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  1. To be honest, I expected more wit responding to the initial posting. A good mix of wit and flatulence humor due to the newly coined order, but it appears you all "mist" it.
  2. My son noted that the most deadly order of Knights Radiant must be the current form of Szeth, as he was a Windrunner and now combines Skybreaker powers, thus making him the first Wind Breaker How true that is!
  3. @Quantus, This is a good theory. I have recently studied the story Wit told, and I think this is close. I don't know if this lead to Tanavast's demise (a good potential theory), but it was certainly a factor with Cultivation, and I believe, the missing people to the East. This affair will definitely affect the outcome of a lot in the future of Roshar. The Moons are a good reflection of the Shards and maybe more. Can't wait to find out what!
  4. When asked about the craziness of Spensa trying to have her life in danger to use the cytonic drive, I was reminded of the White Sands sandmasters approaching death by dehydration to be able to get more ribbons of sand in their control; killing vast armies with Nightblood but draining your life to death... not a first for Sanderson.
  5. I agree with you on Sazed (holding two shards of Adonalsium allows quite a bit of research), but Jasnah is far behind many many people we know about as far as the Cosmere goes. Kriss, Gavilar, Heralds, a grouchy swordmaster (or others of the 5 Scholars), Nazsh, Kelsier, Ire members, etc., etc. I wouldn't put her in the league of one of the "Brightest" till she learns a lot more.
  6. Being who I am, I wouldn't wish the job on anyone I liked. Seriously though, Sanderson said he would like to be a bondsmith, but he didn't think he was tough enough (or it was too hard) to go though what it takes to become one. We have more to see with Dalinar, and it won't be pleasant. I spoke with Brandon a few times on the subject, and he RAFOd any good information, but said the price was very high.
  7. This question leads to the whole point of "Journey before destination." what good is saving people and seeds and animals in a huge vault to outlive the nuclear holocaust, if you remove the very people smart enough to avoid the holocaust, and place them in a vault? What good is protecting your city, if the rest of the world becomes an unlivable place? Why rule the world through fabulous wars, if the result is a slave/master society? The journey matters because it determines the destination better than the goals do.
  8. @Honorless asked if I was in the Military. I am not active duty anymore, but you are always in for our men and women. My spare time, when not earning a living for my family is spent with OUR (Operation Underground Railroad). Uses the skill set for a great cause.
  9. The reason we all like Dalinar (see how I included everyone here:)) is "The most important step is the next one". That is the hope of all of us good, bad, amazing, and despicable. It does not bring me any pride to say it, but I have killed men who have committed less death than Dalinar, and would do it again because we can't wait for them to change before they kill again. But, I hope to my last breath that they, and all of us get a chance to be better people by painful changing. It is the hope we all live by. Genocide, mass murdering or holocaustic killing need justice and need someone to stop them, but sometimes that requires large scale killing to do so. Your motive and your capacity matter greatly in the judgement of justice. Dalinar showed many times that he was no Sadeas. I cheered when Adolin removed him from the story. Dalinar is not the bully he was, nor does he justify killing like he used to. But, I too, would eliminate the man who betrayed a white-flag tryst to have me killed. The rest of the city casualties we can blame on Sadeas, as he acted early without orders and with malice.
  10. @Honorless, is likely right. There would originally be Justice (as in fair result), but it would probably be pushed by the shard into Vengeance as well. That would be a tough Shard to fight in world, wouldn't it?
  11. Honor would lean to Loyalty. Devotion would stay the same. Odium would become justice. Ambition would take me over.
  12. Callsign: Silversmith- Also quite a Hobby!
  13. I have been thinking that it would be uniting the Heralds to the Unmade...and a final step, unite Roshar souls with Braise Inhabitants. Possibly even those from "The Tranquilan Halls" who might be left.
  14. @TheFoxQR, well thought out. I still do not get the third moon, and if it is odium or another Shard, but I agree with the overall interpretation. I also agree that the Bondsmiths are involved, but otherwise do not think the Spren are required to be part of this particular Story. I think you are right about Queen Tsa ascending, but was she a Bondsmith? Having a child with Nomon would but a new twist on Bonding, and also describe why Honor had less power to fight of Odium. I also agree that this is a big hint about Amians and their importance to the overall story and fight with Odium. "End of worlds" kind of level.
  15. Entitled form- an endless pain to Work form and all the Power forms Victim form- expert at denying ability, capability or culpability Bored form- just like it sounds... unamused, unexcited, unimpressed, and uncaring Content form- continually happy with where they are, what they know, and who they know Stylo form- only copies what is in front of them; nothing original