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  1. Butt Venture was kind of sad.
  2. Butt Venture ventured out of GHANDERFLAFFLE empire to observe all the crap that went on.
  3. Is there any place we discuss Mistbron: House War board game? I have question about two cards, High Prelan card makes a deal binding, and if I have Steel Inquisitor which discards all face-up cards (which High Prelan is), would it also discard High Prelan? Anyway it is awesome game!
  4. I would probably tell friends but not to everybody. Do you have one?
  5. Either Cultivation or Preservation. I like to watch things grow and I don’t like change.
  6. or maybe dagger which kills them could work like hemalurgic spike and he is building a new type of soldiers. But still, I don't know why go to all this trouble when he already seems to have all the advantages possible.
  7. but they are free now and returning in everstorm
  8. Granted but you have very poor sight and you need extra strong glasses. I wish for Kelsier to be my boyfriend.
  9. Okay if Oathpact doesn't bind Odium why does he go to all that troubles of killing Heralds?
  10. First of I totally agree with @SzethIsBadAsHell he does have a plan and this all is probably part of it. Second of all, having the biggest number of powers does not equal being the most powerful. Take Dalinar's "I am unity" moment, or Vin draw upon mists. In that moment if they met Hoid would he defeat them or not? I don't think it is that easy. Besides maybe destroying Odium is not the best thing to do. Worlds with destroyed Shards don't look like they end up living in peace and quiet (Threnody).