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  1. Totally but still, I wanted to get signed all of his book but I was worried he would refuse to sign too many and that I would not be able to carry them all
  2. No, I was the very first one in the line reading Legion and I had a brown bag full of books first I felt like an idiot coming several hours
  3. Either Cultivation or Preservation. I like to watch things grow and I don’t like change.
  4. or maybe dagger which kills them could work like hemalurgic spike and he is building a new type of soldiers. But still, I don't know why go to all this trouble when he already seems to have all the advantages possible.
  5. but they are free now and returning in everstorm
  6. Granted but you have very poor sight and you need extra strong glasses. I wish for Kelsier to be my boyfriend.
  7. Okay if Oathpact doesn't bind Odium why does he go to all that troubles of killing Heralds?
  8. First of I totally agree with @SzethIsBadAsHell he does have a plan and this all is probably part of it. Second of all, having the biggest number of powers does not equal being the most powerful. Take Dalinar's "I am unity" moment, or Vin draw upon mists. In that moment if they met Hoid would he defeat them or not? I don't think it is that easy. Besides maybe destroying Odium is not the best thing to do. Worlds with destroyed Shards don't look like they end up living in peace and quiet (Threnody).
  9. exactly what I meant by that but said it much better
  10. Thing is, Odium is trapped in Rosharan system. May be Desolations would also end much sooner. We don't know if he want to destroy Roshar, may be he just wants to be free and move on and Honor actually condemned Roshar to destruction by bounding Odium to its system. After all Honor doesn't always has to be right.
  11. but what if he also borrow this for Stormlight it could play a very important role after OB.
  12. Cosmere definitely Kelsier. I love him, I think he is charming, funny and crazy and also damaged same way I am (well not exactly Pits but close enough). He is like my "hope!, does it make any sense? Non-Cosmere would be Stephen Leeds, again I am feeling a certain closeness to someone who is not mentally okay and I am very interested in that whole "I am normal but my aspects are crazy! thing and also close behind is Spensa, she had some really cool moments but sometimes she reminds me Lift which is annoying. So that would be more love/hate relationship. non-Brandon would definitely be from Malazan.....Dancer because he is an assassin and actually kind-hearted and ANomader Rake because he also wears ruthless mask but has kind hearth and he is very just. what about you?
  13. thank for clarifying and you are right, it makes kind of sence but I have feeling that Brandon has something much deeper in mind for this plot. It would be major event that literally shaped whole universe. But I kind of like if it would be something a bit ecological .....
  14. He is borrowing specific locations more than whole worldbuilding then. So what was the reason? I didn't get it from this post: