and Syl ship. Sound theory. Now just need to figure out how the Curse of Kind and Fortune play into this. Maybe it's a side effect of the transfer.
  2. Wow, how was I not aware of this? Were these just mentioned as WoBs and such (I am not super familiar with most WoBs), as I don't recall it ever even being hinted at in the books? Though now that I see it, it seems obvious. More so for the Horneaters than the Herdanzians though.
  3. I am sorry if it was mentioned somewhere in the shardcast, but has there ever been a confirmed relationship between a human and singer previously and is it even biologically possible for a singer and a human to birth a child?
  4. Brandon stated on his youtube channel in the video "How Do I Come up with Names—Brandon Sanderson" (around the 3:00 minute mark) that the original language of Roshar, the Dawnsinger language, was based off of Arabic and Hebrew. So that pretty much confirms some of the connections.
  5. All great points that i can't answer convincingly. Like I said, there are a few holes in the theory. I only brought it up because 9 doesn't sound like a number of power and Brandon loves using those. There is definitely more to the surgebinding power system that we don't know yet.
  6. Here's the thing about Honor's truest surge. Remember that the Stormfather said that Dalinar's powers wouldn't work. So I more view it as the fact that it's Honor's truest surge AND the fact that Kaladin's spren is an HONORSPREN. Which is of Honor. Retroactively, you can look at the same thing for Lift. Her surge of Progression works because it's Cultivation's truest surge AND because her spren is a CULTIVATIONSPREN, which is of Cultivation. And that both of them are invested enough to stay awake in the tower. This can really cause a reassessment of the surgebinding magic system. Instead of 10 or 9 plus 1, it's 8 plus 2 (2 meaning Honor and Cultivation), which is more in line with the basic allomancy system. Then imagine if voidbinding is really 8 plus 1 (1 meaning odium) and it will turn out that the Rosharan magic system in closely aligned to the rest of the cosmere. This most likely won't be actualized in the canon and currently has some holes in the theory, but it seems like something Brandon might pull and it seems like it may have some truth in it.
  7. I got confirmation from the live-stream that Moshe retired and is doing fine.
  8. My favorite Stormlight book is definitely Words of Radiance. It also has my favorite Stormlight sequence, the Adolin duel against the four shardbearers with Kaladin's (and Renarin's) help. As a stand alone book, Rhythm of War is fantastic, but as part of a series, it just felt so different from the last three books that I would consider it my least favorite for now until I get the time to re-read it at least once.
  9. I would much rather Moash be a hurdle for our heroes to overcome than a cliche "bad guy becomes good again" trope. I decided that based on which character I care about more. Moash, or Kaladin and the Radiants? Moash doesn't even come close. While a Moash redemption arc may possibly be satisfying if written well enough, I believe that Moash written as a villain can provide so much more depth to the overall story and characters, especially Kaladin.
  10. Nice catch. Brandon is known for utilizing different languages at times, including Hebrew, in a number of occasions. Because of a spelling error in one of his books, I first thought that Adonalsium had an extra 'i' instead of an "L", making it an even more obvious Hebrew term for God. Then when I saw another book replace the "i" with the "L", I did some research and got a little less excited. Though it is still a pretty close match. Edit: After a quick search in the book, it actually says "Adonasium". Not an extra "i" but a missing "L". Doesn't really change much, but just clarifying.
  11. You are right for the most part. That is one of the many questions about the theory. The answer to that one would be that Nale said "I believe I am the only Herald to have joined their order". With that wording you can 1: Say that he said he "believes", but it isn't a fact (unless there is another source like a WoB that I am unfamiliar with). or 2: That Nale meant Herald joining their OWN order, and not referring to Heralds joining other orders. Like I said, many questions on it. Some can be given a stretched answer, some probably can't..
  12. I understand that it is very far-fetched, which I the major reason why I didn't bother making a thread about it, but once I saw this related thread, I felt like I might as well mention it. There are ways to explain some of the inconsistencies, but too many of them add up to a bad theory. In regards to your issue, remember, Shallan has lightweaving powers. It is possible that she could have been unconsciously changing her appearance the entire series. Plus, her flashbacks could be some form of lie (she is a great liar after all) or/and could have even have been lightweaving then and maybe wasn't even really a child back then. Like I said, it is far-fetched and raises many other questions that make the theory seem invalid.
  13. I was thinking of something similar a couple of days ago, but was thinking that maybe Shallan herself was the herald Chanaranach. That could explain her mental instability, multiple shardblades, and Wit's early special attention given to her. I didn't even think about her mother.
  14. I asked brandon years ago the question about mistings burning atium and he answered rafo because there is a lot about atium that we still don't know and there is a lot more he plans to do with it and explore.
  15. I wouldn't be surprised that the jar contained something that could actually locate an invested person/object. That would explain how he can pinpoint the people with investiture throughout the cosmere. Maybe sand, but personally I think it is something else.