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  1. I lost my balance when I lost all nerve input from my ear. I had to learn to ignore the input from the good ear for balance. I lean heavily on vision and foot sensation for balance. The stronger the muscles in the foot, the easier it is to balance on them. It is not isolated from other senses, but strong muscles definitely help balance. A wife with Parkinson's issues has learned the same thing. We attend a boxing class together and strength in the large muscles definitely helps the balance of those who lose it neurologically. A thought.
  2. Last year @The Forgetful Archivist listed the Prom Ticket he/she uses. I would also like to list an additional reminder I have of my Symbol of Ignorance. Today I have half the hearing (one ear lost hearing in college), half the eyesight (lost to straining on screens and some age issues), no sense of smell or taste (lost in a head injury that injured the brain), half the strength and endurance (lost in a war conflict and weight loss in the recovery), and now, half of my wife's precious time (lost to anxiety, treatment and pain from early onset Parkinson's). It seems I have half of all the things I love that I used to have all of. They were a "basic" part of life I now miss, and am forced to adapt to. Most people I deal with have no idea I have any of these limitations. Enjoy your available experiences and blessings with gratitude... with joy... and sharing as much of it with the people around you as you can. You will be left with large reminders when they pass.
  3. Dalinar is the only Bondsmith we know of to date int he story. He is bonded to the Stormfather who has never bonded to another since he has incorporated the Cognitive shadow of Honor. This has led to various uses of power that have never been done, according to the Stormafather. Dalinar has not begun using his second surge, which could also be boosted. Ishar/Ishi/etc.as the Herald of Bondsmiths/ priests/ etc.was first in enforcing oaths on the Radiants, and claimed to have power to destroy them all. He is also mad, and without his Honorblade, but has a following believing he is a God (as he himself thinks) and still has a strong influence over Nale and his Radiants. The two are going to clash, and likely sooner rather than later. So the speculation starts with these: Does Dalinar clash with Ishi before Odium gets to him? -(I think yes) Who comes out as the top Bondsmith? - I must hope Dalinar does, since two other Heralds appear to be inclined to him at least). Does ishi try to destroy Radiant bonds? -Wow! what a twist that would be. Any guesses? Will Ishi join the coalition when he finds out of Honor/Stormfather's approval of Dalinar? - Naw, he is nuts.
  4. 16 Shards.... Microphone drops...
  5. Another thing to note. If you cast any metal, it has bubbles and flow patterns. That happens when you cast. Sometimes, you can see this on rubber tires, but most products are polished or finished after casting, and that hides some of the flaws you would otherwise see. If you soulcast it to another metal, it would still have these interstitials and flaws. You don't get forged steel when you change cast iron to steel, you get cast steel. This is much weaker than forged. The forging process is what gives it the impact resistance and changes the crystal structure to be tougher. If you change iron to crystal, the lattice structure would dominate, but the empty spaces would still be there. Metal to oil would have bubbles. Metal to food would have air pockets as well. I don't see how you could change one metal casting into another metal forged. There are restrictions to this change, even if it is magic.
  6. Bicycle, take me where I want to go! Cloth, stop the bleeding! Cloak, protect my daughter! Stick, pick fruit for me till I say stop!
  7. It was the role of guards that I wondered about. There is a permanent storm there, not the Highstorm. Controlled differently depending on people trying to get to the island. "they reach Shin lands, to an extent". Yes, but as rain? With any stormlight? Does the Stormfather pass the mountains (like the place Kaladin meets him in twice after the stormwall passes). It is different here. I want to know how the Mountain Spren are part of this. I think we must just wait and RAFO.
  8. Although I respect your insights, I do not believe this has to do with Horneater beliefs. I believe something unique to Shinovar is going on. The Shin Mountains feature in too much magical lore to be like other peaks (Girl who looked up, Swiftfoot, no highstorm, all foriegn plants, etc.) I think the spren- plural or singular- are special there, as they seem to form a boundary of epic effect. I think this was a teaser of future things we will learn about Shinovar, but I can see that there were other references to the religion as well, so I am looking for informed speculations about something we only have a dim view of. Was this where the first migration of non-rosharan humans cam after "Destroying" their world? Was it set aside for their welfare, and guarded by spren to keep it isolated? How is the storm stopped; or, is this mythological because the mountains are high enough to physically stop the storm? I rather doubt this, as Szeth surely knows when there is a powerful spren around. Thanks @Pagerunner, for your input. Are there other references to Shinovar's isolation that might shed light here? I cannot recall any.
  9. On a careful reread, I rediscovered a conversation between Szeth and Nale, where Szeth refers to Nale as "Aboshi, a deific honorific previously reserved for the Spren of the Mountains..." From this I gather the obvious, that the Shin honor those spren as Gods, but what are these spren? Do they represent a spren for each mountain; a spren for all the mountains, or many spren in the mountains? Based on the sentence, I see them/ it as being powerful and large spren, since Szeth does not seem to treat all spren with equal reverence. Are these mountain spren why walking on stone is Sacred? We need more info on this. Have any of you addressed this before? Thanks.
  10. An unornamented armor does not mean it is not complex. Remember the descriptions about larger plates filled between with smaller plates, and those being filled. It is about movement and completeness of protection, not about the style. It won't have flowers and curls and inlays, but it will have corners, lots of reticulations and lots of shape adhesion to the person. No openings, deflection angles, and no edges to catch blows.
  11. WOW! I would have to say that to make the statement above, you would have to stretch credulity beyond it's former breaking point. I see no parallels at all, except that they are oaths and breaking them have natural consequences. The details of those covenants do not align with Radiant orders. They are sacred to us and therefore we do not discuss them publicly, but they do not follow the Radiant oaths at all.
  12. In the original post there are several incorrect statements about how the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints understand the Godhead, and how kingdoms are governed, and a couple other misstatements. I am a lifelong member, and have studied our theology and other religions theology extensively, -and have taught ours extensively. It really appears that there was an intent of the original poster to make a discussion about those things by trolling them and then tying them very loosely to Brandon's writings. Brandon has clearly said he does not match any of his writings to his theological views. He admits he may be influenced by them. But there is no correlation as described by the OP. I don't know what the goal was, but sowing misinformation to start is a rotten way to get a discussion. I hope that wasn't the goal. I appreciate the way the community here has responded, as fans of the books. It is both kind and professional, but I did not want to have the OP statements taken at face value about our beliefs. You can go to several of many official sites, and have those subjects of our beliefs correctly explained..
  13. A series of thoughts that will lead you to the beginning of a theory I have been pondering: 1. The reflexive symmetry of the Voidbinding chart would work well showing a Surgebinding power, and a counter power (up to interpretation at this point). 2. If Voidbinding is a "cousin" of the Old Magic, and the old magic has a boon/bane reflexive symmetry, that would make sense. 3. If the Old Magic was old because it was prior to Cultivation and Honor's arrival, the system would be the most likely one Odium could corrupt to his purpose. If the Old Magic is related to Cultivation (and there is a strong argument for that), then corrupting both Cultivation and Honors' magic systems to be it's own unique would also make sense. Do the Listeners have different surges than the humans because the Humans have a newer, different reflective symmetry to their surges? Was Voidbinding originally the Surges they used until Honor and Ishar forced a new order on them? (That last one was a new thought to me, but not a well fleshed out one). Perhaps we look at the current chart as the uncorrupted one, and Voidbinding chart as corrupted, but we are wrong. Someone should as Brandon which came first, Surgebinding or Voidbinding. It would add additional insight to this.
  14. NOT beloved children. Lies. Used to turn people to his side. Old Listeners get the same story. How they want to see a god, but not what he is. It is a scam.
  15. In the interlude with the smoke Soulcaster (Kaza), the approach to the ancient Amian island and its city -that was previously known to Radiants (Akinah)- was protected by a large storm. It was there more than once, as the Captain had told the crew about it, and that it would end. It had a definite end when they approached the barriers. My thoughts include these: 1. There is no way the Stormfather does not know about this storm protecting Akinah. He may be more than silent about it, he may be very complicit in the mission. I suspect he could give Dalinar in incredible amount of information if asked directly. Not that he would...How was the old history of the Knights and Amians interconnected, (as the visiones showed they fought together), and how is the danger to "Worlds" not just Roshar? 2. Why would the storm stop in stead of driving ships into the barrier? Was this too good a writing dramatic moment for the soulcaster, or are you supposed to be able to pass into it when you passed the storm. 3. Amains must be in many ports and places to catch all the ships headed that direction. Are the specialized cremlings from this one trapped on the island? How do they ever get off again? 4. What the heck are they hiding? Old soulcasters came from here, and they work differently than the new ones. Some only do one element instead of all of them. Huge gemhearts abound, but the real secrets seem to lie in the city (referenced in the Urithiru archives and containing partially explored caverns UNDERNEATH them. Is that under water and a hint about Windrunner pressure bubbles?