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  1. I definitely think it ranks up there for best novella. And I too, as a 50 something-year-old man, tear up every time I read it
  2. Does anyone have a theory on
  3. Avandar is the coolest character from Michele West SunSword series. He is the Warlord and when he kills someone he receives the remainder of their lifespan Even the Gods fear him
  4. Read furies of Calderon (and the next 5 in the series)by Jim Butcher. Great coming of age story with cool magic system.
  5. Can someone request that Brandon write a novella that has Hoid taking a class on the fine Art of Naming from Master Elodin
  6. Thanks, I stand corrected
  7. Lift sound of silence listen to disturbed version, and while the opening line is hilariously appropriate, the whole song deals with lift
  8. Let's not forget that at the time he was bonded to an Honor blade, that would have healed him from current injuries, just like Szeth is healed with whichever honor blade he was using
  9. I concur, starts great, bogs down in middle, and then this unknown to me guy named Sanderson gets picked to finish it. OH HAPPY DAY!!!!
  10. Glad you liked it. I recommend listening to the Disturbed version
  11. The best answer is "the sound of silence" Check out the very first line
  12. YouTube the disturbed version of sound of silence pay attention to the opening line
  13. Song of silence
  14. I will post the best answer in a few days