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  1. Happy birthday, Yvainnie!

  2. I enjoyed first two books but I did not expect this third one to be so psychogically deep. Honestly, what a piece of work! I am curious about that ending and what it means for the fourth book but I really enjoyed that biggest battles and biggest progression of characters were basically stuff that happened "inside". I never would have guess such a development after first book being more or less lighter reading. I admit that I am stuck in SA Rythm of war because sometimes it is just too depressing for me to read. Brandon really knows how to describe emotions and how to make you feel them and this book is also like this but it has more positive vibe.
  3. okay but Lightweaver is about admiting the truth but Kelsier is all about "there is always another secret." I think that he is Ligthweaver but he is evolving to be Willshaper.
  4. seems like Lightweaver/Willshaper order would atract a lot of the crew. I honestly thing Ham would be more Stoneward along with Dox. But I wonder where are Bondsmiths and other orders? Kelsiers crew was really diverse yet they seem to fit into only few orders.
  5. Totally agree. That is why I think Vin would nkt be Willshaper. She did care about protecting much more than freedom.
  6. So for Vin......Windrunners vs Stonewards: Both seems too much soldier for Vin, she was more assassins but to be there when needed sounds like her. Maybe looking into the core of it: is she more "I will protect" or "I will be there when I am needed"? Edit: Others fit quite nicely: Kelsie - Willshaper Sazed - Edgedancer Elend - Truthwatcher
  7. That is definitely true that is why it come up to me in the first place but I still have feeling that this: ...makes a lot of sense. I really can see her as Taln, always picking battles in the worst possible places and besides she literally sacrfice herself. It is shame we don't know any Stoneward ideals.
  8. Yes and he also could move gracefully. I am still wondering about Vin. Like what is her main thing? For Kelsier it was freedom, for Sazed to rightly pointed out it was to remember. But Vin? Is she more like Stoneward or windrunner? But she was never soldier or even like them. She is kind of sneaky like Lightweaver but she was blunt and did not lie.
  9. I can't believe it, in 2019 I asked at signing if Kelsier will ever appear in SA and I got RAFO!!!!! So, now I finally find out!
  10. I definitely agree, I just see him as Wilshaper because of his free spirit. That was his most prominent feature through all the book. But a nice point about him dropping masks. Maybe it depends on his inner thoughts on whether freedom is most important or his lies and truths. Definitely agree with Elend. Good idea there. Sazed probably fits Elsecaller really well since uniting them was more of his after Mistborn finishing and but I guess Dalinar also got there in time so I don't know if that counts. Anyways, his scholarly nature would go well with Elsecaller. What about Vin? Still quite a lot of options.....She kinda fits for Stoneward as I see her a bit like their Herald, suffering so others don't have to, I don't know ...........
  11. What abou Vin? I have absolutly no idea where to put her?