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  1. Seriously guys, read that post I linked to, “Jasnah more then meets the eye” someone went through the trouble of doing a huge character study on her and I feel like it’s going to waste.
  2. Truthfinder. I like the sound of that
  3. Didn't Brandon say that he was based off of King Benjamin, a figure from the Book of Morman
  4. Here's a song for Sah and Khen of the Parsh For Renarin as he goes into the future Note this puts a bit of my hopes for him into it as well.
  5. I am sorry for rembering the quote wrong, and I didn’t mean to imply that he was a herald. My point was that the implication I got was among that group of people he was unique.
  6. Have you read this thread?
  7. Perhaps "bonded spren of mulitiple types would of been a better way to phrase it. And a few things. Like Brandon's claim that "even among surgebinders, among heralds Nohadon was unique." That's not the ONLY thing, but it is ONE thing.
  8. How much do you want to bet that Nohadon belonged to multiple orders?
  9. I have two new ones. For Kalladin, especially his dealing with Depression and his reputation. This next one requires a bit of an introspective look at the charachter Jasnah, but when you start to think about the way she feels about herself and the way the world views her. Especially when you get lines like. "Do you know like what it is not to be able to trust your own mind?" As well as the way others refer to fer as having the "empathy of a stone" I feel the following song fits her. At least as of the point in the series when I am posting this, Lyric correction: "Mirror, what's inside me?" should be "Fear of what's inside me"
  10. For Raoden for Elantris For Shallan,ESPECIALLY during Oathbringer And this last one is a bit of a stretch, but for Dockson for Mistborn Era 1. EDIT: I included the link to Dockson's coppermind page in hope that it would give more context, but if it's still unclear just ask and I can try to explain it.
  11. Sorry for bumping this but I FINALLY found the perfect song for Dalinar (of all ages). Under Pressure EDIT: any advice on how to get this to show as a video instead of a link?
  12. I know it’s been a while, but I am no longer as sure about that. As Brandon said that each “book” contained some of the three main characters. After rereading The Way Of Kings I realized/remember that there is no Dalinar in Part one and no Shallan in Part 4. Also one of his reasons for saying part one could be a whole “book” in Oathbringer was because of how big it was, but part 1 isn’t as big in The Way Of Kings. How does this sound as an alternative for The Way Of Kings? Book 1: Parts 1-2 Book 2: Part 3 Book 4: Parts 4-5 Or does this have other problems? It would really help if someone could ask Brandon himself.
  13. Fair point, still givin how 9 kind of seems to be Odium’s number and all...
  14. That’s normal Roshar