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  1. Thanks for the tips guys!
  2. Are you reading all of these simultaneously? Or switching between series or whatever? If so I admire your ability to keep all the names straight, I'm getting a headache just thinking about it. As for myself, I'm torn between starting Malazan or the Dark Tower series... Any suggestions on that?
  3. This could be... interesting Present your thoughts kind sir
  4. Yes but, I mean, a detail could mean we're misinterpreting. *keeps hoping*
  5. I sure hope you're wrong here, because I love Dalinar too much... Then again what about the spear? It could be unimportant, but it's regarded as a darkeyes weapon and I don't see Adolin or Dalinar having much to do with spears. In a very metaphorical sense it could refer to Kaladin saving Dalinar in the battle of the tower, but this is probably just me trying to find any way to interpret this that doesn't involve Dalinar getting hurt. Still what about the spear?
  6. I laughed so hard I think I died
  7. Yeah, I did that last part too, boredom can be a powerful thing. (obviously spoilers below) Other than that, I was like 100% certain that Demoux was going to turn evil when he started his Survivor cult-thing. I also spent most of SA convinced Dalinar was going to die heroically at some point and I was mourning in advance only to realise that the stubborn man lives through it all.
  8. Consider it done! The protecting part at least, I mean I'm here to distract myself while reading theories until we get another book and I'm already giving myself a headache trying to make sense of the cosmere on my own Thanks for the welcome!
  9. This is an interesting subject. I had it taught that it was an ancient greek guy named Hippodamus who first suggested the grid system and it was named the Hippodamian plan. But it was never used to a great extent in Greece and Romans, being utilitarian, were the ones who made it famous, with their war camps that had roads running east to west and north to south. But anyway, I wanted to add that in a lot of cases, especially in coastal cities, winding, narrow roads and such also served as a defence against invaders! And, as you said, circular plans can also be more useful in directing traffic, by making cocentral ring roads (or subway/metro lines) and diverting heavy traffic there and keeping the center more traffic-free.
  10. HI guys! I'm new here, though not really a new fan. I decided to make an account here to forget the fact that I've finished all available Cosmere books and have nothing else to read and don't know any real-life fans to discuss with Gotta say I'm really impressed with the level of research going on here, this forum definitely deserves the name... Anyway, nice to meet you all!
  11. Ah interesting, I might look for that source!
  12. I know I have many questions, sorry! But here's some more questions! So if what you're saying is right, then going too far from Arelon would reverse the Shaod somehow? Or does that fall in the same category of the changes in anatomy in the monks and they would remain with having silver hair and faster regeneration and the like? Isn't it possible that Galladon is simply disguising himself in Roshar? I wish I lived somewhere that Brandon goes for signings so I could ask him all this but I have no such luck...
  13. So hey, I'm new here and I apologise in advance if this has been brought up/answered before. I was wondering, what with the localised magic systems on Sel, why is it that the Elantrians seem to retain their overall appearance and physical changes (e.g. Raoden being able to run faster than other humans etc.) when travelling to Teod, but not their specific powers? Similarly, the Dakhor monks don't just become "normal" when leaving Fjorden, but retain their... modifications? I actually have multiple questions about this. Is it possible that they could reach a certain distance from their homeland where even these changes would fade and they would revert to normal human beings? Or do you believe that they will stay the way they are? It seems, IMO, that the Shaod can only take someone in Arelon and one can only become Dakhor in Fjorden, but while the "activation" of these processes can only happen in a specific location, (at least some of) their effects are kept even if someone travels to another place. Similar to this is the case with Forton's potions, which I read (somewhere on this forum) are confirmed as somehow Invested, but are still effective outside his homeland. If this is the case (and I'm just wildly speculating here), if someone were to change themselves (or even an object?) via Soulstamp/Essence Mark and then travel to another country, would it hold? It's pretty clear from other examples that you would not be able to apply the stamp elsewhere, but would it be "rejected" once taken away from MaiPon? Of course I could be wildly wrong here but I wanted to ask what everyone's opinion on this is and whether or not Brandon has said anything about this that I've missed.