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  1. Ok, so I have been a 17th shard member for awhile (but not very active, at least recently) and understand the cosmere as a whole fairly well (ie, shattering big A, shards, investiture, etc.) but I recently just read all of the white sand graphic novels ( I know I'm a little late). I'm a bit lost. I was reading on the White Sand forums, but can someone give me a good in depth explanation of what we know about Autonomy and the relationship with the Sand Lord, the being who appeared to Elorin, the girl in the sky, Skathin (sp?) the emperor, the sun, etc. And what's this about Patji?! Also anything else I'm missing...??? Is Trel involved in this (especially since apparently there's a dude with his name thrown into White Sand)? Thanks in advance.
  2. Ok, so me and a friend are doing a re-read through all Cosmere works, and he had a question that I think is a bit valid. He feels like the fact that Marasi is able to instinctively use allomancy and feruchemy when holding the bands of mourning is unrealistic. He speaks of normal character development, specifically with pushing/pulling and how there is a lot of practice involved in order to perfect the subtleties of pushing and pulling, and yet when Marasi has the bands of Mourning, she is able to easily go ham on everyone. Anyone have any good explanations on that? It makes sense that Wax would be good at using them as he is a Twinborn, and a practiced coin shot, but Marasi...? Is there a good answer to why anyone holding the bands of mourning is just crazy legit, regardless of whether they've practiced or is the answer just....it's a mystical object so it gives mystical powers...no matter what...? Thanks in advance.
  3. Sadeas immediately jumps to my mind....hate that guy. King Taravangian isn't really douchey....just creepy, but I think he's up there. Straff was a good one though. Definitely high in the jerk category.
  4. spoolofwhool, I had not remembered the small little flames. Thank you for bringing that to my attention. Where does the idea of "bribing" or using stormlight to manipulate the transformation come from? I feel that I have heard that somewhere as well, but am uncertain if that is canon or not. Thanks.
  5. Ok, so maybe this is an elementary question, but I was reading a post on Reddit,( https://www.reddit.com/r/Stormlight_Archive/comments/5ojrq9/twok_jasnah_and_soulcasting/ ) that talks about Jasnah during her "battle soulcasting" when she turns the thugs into fire, and quartz and such. The discussion is about something else, but it got me thinking about HOW she did that. We know from other examples, such as Shallan with the boat and the stick, that Soulcasting utilizes a sense of arguing, or debate, or logic, per se to convince the object to become something it is not. So my question is how does Jasnah CONVINCE people, to suddenly burst into flame. As I discussed this with my other Brandonites we came to the conclusion that perhaps in Shadesmaar there is a black bead representing the BODY, as opposed to the MIND of the person, and that she is able to convince the actual flesh and bones to change, rather than communing with the actual cognitive self of the people. For some reason, however, this still seems much more difficult to me than inanimate objects. Yes, I understand that flesh and bones COULD be considered inanimate, but especially in relation with realmatic theory, the idea of identity is a strong one, and thus I would think that the actual body of people has a very strong identity with the mind. Thoughts?
  6. Ok, so I was just reading about Silence Divine and read this post with a WoB and he mentions that if there was Shard with Talents it would be Betrayal. Do you think that is another shard that we haven't heard of yet or do you think he is just making something up to go along with Alcatraz series? It sounds like it kind of goes along with the Shards we know. Does anyone else have any additional hints to other possible Shards?
  7. That's a great thought @Yata. And I think we need to think about the names of the realms themselves. Animals are obviously physical, so they exist in the physical world. However, many animals have very little "cognition". But, they do (IMO) have souls...thus, to pass very quickly to the spiritual realm/ the beyond or skip the cognitive realm altogether makes sense to me.
  8. I don't really know anything about animals and their connection to all three realms. However, in SH, there are no animals appearing in the cognitive realm following death, even though there are certainly TONS of animals dying during those last few weeks before the catacendre. I do know that fish were seen in the cognitive realm, however, as mentioned before, but they didn't leave....and go to the beyond...furthermore, Kelsier sees lots of plants in the cognitive realm, but I feel like these are representative of something else (like stars, or asteroids or something) seeing as when he sees them he is in the "sea" of outer space between worlds. So....this isn't really a great answer to the question, but more a comment about how we really don't know how much animals are involved in the cognitive or spiritual realms. However, on the other hand, there seems to be some kind cognitive magical abilities or something with the birds in sixth of the dusk, and I assume that has something to do with "identity" and "connection" which are parts of the cognitive and spiritual realms....soo....I guess we really don't know.
  9. Wit

    Right. That's my real question. Brandon just said he wasn't in the novella, NOT that Hoid has never treaded Threnody. I'm going to theorize that if Threnody has had anything important happening there (which there is a TON of stuff that could be useful in the cosmere such as silver, shades, the white fox, etc) then he would be present. Brandon just stated that there was no reason for Hoid to be on Threnody DURING the short story, but before or after is unknown.
  10. Wit

    How do we know he doesn't appear on Threnody? Has that been WoB'd?
  11. I just wanted to add that the "Sacred hot springs" where Rock met a God is also a perpendicularity (most likely meeting Hoid), and also a shardpool and world-hopper is mentioned in one of the newspaper excerpts in BoM (I think it was BoM....it might have been SoS, I don't quite remember and don't have the books with me to double check). I don't know how this necessarily adds to the conversation or not, but I thought it was important to mention that we HAVE seen other perpendicularities.
  12. Does anyone know if there is a list of known or possible villains of the Cosmere? I looked to see if there was a list like this at all and didn’t find anything so I decided to ask here and make my own. I will most definitely miss some, so go ahead and help me out here with this list and I’ll edit it as more are brought to my memory/knowledge. Also, as a preface, I know some of these characters may be argued to NOT be villains, or some have not been proven to yet be completely villainous per se, while others may have even been shown to not be villains like we assumed originally, but I’m going to make the list more INCLUSIVE, rather than EXCLUSIVE. I’ll add an asterisk for those that have DEFINITELY been found to not be a villain. Obviously there are some SPOILERS here. So if you haven’t read the book/series yet, don’t read that section. ********SPOILERThis post has been reported for attempting to skirt the rules****** ELANTRIS · Ahan · Dakhor Monks o Dilaf · Hrathen · Telrii · Wyrn MISTBORN SERIES 1 AND 2 · The Lord Ruler- FE · Marsh- HoA · Ruin: MB · Straff Venture- WoA · Zane- WoA · Bloody Tan- AoL · The Set- Wax and Wayne Series o Edwarn Ladrian/ “Suit” o Telsin Ladrian/ “Lady Sequence” o Miles “Hundred Lives” Dagouter · Trell- MB: Wax and Wayne Series o Red-eyed Faceless Immortals (Kandra) of Trell · Paalm/ “Bleeder”- Wax and Wayne Series WARBREAKER · Bluefingers · Denth · Susebron IV* · Vasher* STORMLIGHT ARCHIVES · Autonomy/ Bavadin - Has not been confirmed. · The Diagram o Taravangian o Graves · The Ghostbloods o Tyn- WoR o Iyatil- WoR o Mraize- WoR o Kabsal- WoK · Moelach- WoR · Nergaoul- WoR · Nale/Nalan · Odium / Rayse · Sadeas · The Sons of Honor o Amaram · Szeth/ The Assassin in White · Voidbringers
  13. theory

    I think it makes a lot of sense that Vasher has access to different types of investiture, or that he is less bound. He once held SOOOO many breaths that he (possibly) became a sliver-esque type of person. And I was reading somewhere here on 17th shard that when someone holds that much investiture, it leaves them changed, even after the fact that the investiture is gone. So, Vasher being this sliver-eque type of person, has access to other investitures in ways that other protagonists (Dalinar, Kaladin, etc.) do not.
  14. Does it explicitly say that Dalinar's lack of being able to remember his former wife or hear her name is a CURSE from the nightwatcher? I ask, because I was discussing it with a friend and I always assumed that it was his BOON. My theory is that he asked the Nightwatcher to take away the pain from the death of his wife, and the form of the BOON was to forget her completely, and that we don't know yet what the curse is. But I wanted to verify if it says it's a curse explicitly. Thanks.
  15. Ok, so I'm probably a noob to ask this, but how is Szeth going to use Nightblood then (I'm assuming that the weapon given at the end of WoR is Nightblood...please correct me if I'm wrong) ? Wouldn't he have the risk of running out of stormlight and then having Nightblood consume his spark of life? That seems like an awful large risk to take.