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  1. Exactly. Other people becoming radiant makes sense now though, but even just the fact that Kaladin has accomplished as far as the third ideal without any prior knowledge about what is going on and just months after his near-suicide experience at the chasms, turning back and holding on with sheer will and determination makes him stand far out. Brandon himself wrote him this way. Maybe too overpowered. But it feels like there should be a difference between Kal and others in this radiant bussiness. I too hope that we get his next swearing ideal scenes at least as exciting as the third one in the next books. Oh and now that we are on the topic, what does 5th ideal get you? 4th gets you armor, right? Do windrunners even have the 5th?
  2. I always liked thinking about the Knights Radiant as powerful chosen ones in ancient legends. It is said that they were not perfect but most of them were broken at some point (as regularly emphasized). But I get the impression that they were not ordinary. Not everyone could become a radiant even if they wanted to. You didn't only need to say the Words but you had to be worthy. The journey of Kaladin was detailed. We read his childhood, hardships he went through, bridge days, slave days, his personality. So his transformation felt natural and pacing made sense. The words came in order and it was not easy to say them sincerely. Afterall, being able to use stormlight or bonding a spren shouldn't be too easy, considering the power it grants. So my question is, what do you think about the requisites before becoming a full radiant? Do you think Radiants should be rarer or is it more fun to have more of them around? I personally didn't even like the squire thing. Being able to suck in stormlight after just a few field trips to Shattered Plains with prof Kaladin... Seemed to undermine how hard it is to become a Radiant. You could say that Bridge 4 pushed through same nightmare as Kaladin in bridge days but the difference was that Kaladin changed those hopeless men and decided to protect them no matter what in that hellish situation. None of them even came close to what Kaladin did in those days. Following him is not the same thing. But now, they swear ideals left and right, when did Teft even said the second ideal before he said the third? It just feels too quick or even not justified. I like Bridge 4 characters but I don't think everyone needs to become a Radiant and they shouldn't. What do you guys think?
  3. I knew something was off. Eh, I think being an Inquisitor would not be that bad, right? I didn't read any of his books. Added to my newly created list.
  4. Thanks for the warm welcome and cookies, though I think there is an inside joke around here about cookies, that I don't know yet about So for the recommendations, I have heard about Wheel of Time but it seemed too large to start at first, but now I read some from Sanderson, I think I might jump in. I read the first 3 books of Ender's Game Series, last one I read being Xenocide. They were great. (In hindsight, I see that again there is an over powered protagonist :)) I don't know about others you mentioned, I will have to do a search Other than that, I love Dune and Lord of the Rings. Typical but still... Simply, I like the feel of a book more than its technical perfection. For example, if I remember some scene in Dune when a sunset catches my eye while I walk down the road, then this is a sign that it was a great story in my opinion. And I think these books may have the same power. Thanks for the suggestions again *starts eating imaginary cookies from the imaginary plate*
  5. Thanks, I will look into them.
  6. Hello, I discovered here after I started Words of Radience. Since the series got me hooked, I have been looking for discussions, theories or basically just more of this world. I think Brandon did a great worldbuilding job here. The first book of Stormlight Archive was recommended to me by my friend after we both read Patrick Rothfuss' The Kingkiller Chronicle. Looks like I like strong protagonists. However, I must admit that Brandon's books have a more detailed and rooted universe. I am glad there are people out there like Pat and Brandon who spend their time to create new worlds for us to get lnto. I might read other Cosmere books but I don't like to start a whole different book when I just got used to these. Maybe later. So, what do you think? What were you reading before you met Sanderson Universe? How do you compare it to the others? What do you recommend for the void between the 2nd and 3rd books? I am always looking for a good fantasy / sci-fi novel.