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  1. adonalsium

    I know but that does not mean he is not as powerful as the other one.
  2. adonalsium

    May be Frost is one of those as powerful as Ado? Is there any WoB or something about his powers?
  3. David fell in love with Butt.
  4. Oh my god, I can not believe that my post became legendary. Awesome! So he set it on fire to honor it.
  5. So Bonehunters done and it was AWESOME, suprisingly not a lot of important people have died, thats the first time. Lassen is slontze. I just started Reapers Gale and in prologue or first chapter there are some dead soldiers with wolf insingnia and a lot of woman among them, are they bonehunters? can someone please spoil thois for me?
  6. That would actually make a lot of sense since Elsecallers were in charge of them and they haveeady acces to Shadesmar.
  7. I dont know, that is why I was asking because according that theory I quoted Galivar knew awful lot of things. But assuming he woud have acces to learn all that the theory of @Child of Hodor claims, I think if BAM would give infomation willingly then how to release it would be one of the first ones. As for if it would help, it depends on what exacly heal singers in first place. How exactly does Everstorm restore their Connection? Do they all have corrupted spren in gemhearts? Or just regular spren?
  8. If he would have BAM in sphere, why would he not release it to heal singers?
  9. I always assumed they get it from from Everstorm but if it is new thing then they have to have some other means but only one Unmade is said to be capable of doing this so right know they probably get it from Odium himself. I wonder if Renarin could find out how it works and draw some voidlight himself?
  10. Question is if voidlight without Everstorm and singers binded with Voidspren would be of any use to anyone.
  11. Though I did not think about idea of Yelig-nar not being directly in gemstone up until, I totally agree with what you are trying to say about not needing perfect gemstone. That is exactly what I meant but I probably said it not clearly enough.
  12. Honestly, if it would be voidlight then why woud they look for it under the palace? And besides what purpose would there be for Galivr to have sphere of voidlight without any means of using it. Being it Unmade or at least Voidspren is most logical way and again why would they look for sphere with regular spren? And whether perfect gems are made or find somewhere, there is not a single word in book that says there should be big but it is true that they have not been explore in depth. Besides I wonder if the sphere with Yelig-nar was perfect gem or not? May be this sphere has similar purpose in temporary holding Unmade and making it that he would not be too noticeable.
  13. How do we know that Galivar’s sphere was not a perfect gem? Navani said she saw something smaller but where does it say that perfect gems have to be large? They have to be perfectly cut but size should not matter and besides even if it was not perfect gem it could be some sort of temporary prison for Unmade or may be not a prison at all but some sort of ship or storage.
  14. I admit I have not read it yet but it is in my list of books to read mostly because Sanderson finished those last ones but I heard from a lot of people a lot of complain that some of the books from the series are unreadable.