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  1. Leaving Butt completely stunned.
  2. would please someone combine Willshaper and Edgedancer into one glyph?
  3. Willdancer
  4. Okay I thought I would get Skybreaker which I got -6%.....how could I get minus? Or truthwatcher.... Anyway apparently I am willshaper, which I am not sure how I feel about it.
  5. I got Vin, but I think that I may have a lot of common with Kelsier or at least I hope.
  6. Butt Venture was kind of sad.
  7. Butt Venture ventured out of GHANDERFLAFFLE empire to observe all the crap that went on.
  8. Is there any place we discuss Mistbron: House War board game? I have question about two cards, High Prelan card makes a deal binding, and if I have Steel Inquisitor which discards all face-up cards (which High Prelan is), would it also discard High Prelan? Anyway it is awesome game!
  9. I would probably tell friends but not to everybody. Do you have one?
  10. Totally but still, I wanted to get signed all of his book but I was worried he would refuse to sign too many and that I would not be able to carry them all
  11. No, I was the very first one in the line reading Legion and I had a brown bag full of books first I felt like an idiot coming several hours
  12. Either Cultivation or Preservation. I like to watch things grow and I don’t like change.
  13. or maybe dagger which kills them could work like hemalurgic spike and he is building a new type of soldiers. But still, I don't know why go to all this trouble when he already seems to have all the advantages possible.