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  1. I’m surprised the 3rd novella comes out after Cytonic. Do we know if that was done intentionally for plot reasons, or just the way timing worked out?
  2. Did you just wait until it loaded? I'm still on an error screen
  3. Also my first audio exclusive, but it didn't land for me! I'm a huge Brandon fan and the premise was intriguing, so I was really expecting to like it too. I'm not a big audio listener, so not being able to physically read it could be the driver behind a lot of my concerns. I totally could have missed things that would have helped me enjoy the book Why I didn't like it: I didn't buy the world. This is by far the big reason I couldn't fully enjoy the book, it's first SanderWorld I couldn't get immersed in. So much of the book was about Holly being shocked and appalled at how fake everything was, but didn't she already know? Everyone knows everything is fake, they can choose their customizations after all. Also, I don't really get how themes could work on such a grand scale. So much of life and relationships is about joint experiences, but if you have different themes than those around you, your experiences would be so different. When Holly and her husband go on a date to that club did they have to make sure they had similar themes so they could at least be hearing the same songs? The plot seemed off. The way she kept having fights with the same group of baddies but always got away rubbed me the wrong way. It seemed almost like a corny action film. I get the idea is that the two Hollys could predict each other's decisions, but it was almost silly how the same thugs were everywhere PR Holly went. A few resolutions were missing. Clearly it was an artistic choice to have a more oped ended finish, and I did like the head space it left me with, but I wish I knew more about what the whole experience was like form Skyler and Original Holly's perspectives. What did Skyler think about Jill's accusations? What was the last week like for The Original Holly? Why did Skyler let that final confrontation between the Hollys happen? It seems like he should have had her followed or something. It was an unusual tone for Brandon. I think this is my most subjective complaint. Most Sanderson books are generally optimistic, especially in regards to people. Most people are mostly good at the core. In this book corruption, lies, and anger seemed to rule the day. I would love to hear more people's thoughts. Were there explanations and clues I missed because I wasn't paying good enough attention? It's very possible, especially with the book being audio only. Also, I'm glad almost all the review's I've seen have been positive. I'm glad Sanderson has been giving collaborations a try even if this one wasn't my cup of tea. Also I look forward to hopefully hearing some of Sanderson and Kowal's thoughts on the book as well, maybe even on tonight's livestream. Edit: Also, I had the thought that Snapshot + Perfect State = The Original. I find that quite amusing
  4. Numbering on copies makes it unique. E.g. someone will get a booked signed and numbered #1, as in, that is the first copy of the book ever sold. Someone else gets book #2, and so on to #950. I beleive the number goes on the same page as Brandon's signature.
  5. #lurking