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  1. Sorry for bumping this but I FINALLY found the perfect song for Dalinar (of all ages). Under Pressure EDIT: any advice on how to get this to show as a video instead of a link?
  2. I know it’s been a while, but I am no longer as sure about that. As Brandon said that each “book” contained some of the three main characters. After rereading The Way Of Kings I realized/remember that there is no Dalinar in Part one and no Shallan in Part 4. Also one of his reasons for saying part one could be a whole “book” in Oathbringer was because of how big it was, but part 1 isn’t as big in The Way Of Kings. How does this sound as an alternative for The Way Of Kings? Book 1: Parts 1-2 Book 2: Part 3 Book 4: Parts 4-5 Or does this have other problems? It would really help if someone could ask Brandon himself.
  3. Fair point, still givin how 9 kind of seems to be Odium’s number and all...
  4. That’s normal Roshar
  5. Bridge carries you together.
  6. That reminds me of something Glys said "I will give you my sorrow"
  7. Ok. I found the thing I was looking for. It seems we were BOTH wrong. The thing that the Bondsmith analog was missing from is the UNMADE. Link here
  8. I had a thought. Odium took pride in the fact that there was no equivalent of the Bondsmith in voidbinding. I think it’s not that there is no equivalent spren, for a Bondsmith Of voidbinding but that Odium deliberately made it as hard as possible to bond with. (As for why he would make one it might be that as part of coopting the magic system he kind of had to, so trying to make it impossible to bond was his workaround for having to make it) This is just a guess but based on the fact that the voidbinding chart is an inverted version of the Knights Radiant chart. Could it be that the “equivalent of a Bondsmith for voidbinding” would have the heraldic characteristics of a Bondsmith (Pious, Guiding) but take the vows and surges if a Truthwatcher? And that’s why they are so hard to find? Remember what Lift said about Pious people? “They are hiding something” My guess is that Glys, the corrupted Truthwatcher spen would make somewon the equivalent of a Voidbinder Bondsmith, but Odium thought that it would be impossible for anyone to successfully bond with Glys. Or at least to bond to this degree. Hence the pride in there not being a “bondsmith” equivalent in voidbinding. The fact that Renarin WAS able to bond Glys would end up throwing a series wrench in Odiums plans.
  9. So... taking something away from Odium and cultivating it????
  10. Speaking of I tried looking into all THREE Abrahamic religions. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam for Stormlight. Having a bigger field to pull from makes things MORE impossible to narrow down. About the only thing I have near any confidence in is how what overlap there might be between real world religions and shard and/or shardworlds etc and even them this ONLY started with noticing similarities between Pathians and the Way the possible yin-yang connection between Preservation and Ruin into Harmony. Combine this with WoB that the Double Eye of the Almighty was inspired by the Jewish Kabalah and I started noticing other connections too (back in Elantris and the original Mistborn trilogy) but they are deliberately left vauge and that’s on purpose. Sanderson has said that he is a devout believer, but he also feels that no religion should feel it is wrong to say that has the truth He also strongly believes in applicability over allegory (and we all know he never shys away from showing the worst of religion along with the best) P.S I know I have gotten a bit of topic but if you want those other connections I made let me know
  11. Ok. Interesting note. I just reread Words Of Radiance chapter 6. In it there is a bit where Jasnah tells Shallan, that she fears what she is trying to do is like stopping a storm by blowing harder. I never noted that bit before. But now with all the way people talk about Kaladin and how he tries to do that. I wonder if that bit wasn’t deliberate foreshadowing on Sanderson’s part.
  12. I was just thinking about how that episode references Christ siting in the Garden and waiting to be betrayed but accepting his fate. I always thought that bit with Renarin and Jasnah echoes that bit of biblical lore. And before you say anything else I am aware of the Irony of making that statement when if we have a Judas it’s most likely Moash and the one he betrayed was Kaladin. Still had to draw attention to the parallel though. P.S If I hadn’t noticed that followers of Harmony call themselves PATHians and that one translation Of Taoism is the WAY I wouldn’t even think to look for these things. Still they are all wrapped up in so many layers of subtlety and misdirection that I doubt ANY of the parallels (if I am correct in looking for these things) will be clear until the end. Like I said Kaladin is a good candidate as well. But I digress.
  13. Awkward question have you heard of Passing Through Gethesmane?
  14. Well I also ment he was Tien like in character/personality, he also seems similar to his Mom that way. Edit: I also never said when the death would take place either. The end of the back five is still possible with this idea.